Malaysia AirlinesDelayed luggage with missing lock and contents ransacked

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To whom It May Concern,

Booking Reference No: U3NN22
Remarks on Property Irregularity Report: MH555391 (Pudong International Airport)
Baggage Tag number: MH555391
Colour, Type, Description: Black 29 inch Hush Puppies Suitcase

I travelled on flight MH608 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on transit before traveling to Shanghai on flight MH386 on 15 March 2019. The seat number is 37F. I was informed by the attendant at the luggage inquiry counter at Pudong International Airport that my luggage was delayed and it would arrive on the next flight at 8am and it would be delivered to my hotel in the late afternoon between 4-5pm.

I waited for the luggage at my hotel for the entire day as I was traveling with 2 young children and they needed warm clothing that was in the luggage as the weather was cold.

The luggage arrived at between 10-11pm that day instead of the promised 4-5pm. Upon receipt of the luggage, I noticed that the TSA lock was missing and the luggage was torn. There was an orange zip tie in place of my original lock. When I open the suitcase, it was in a mess, the zips were open and my items have been moved. Even the toiletries bag was unzipped and a red bag containing brand new winter clothing and accessories was missing.

I am very disappointed with the poor quality of service rendered for the delayed luggage. It had totally ruin my holiday. I had to endure the cold without my woollen clothing, socks and accessories during my trip. I have taken photos of the orange zip tie and my ransacked luggage. I will be happy to provide you with these evidence if required.

Kindly address this incident as it creates a very poor image and reputation for such a reputable airline.

Yours sincerely,
Jasmine Yeo
Email: [protected]
Contact no: +65 [protected]

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Mar 22, 2019
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  • Jo
      Mar 30, 2019

    Please also submit an Official Claim to your Travel Insurance Company.
    Also, please go and buy some warm clothing for your kids over there. Just spend some extra money.
    It will not spoil your holiday.

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  •   Apr 05, 2019

    Mrs. Jasmine Yeo

    The image represents the PIR of the China Estern air carrier, not of the Malaysia Airlines air carrier.
    It is significant mistake of the agent of the airport, which can affect your right.

    The only solution is to demand the compensation via the district court of your city.

    The case may be presented by yourself, if you know the procedure, or by the lawer.

    You are advised to keep:-
    - e-ticket
    - bag tag
    - Property Irregularity Report: MH555391

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulation matters
    Aryan engineers ltd.
    e--mail: < aryan(at) >

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