Marshallsmarshalls store in manhasset new york

C Aug 02, 2018

On August 1, 2018 I had a 3:30 job interview at the Marshalls store in Manhasset. It was for a sales associate part time position. I left my full time job at 2:30 since the store is only about 15 minutes away. There were 2 lanes closed on the highway from a downed tree which got me to the store 10 minutes late. I let the sales associate know that I was late due to the traffic caused by a downed tree. She waited about 10 minutes then made a call. It was 3:50 when she got off the phone call and proceeded to tell me, in front of other customers that they would not interview me since I was late and she "scolded" me on how I should give myself more time to get to an interview.

I would like to let you know that I am a 56 year old Professional woman looking for a second job and I found it highly unprofessional, demeaning, and embarrassing to be scolded by your sales associate in front of others.

I hope others are not treated as badly as I was.

Thank you.
Christine Torres

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