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29/3/19 Flight MH130
6 Hours into a 10.5 Hour flight my Partner noticed there was no toilet tissue in the on board lavatory close to our seat. We checked other on board and none had any tissue. We asked cabin crew about this and they said they had run out of stock for economy class lavatories.

30/3/19 Flight MH786
Flight departed 50min late.

4/4/19 Flight MH791
Flight departed 45min late.

4/4/19 Flight MH131
Flight departed almost 3Hours late. I received notification of this via email and text message. It was obvious this delay would cause me to miss my connecting flight as connecting flight was a domestic flight and I would not have enough time to collect baggage, clear Passport Control ect... then change Terminals. With this in mind I went to Malaysia Airlines Desk in Kuala Lumpur and asked them to change my connecting flight. The refused as they said I would have plenty of time. I tried to explain the situation but it seemed I had interrupted her Facebook time which she was using her cell phone for and was not at all interested in being of assistence.
After boarding of Flight MH131 it became obvious that the Safety On Board Video that would usually play was not operating. Cabin crew were required to do the Safety Briefing Manually. It was very obvious the crew had no idea in how or what to do. The Safety Briefing was hurried through with some cabin crew putting life jackets on wrong and having to be shown by other Cabin Crew how to demonstrate properly. I have never seen such a display of absolute incompetence in my life... these are the so called "Trained Crew" who are suppose to assist "Paying Passengers" in the event of an emergency. It was clear they were under trained for such a situation or plane incompetent.
As predicted myself and partner arrived in Auckland International Airport with 40 minutes to collect baggage, clear Passport Control and make our way to Domestic Terminal and check into connecting flight. I new this would not be enough time as the lines were very long so I phoned Malaysia Airlines and explained my situation. The centre personal were of no help what do ever and told me to go to a Malaysia Airlines Desk in the airport.
Myself and Partner walked into the Auckland International Airport arrivals hall at 1840 5/4/19 the same time our connecting Domestic flight was boarding. We asked where we could find a Malaysia Airlines Desk and were told there was not one in Auckland Airport but there Check In counters would open at 1930 but these were not staffed by Malaysia Airlines Staff as an independent contractor is used.
I once again phoned Malaysia Airlines and explained the situation. I was on the phone to your Call Centre for 40 minutes before they were able to re book our connecting flights by which time it was to late to fly that day so I was told I would have to wait till the following day. Once again I was told to go to the Malaysia Airlines Desk and they would organize accommodation for my Partner and I. I tried explaining to your Call Centre that Malaysia Airlines only has check in counters at Auckland International Airport and they are staffed by Independent Contractors but once again they could not understand this. In the end I hung up and phoned a family member who works for a different Airline in New Zealand and through there connections managed to track down the One Malaysia Airlines Staff member you had in Auckland Airport at the time. It was 2045 5/5/19 that we walked out of Auckland International Airport and made our way to the accommodation Malaysia Airlines had provided.
So to summarize... 3 out of 4 flights I took with Malaysia Airlines departed late. The onboard experience was terrible, All Staff be it in your Call Centre of Desk at Kuala Lumpur were although polite of little of no help at all. I have never had such a bad traveling experience in my life. For an international carrier I think it is nothing sort of terrible. It was the first time I have ever used Malaysia Airlines and depending on the out come if this possibly the last.

My booking reference number:

Malaysia Airlines has my email and can contact me on that should they like to attempt to resolve this issue or request more details.

Apr 05, 2019
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  •   Apr 27, 2019

    To anonymous author,

    Nobody has a duty to trust and to respond to anonymous complaint, to an indeffinite complaint.
    to a complaint, which the addresee is not bount.

    The above text does not show,
    1) author s full name, address
    2) boarding pass eticket
    3) length and place (airport) of each delay
    4) what the passenger wants?

    Oleg G
    Sr manager for ICAO irregulatory matters (Europe and Asia)
    Aryan enginners ltd
    address for request along with documents:
    // substitute (at) = @ in the address field

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