Went into store this morning between 6:15 am an 6:30 am. Not greeted asked if I could turn lottery tickets in won 7 dollars she rudely replied "it ain't working" kinda a little shockedc as to why this woman is being rude. Initially when I first entered she was taking care of a black gentleman and she was polite and professional to him. I bought a.99 fountain drink and it came up to 1.08 unfortunately any other time I carried change but I didn't have any on my person so I said i'm sorry let me go check my car she was just looking at me has if I killed her best friend... So to make matters worse no change in my car... Head back in apologized and shedding respond or anything so I asked was she having a bed morning she snapped by no are you... I'm like I apologize for the inconvenience she replied your sorry i'm not why should I respond.. I then said see your having a bad morning and I walked out has she started yelling I said have a great day!!! The store was located at 28q3 duckerson pike. I love coming to and patronizing your stores but after this I highly doubt I will do so anymore

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