Malindo Airunethical behaviour


Dear Sir/Madam
I refer to an incident on Friday 13 2017. I was taking a Malindo Air flight OD1161 from Penang to Subang Airport at 12.05 pm today when this incident happened.

I was wearing knee guards on both my knees and caring a cane when passengers were told to make two lines to board the plane. An old lady on wheel chair and parents with small children had already boarded the plane. I then made my way to the queue and was first on one of the queues. To my surprise, your ground staff opened the rope to the queue next to mine even though my cane was clearly visible to him. He allowed some passengers to go through, then stopped them to allow the first group of passengers to board first. Then when he returned, he again allowed the same queue passengers to board. The other passengers behind me then started to lined up behind the queue that he had allowed to embark first. My husband then told him politely that we were on row six so if he could be kind enough to let us board first. By this time my knees were hurting as I could not stand for too long even with the cane. However, he continued to let the passengers of the other queue board which had grown even longer as the passengers behind my queue had gone to join the other queue.

It is very sad to see the lack of concern of ground your staff in this manner. I have flown other airlines this year and have encountered such care and concern from their ground staff, airlines like MAS, Emirates, BA and even Easyjet who on seeing me with a cane would immediately try their best to help me board as quickly as possible, leading me to their staff to check my passports/documents so as to ease one's discomfort. I have flown Malindo a number of times and even have a frequent flyer number even though sometimes I forgot to add my miles. Yet, I really am saddened to see a fellow Malaysian treating this old lady in such a manner.

I hope you will give your ground staff further training in ethical behaviour especially towards passengers of your airline. They should be more civic minded and caring in carrying out their duties.

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