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Reviews and Complaints

do not buy a mattress at this store

I purchased a mattress at the mathis sleep center in moore, and we picked out the modular mattress was the...

lane recliners

I need some advice from my FRIENDS and family. I bought 2 recliners from Mathis Bros. They are Lane extra...

sleeper sofa defect and customer service

I ordered Sleeper sofa from Ashley's furniture store. The day of delivery (after almost 7 weeks of wait to...

customer service

The Customer Services Department for Mathis Brothers summed up in two words: IT SUCKS. We delivered a...

worst customer service ever

My Husband and I were moving into a new home and decided to buy alomst an entire housefull of furniture. We went to Mathis Brothers and while shopping for new mattress encountered a salesman by the name of TY. Ty was very nice and assured us that they were happy to have our business and that if we were not happy they would do everything that they could to make us happy. We decided to buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress for our new bed (we had previously bought a "knock off" tempur-pedic and we were not happy with it because it retains heat at night. Ty assured us that the difference between the Tempur-Pedic and the "knock off" was that it would NOT retain the heat. We bought a Master Bedroom set, Tempur-Pedic mattress, Bunk-Beds with underbed storage, Entertainment Center console and hutch, Sofa and Loveseat, End tables, Dining table and chairs, Two barstools and a rug. We bought over $12, 000.o0 in new furniture in one stop. This is not including the other 3-5 thousand in the last five years. We had a few minor problems along the way that we had to say on Mathis Brothers to take care of but were resolved. However, the major problems that I can't overlook they will do NOTHING about!!! The rug we bought for our living room fell apart in days. It was a total mess, our crawling baby could not come up off the floor without looking like a dust bunny. It ruined my Dyson vacuum. Burnt it up!!! $400.00 vaccume ruined by a $3oo.00 rug. When we called we were direced to the manager of the rug gallery and she told us the rug was not a good one and that they wouldn't even be keeping it in stock because of the problems they had with it. She said that we would be taken care of it and that they would replace or fix the vacuum and if not she herself would relace it. A few days later (after no return phone calls) I called them back. They would only take the rug back and we needed to spend more money for a better rug. That was it!!! They wanted more money and forget about the Dyson, It was a lost cause to get it replced or fixed. Now it is three months later and the HIGH DOLLAR mattress that TY assured us would NOT get hot at night...It gets hot. We are reasonable people so we cracked the window. It is Oklahoma so it is cold outside...It FROZE our bed!!! I am not kidding! A king size brick!!! Its took 8 hours of heat to get our mattress sleepable again. I called Tempur-Pedic and told them of our problem and they are well aware of the problems. "It is extremely tempature sensetive, the salesman should have never told you it wouldn't get hot". I guess even Tempur-Pedic gets hot and is known for absorbing and reatining heat or cold for that matter. She said we need to call the store and talk to them. We call and talked to TY and he tells is that it shouldn't get hot and that it would be a warranty issue to take up with Tempur-Pedic. We talk to the sales manager and they tell us that there is NOTHING they can do. I am very upset with the customer service we have recieved. The salesmen talk up the customer service and promise things they can't or won't deliver. When you have a problem talking to a manager is like talking to a brick wall. They got your business and they won't do what it takes to keep a customer. It is like buying your car at a buy here pay here lot. Mathis Brothers is nothing but a facade. Don't waste a dollar in that store let alone $15 GRAND!!!

  • Ja
    Jacky tse May 20, 2010

    I have purchased a tempur-pedic queen size mattress in Mathis Brother at
    Oklahoma City. The Sales Representative Diane E. Dougher told me that there
    are two free pillows come with the purchase of the mattress. I asked her if the
    model of comfort pillow queen size is free, then she told me that others models
    may have a charge, but the comfort pillow queen size is free. Then I purchased
    the mattress and go online to to order the two free
    pillows. It turns out there is a $60 dollars charge each on the comfort
    pillow queen size, that's $120 total! I called her back to ask about it.
    She then changed what she said, " I told you there maybe a charged on the pillow."
    and she denied what she said about the comfort queen pillows are free. She then sent me to
    her manager. I told her what Diane told me, but the manager covered up what Diane
    said. She told me I could return the mattress but there is a 10% restocking
    fee. She kept saying her sales representative is professional, but why
    didn't Diane E. Dougher read through the detail before she started selling
    a mattress which is over $1600? Diane E. Dougher even hang up on their customer.
    In a conclusion, if anyone went to MathisBrothers at Oklahoma City again, please
    beware of what the sales representative tell you or promise you, especially
    Diane E. Dougher, because she is not professional as a sales representative.

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  • Be
    bethsim Nov 14, 2010

    I sell Tempurpedic mattresses in the OKC area but not at Mathis. I get the hot issue quite a bit. The answer is yes and no. First, in a normal room temperature the mattresses are fine. If one chooses to sleep in a freezer (no heat in room) or a sauna ( no air in summer) the mattresses won't perform well. In most situations the mattresses don't sleep hot (according to hundreds of customers). However, there are few exceptions. #1. If someone is very large and they choose a soft mattress the may sink lower and their body heat could reflect back. Also #2, someone who is hot- natured will be hot-natured on these beds. 3. Some mattresses protectors trap the heat. Try taking off your mattress protector. Depending on brand and style that sometimes helps. Lastly. The good greatly exceeds the negative. Tempurpedics respond to body heat and therefore helps relieve pressure points. Some styles more than others. The fact the mattress warms up a bit due to one's body heat helps with this phenomenon. The beauty of this in turn allows most people to sleep longer without waking up as much due to the discomfort on most other beds. Here where it gets interesting. Because one is sleeping longer the body will warm up due to the better circulation one is experiencing. As the body wakes up the body cools down. So, someone could be warmer on the mattresses but it is a good thing. Try sleeping with less bed clothing and less bedding. A thin blanket, etc.

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  • Vc
    vcriswe Sep 13, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    was told mattress would be delivered today witch is on the paperwork witch is a written contract !! got a call that they would be here around 11 tonight, my dad is 85 and and needs his [censored] bed !!! this is [censored] !!!

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