Malaysia Airlinesflight mh 0124 per to kul 16th july 2019 depart 1550

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Hi there, as a family of four travelling with 2 children, one would assume the onboard entertainment to work. Sadly we had no entertainment for the duration of the flight.. even with constant resets... 5 1/2hrs of no movies... did I mention the joys of travelling with children long haul?! Not fun for any parent! Needless to say this leg of our journey left a very bad taste and two grumpy, bored and irritated children! To make things worse, the service on the plane was questionable. We were left without drinks for most of the flight and when asked for drinks, never arrived. Whilst I booked two children tickets, sadly they never received children meals. It would be fantastic if we could receive some sort of compensation or upgrade to help ease the horror of dealing with bored children in a confined space, the lack of services you claim to provide and poor customer service. We are flying back from Narita to Perth on the 23rd July if at all you are able to assist.
Catherin Robinson

P.s. I understand we all have different cultural beliefs, however in light of terrorist attacks that have happened involving planes, I don't think the journey prayer to Allah was appropriate to see before our flight took off, which also put the fear of flying into the children. I was deeply offended and think it should be an optional reading rather than main stream. What about those that believe in God, or higher powers and other mystical beings? Where are our journey prayers?! Seeing this did not ease our skeptism/ hesitancy in flying with your company following those two MH planes incidences.

Malaysia Airlines

Jul 16, 2019
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  • Ha
      Jul 19, 2019

    i had same experience last time

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  •   Jul 20, 2019

    The rules of the ticket do not state any entertainment program related to the air trip.
    The entertainment (TV, music, etc) is upon the descretion of the air carrier always.
    The exception is the promis of the air carrier before the booking at the site of air carrier only.

    As no ticket and no extract of booking is attched, such type of claims can not be resolved in favour of passenger.

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    [e--mail : < aryan (at) > ]

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  • Ha
      Jul 27, 2019

    Do you expect every customers to learn your T&C before booking ? practically in real life do you practice that as customer? at least you should have some courtesy to let customer know before booking or at least prior to boarding that your entertainment system is not reliable, what service quality are you displaying by throwing most of the complaints back to customers? Check whether your rules are vague. Do you think such a bored & bad customer experience bring any value for your current dilemma in the industry? If i were you, i would first apologized to customer for such unanticipated soggy experience on board, (empathizing is important skill that every customer service officer should possess). Secondly i will also educate customer politely on such entertainment policy before let them know on the preventive action taken or in progress to reduce in-flight entertainment system malfunction in future. And of course you guys should have the right mechanism to raise the service failure to higher management to reduced such occurrence in future, your marketing and top management should study on the gap between customer expectation and your actual service delivery, reducing such gap is very important for your growth and sustainability in the competitive industry regardless of whether or not you are accountable for any complaints by based on your rules and regulation.

    Wake up MAS !
    Learn the notion ' Customers always right'. Eventually your national carrier losing more than what every individual customer losing right now.

    If customers perception on the service is different from yours, learn to first blame yourself and then identify the root cause, you will amaze at many possible ways to stop losing your long term and loyal customers, it will do wonders to your current reputation rather than keep disregards their feedback and dissatisfaction on your most replies. In fact you are reply rate is extremely low.

    While MAS looking forward to turnaround its business by cutting cost, exploring new partnership, keep in line with cutting edge technology, restructuring its debt and so forth; it has neglected on the importance of improving staffs competency in providing high service quality. You don't value your customers complaints and feedback, you will be out of business soon or later.

    Its consumer driven industry.

    You can ignore my feedback if your industry having more demand than supply or if its not consumer driven market.

    Otherwise please pass my this message to your CEO.

    Good Luck

    Your Sincere Malaysian Customer,


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