Mashreq Bankcredit card

L Sep 02, 2018

I was using a Smart Saver Credit Card from Mashreq Bank since 2013. On April 2017 I lost my job and had to return to India. But I paid my dues without any default since November 2017. From beginning of 2018, I start to send several mails to Mashreq Bank for a full & final settlement amount to settle the outstanding. I received a letter from Mashreq Bank in July 2018 regarding the full and final settlement amount of AED 15, 000 against an outstanding amount of AED 17, 794.44 (Mashreq Bank Settlement Letter Ref # [protected]). I deposited AED 15, 000 as per the settlement letter and now an outstanding statement has been sent to me by Mashreq Bank for an amount of AED 483.06
I send several mails to Mashreq Bank regarding the above and no response was received from them.
Please help me to sort this
Expecting a favorable reply
Best Regards,
Leo John

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