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W Aug 06, 2018

Good day,
I flew from Lanseria to Cape Town on Wednesday, the 1st of August 2018, flight JE709, Reference number: RCQPSZ. Check in was fine, as I arrived early. The only boarding incident was when a fellow passenger, vomiting and feeling poorly was offloaded (before closing of doors) after much convincing by staff and fellow passengers. However, during the flight the airhostesses congregated in the front galley. They talked so loud that my fellow passenger (seated on 1C) was woken by it. Their conversations were of a personal matter which should NOT be shared with passengers! When the senior hostess eventually exited the galley to check on the passengers, I called her (I occupied seat 1A) and asked her to inform her colleagues that they should surely not chat so loud that passengers can hear their every word! My fellow passenger confirmed this, adding that he was not interested to know how big their bellies should be when they expect (a child), one has a birthday close to Xmas and the comments made were "Nice, then you'll get two presents", etc. She apologized and said she was under the impression they were whispering. When we relayed some of the things we heard, she believed us. Eventually the two other airhostesses (serving the rear of the plane) emerged to go and check on their passengers. I am aware of the fact that not much happens on Mango routes as food, etc. are paid items but surely staff should still act professionally at all times as I am sure THAT is not negotiable. Kindly inform your staff on this issue. Best regards,
Wilma Booysen (Ms)

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