Massage Envyformer employee

I was fired for something that was beyond my control. This company relies on the software too much. It may be partly my fault too. I was assigned a client who was pregnant. When I read the iPad regarding the health intake form, I don't recall stating she was pregnant. Nor did the client tell me she was pregnant. I might have mistakenly read over it. Sometimes the internet connection is so slow, that it will not show the health history for the client. There's been a couple times I couldn't use the iPad because the internet was down or very slow. I believed I was fired for an unfair reason. Not to mention it took management a week to figure out that I've massaged the client who happened to be pregnant at the time. This event happened at the Sparks location in Nevada. I don't think I want to work for Massage envy if they did offer me the job back. They are too reliant on their software that doesn't always work, and if a client has health problems the software should flag it and state we cannot work on that client.

Sep 30, 2019

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