Malaysia Airlinesredirected flight, misplaced baggage poor customer service aug 25, 26 2019

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1. My wife (Nambrath Rajkumari Wesley) and I (Dennis Vishwapremi Wesley) were booked on MH 105 from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur on Aug 25, 2019. We took the flight and landed safely at Kuala Lumpur, per schedule.
2. Our onward journey was booked on MH 78, from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, on the same day, Aug 25, 2019. The flight left Kuala Lumpur and was expected to arrive at Hong Kong (HKG) on the same day 11:50PM. Our plan was to hire a taxi from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, spend the night in a Hotel in Shenzhen and arrive at the Shenzhen airport to catch our onward flight to the US on Aug 26, 2019 at 4PM. We had a booking on Air China Flight 1314 from Shenzhen to Beijing (PEK); and thereafter, take a connecting Air China flight 989 from Beijing to New York (JFK) at 10:35pm on Aug 26, 2019.
3. Unfortunately, minutes before MH 78 was expected to land in Hong Kong, the flight was diverted to Taipei due to inclement weather at Hong Kong. We landed at Taipei during the early hours of Aug 26, 2019.
4. We expressed our concerns to the MH 78 flight attendants. They assured us that all concerns will be addressed by the staff attending to the passengers in Taipei Airport.
5. It came to us as a rude shock when the staff attending to us at Taipei informed to us that they were from China Airlines, not Malaysian Airlines: Malaysian had no presence in Taipei, and if we had any concerns we should take it up with Malaysian Airlines. They were incapable of doing anything more. We told China Airlines staff about our connecting flights on Air China from Shenzhen, China and that we needed to be put on a flight immediately to catch our scheduled flights. That did not elicit any response. They just mentioned that our flight from Taipei will be at 11AM that morning. Finally, we were put on the same aircraft (MH 78) which left Taipei around 12:45 PM, on 26th August.
6. The MH 78 aircraft landed in Hong Kong around 3 PM - there was no way we could reach Shenzhen Airport from Hong Kong to catch the 4pm Air China flight 1314. There was another shock awaiting us after we cleared arrival formalities and proceeded to baggage claim. Here we realized that one of our suitcases was left behind in Kuala Lumpur. This caused needless tension as we reported the loss to the MH baggage handling staff. All that took time as we had to wait in queue. They promised to send the lost suitcase to a destination we choose. We submitted our application.
7. Our next attempt was to find a Malaysian Airlines counter in Hong Kong (as suggested by China Air staff in Taipei) to find out how they would help us in reaching our US destination - having missed our Air China flight - at least they could help us reach Beijing in time for the connecting flight from there . Alas, we came to realize that there was no Malaysian Airlines staff available to help us. There was an ‘outside agent' to only address minor issues. He immediately told us that he was helpless.
8. We went to Air China counter to plead our case. They quickly told us that Air China was not responsible for our predicament, and we had to take it up with Malaysian Airways. As mentioned earlier, the Malaysian Airlines representatives were nowhere to be found! This contradicted the assurances given by the MH 78 flight attendants when we landed at Taipei.
9. As the situation was getting hopeless, My wife and I quickly booked a room at the Regal Hotel at the Hong Kong Airport. This costed us approximately US $150.
10. We went online to find United Airlines flight 180 leaving Hong Kong to Newark (EWR) on Aug 27, 2019 at 10:25 am. We had to return home as my wife and I were exhausted and unwell - needed to see our doctor. We had to incur a needless additional expenditure of US $2087.04 for the United Airlines tickets. The flight disruption and our lost baggage had deprived us of our timely medication. I sent an email to the SATSHK_LL_CONTROL (the agency handling the lost baggage) informing about our availability at the Regal Hotel till we catch the flight on Aug 27 morning. Thankfully, they were able to trace the suitcase and handed it over at our hotel.
11. My wife and I are still recouping from the exhaustion of the entire experience. Malaysian Airlines left us in the lurch to fend for ourselves, with no support whatsoever to put us back on our long journey. We are both 65 years of age and the experience was traumatic as we developed health issues.
12. At this point the only fair thing you can do is, to reimburse us unnecessary expenditure we have incurred. We are of retirement age and your reimbursing this amount is very important to us.
a. United Airlines ticket cost to fly from Hong Kong to New York having missed the Air China flight: US $ 2087.04
b. The Regal hotel room expense at Hong Kong: US$ 150.
Total amount being claimed: US $ 2237.04. I will be attaching the receipts as your web site reports "Photo format is not recognized. Allowed formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, MKV, MPEG, WMV, SWFWe ".

We badly need this refund. For this act of yours, we will reciprocate by forgiving the inconvenience, stress and trauma you caused us due to your very unprofessional way of handling the situation. We are still recovering from the ill health the stress has caused.

Our Address: 7 Enclosure Drive Morganville NJ 07751 USA
email address: [protected]
Phone: [protected] (USA)

Sep 02, 2019
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      Sep 02, 2019

    Your flight arrangements are so complicated and very risky for missing connecting flights.

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