Malindo Airwaysrude altitude ground staff malindo air senai airport johor

L Jul 11, 2019

I would like to express my total disappointment regarding malindo air ground staff in Senai airport johor bharu .

My flight is OD2404
My flight suppost on 9/7/19 at 5.15pm.
However, the flight was retimed at last minute to 6.05pm and we only got notice at 3.48pm on the same day via e mail.

Although feel unhappy with the last minute notice, i still reach airport earlier before 5pm.

Due to the boarding time at 5.35pm, i have been waiting in front of gate 2 for the calling.
However, in view of noticing the front entry door of gate 2 still close, i been patience waiting for the time of departure.

Time pass by until i heard my name was being called.I was shock as i see the front door still closed, then i only aware there is another enrry point for gate 2 from the sideway.( i not familiar with the senai airport)

I quickly run to the ground staff and approach the ground staff malindo air called " Nabir "or " Nabil".In stead of being guide to the plane, i was being shouted loudly by the "Nabir"/ "Nabil".

He wa extremely rude & scolded me where i been as he had already call all passanger except me. I told him that i have been wait in front of gate 2 even before boarding time and just sit in front of gate 2.He continue to showed his rude manners & shouting / complaining to me.

I am extremely shocked with his unprofessional working altitude and asked him " sir, can you be more polite" as I not aware gate 2 has side entry
However, " Nabir " or "Nabil" ground staff even showed more gangster like behavior until his collegue need to guide me quickly leave the scene & went to the plane.

He showed extremely " NO CLASS" working altitude and has totally damage my trust as customer towards malindo air .

I have never imagine malindoair can hire the person with totally unprofessional, emotionally, low EQ, aggressive with psychopathic type of behavior.He is extremely not qualified for the job and his presence has totally spoil the image of malindo air.

To be honest, not all customer familiar with all entry point of gate in airport. This is why we need guidance at certain time. WE ARE PAYING FOR THE FLIGHT/SERVICE AND NOT COME FOR A FREE RIDE.

Malindo air has suddently re timed the departure time and only provide us extremely last minute notice( a suppost 5.15pm flight, the retimed plan was only being informed at 3.48pm via e mail on the same day)
To make it worse, the gangster like behavior from ground staff called " Nabir" or " Nabil" in senai airport johor has scared me away to purchase anymore service from malindo air in future.
I am even thinking of calling police if " Nabir" or " Nabil" if dare to show any physical contact towards me..However, for a women point of view, his rude behavior is scaring enough.
It is totally a nighmare for me.
I have a totally unhappy experience with malindoair.

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