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The flight was at 12:30. I was very tired when I got onto the plane. The speakers had announced for everyone to turn off their phones; my mind was a blur because I usually do not sleep this late. A few minutes after the announcement, I realized my phone was still on, and had Google Earth running on it, because I had been using it before. I pulled my phone out in order to close the program, and then shut the phone down, but then the captain came by, grabbed the phone from me and started yelling at me, saying phrases like "do you want to kill me?" "Did you hear the announcement?" "I will kick you off of this plane right now". I was outraged, because I was in the process of turning my phone off! I had simply reacted a little late to the announcement! He was right in asking me to turn off my phone-which i was in the process of doing-but his hostile attitude was what made the whole thing a huge deal for me. Had he said "please turn off your phone", it would have been better. He yelled at me as if I were some sort of a criminal. The Malaysian people are very nice, but to Malaysia Airlines, I suggest you ask the worker wearing a white shirt, black pants, who I assume to be the captain Francis (I believe, the captain in charge of flight MH 370 on March 24, 2008) whether what he did was right, and whether people like him would make your company lose customers, and thusly money. After this experience, I think that a little change should be placed upon Malaysia Airlines' slogan: MH, not just an airline code, Malaysian *Hostility*, not Hospitality. All would have been well-no, excellent-if the idiot worker had actually found out all the facts and had not jumped to conclusions. Next time I go to Malaysia, I MH will certainly not be my first choice. Even the crappy Air China is better in comparison (in customer service aspects)!

But don't get me wrong here. The Malaysian people are a very good people. I just think that the training that MH uses is inadequate, and that the captain should learn how to speak with people without SERIOUSLY OFFENDING them. Food is great, movies are great, just CHANGE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE ATTITUDES OF YOURS STAFF!


  • Ug
    ugou Jun 11, 2008

    I can only said that im very frustrated with Malaysian Airlines today.. I can't describe how am i feel right now.. im supposed to be in somewhere now.. Please anybody guide me how to make direct complaint to Malaysian Airlines?

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  • Jo
    joe888 Aug 15, 2009

    After you read the reply from Malaysia Airlines of a special once in a life time request, you'll know how RIDICULOUS they are!!! This is only a short distance flight from HKG to KUL and from KUL to DPS.
    Sorry to inform you that wedding gown is not allowed to be hanged at the first class closet.

    You may carry your wedding gown on board but it must be within dimension of the cabin baggage (22in x 12in x 7in), one piece only and not more than 5 kgs. If it’s exceeding the above prescribed dimension and weight so it must be checked as check-in baggage.
    Aminah Jaafar
    Customer Relations Department
    On the other hand, the same request was made with Continental for a long distance flight, from EWR to HKG, a 16 hour flight! Their response was so generous - Sure, It is our honor to accommodate our customers' need. This will not be a problem and we will forward your request to the designated crews.

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  • Ir
    irshadazeez Aug 19, 2011

    i am enriched member of funny malaysian airline. i travelled from sri lanka to kuala lumpur on 17th aug 2011mh 178. my flight was at 005 from colombo i went to airport around 10 pm and checked in 10.30pm ( may be i am the second person) later i got in to flight reached kual lumpur. when i check luggage belt my luggage were coming i was so happy suddently i saw there was no padlock then i opened and see my wife's jewellaries some gem stones gucci perfume 1200USD.immediatle i went lost luggage counter and complain the guy who was there try to weigh my luggage ratherv checking, i said i dont carry kilos of gold few grams.finally i manage to put a complain my doubt was 1. i check in 1st how come my luggage came 1st in kula lumpur.2, why there is no security for out things.
    i did one thing i call the 2nd officer in charge in colombo international airport and lodge a compalin he immediately took action found some jewellery.
    tks him and almaighy. funniest story here Malaysian airline through our try to defend. but there was around 1200 USD and gold ring were missing.

    now i waiting MAS responds if it is not in reasonable of cause i will ended up in courts.

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  • Da
    david peppard Sep 09, 2011

    Due to a death in the family, my wife, sister in law (who's husband had passed away in London)& myself had to get back to Sydney quickly. We travelled on MHOOI on July 19th 2011 to KL & we were in row 45 seats H J & K. The TV screen & Tray table were broken & we bought it to the attention of the filght steward. We had a 4 hour stopover in KL before boarding flight MH123 to Sydney & we were given the exact same seats. My sister in law who was in a very fragile state became very upset at the standard of aircraft as we had paid top dollar for the flight home. 2752.00GBP each.In general we were not happy with the flight & may never travel Malaysian Airlines again, which would be a shame as we have been told what a great airline you are. On a positive note, the Air crew were very caring & compassionate & after I had explained our situation to them we were moved to other seats. Sincerely yours David Peppard

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  • Da
    David Champion Oct 25, 2011

    My Wife was travelling H.R to K.L. on the 10th Oct Using Malaysian Airlines approximately 1 hour before arrival she used the toilet, with seat belt sign clear, as she was about to leave the toilet, the plane suddenly lurched with no fasten seat belt sign on, she attempted to get to the nearest seat, when she was thrown violently into the air, this happened on a few occassions due to the turbulence.Eventually she was assisted to a seat, a perfunctory check was made of her foot by the cabin crew.Cream was offered to as a means of help, this is not normal for what already was a severe swelling, which simply shows the limitations of their First Aid awareness.The crew promised to move my wife up front to facilitate the quick exit from the plane, and also presumably to allow her foot to rest in a more comfortable position.Again they left her there, and indeed she was the last person to exit.During this time the Captain came to talk to my wife to apologise as he was not aware that any turbulence was due.They had organised a wheelchair as by now the swelling was extreme and my wife unable to walk.My wife asked a member of the crew to notify me over the Tannoy so I would be aware that my wife would be arriving in a wheel chair, this they failed to do.The responsibilities of ferrying my wife through customs were passed on to whom I presume was a porter, who had no instructions other than to ensure that my wife arrived at the Medical Centre, upon our arrival we were refused medical treatment as there was no member of Air Malaysia present and indeed were not notified.Fortunately after searching around the airport, 2 members of the same flight were about to leave for home, I explained the situation to them and they agreed to help still they refused treatment until the Airline groundstaff supplied the appropriate paperwork, this was eventually done.Those members of the cabin crew assisting were of the understanding that the Airline groundstaff were responsible to ensure that my wifes welfare was their responsibility to ensure that the treatment was urgent.I have complained to Air Malaysia they admit that they have faults, but surprisingly their report differs to ours.After the treatment where it was diagnosed as severe bruising, we sought a second opinion, resulting in a diagnosis of a fractured foot, now required for some mobility, crutches.wheelchair facility etc, etc.My wife and I have been frequent travellers with Malaysian Airlines and have seen the standards in our opinion deterioate over the years.

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  • Mu
    MURIEL JOHN Nov 18, 2011


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  • El
    Ellen67 Nov 18, 2011

    Check their policies on damaged bags. And unless it looks like it is unusually dirty, unfortunately, you may not have a valid complaint about normal wear and tear AKA dirt.

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  • Dh
    dhruv17 Jun 16, 2012

    I didnt recieve my 1 bag having precious things.i doubt on airline itself

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  • Re
    Reviewer33218 Nov 26, 2015

    I was makw booking online for my brother to come visit malaysia. Just i want to change name 150 ringit compound. Whole tickets 270rm. How u want to improve service this local tickets. [email protected]

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  • Bh
    Bhimdi Dec 19, 2015

    The service provided is and the excuse was "the crew has not flown from somewhere in malaysia and the flight is delayed by 2 hours so I am not going to fly malaysian airways ever again and nor the people waiting at the airport with me

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  • It
    italk user Apr 01, 2016

    This is the world worst airline - useless bunch of Deceitful Idiots working there. Rude staff - Untrustworthy Staff... Where on earth can a customer service from an international airline representing the country be so rude and deceitful. I am starting to think is there a or one trustworthy guy/gal working for this airline called mas??? Sadly to say i haven't come across yet!
    baggage handler hate handling customer's luggage! why do u want to work in a department that you hate and you take your frustration on customer's luggage.
    Mueller dont you tell me its not your responsibility because you contracted out. Let me tell you this...this is your responsibility because you took our tickets money.

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  • Cr
    C Rickard Aug 01, 2016

    Flight MH0003 on the 28th June from Heathrow. I was abandoned for over 10hrs on a cancelled flight from Heatrow. Left to defend for myself and sort my own fights back to Australia. Nothing was offered from Sydney to Brisbane, as my last flight was Quantas, due to your delay, I missed it!. I had to sort my own on arrival. Disgusting service.

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  • Be
    Bear Wong Jan 22, 2019

    Asking for quese left or right . Two staff also don't know . And after got two line quese of left and right . All the passenger argue who first .

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  • Ta
    Tarun Dora Feb 26, 2019

    My Flight No. MH0191, I booked special seat 9C and paid extra money for it but airlines did not give me that seat instead give me general seat 19G. I am disappointed with it, please return my money.

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  • Dr
    Dr. Ashok Siddha Apr 27, 2019

    I was travelling from Brisbane to koulalampur by flight no MH 134 seat no 35 G on18/0/2019at23.20
    Mobile no +919822052296
    Pune Maharashtra India

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  • So
    soliver69 Apr 27, 2019

    I booked a ticket from SIN-KUL-PEN and the Malaysian Airlines booking system recorded my name incorrectly. They want to charge 150MYR to fix an error that was caused by their booking system ! They also say that I can't be refunded because of the restrictions. This is completely unacceptable and I will never fly Malaysia Airlines again.

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  • Pa
    Parag Das May 01, 2019

    I was travelling from KL to Mumbai on 20th April by Malaysia Air lines MHO 194 . I purchased a GORGIO ARMANI set of perfume for 226MYR
    On reaching India & checking the same I realised that the pack was of 12/2016.. is very old & perhaps expired .

    Shall be obliged if replacement given
    *91 9820630078
    [email protected] details attached

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  • Mo
    Mohd Zaini Bahron Jul 06, 2019

    MH 2530
    SEAT 9C


    [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Manjunatha narasimhaiah Aug 20, 2019

    Date:12th Aug 2019
    PVG - Shanghai airport
    Flight - MH0388

    I traveled from Bangalore(BLR) to PVG through connection from Kuala lumpur, however my check-in luggage not received at PVG airport

    Check in luggage details are : MH718054

    Please contact: +91 9606979127
    [email protected]

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  • Pr
    Priyanka patel Aug 24, 2019

    Hello I'm writing this regarding my missing bag. Its a dark blue colour bag with name of Sanket patel. I found out that the bag is at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It supposed to be send at Auckland international airport. Please let us know if you have any information about my lost bag. Thank you.
    Please call me at +64221994707.

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  • Al
    Alexandre Andruch Sep 11, 2019

    I have called 4 times to phone 132728, I was attended by 4 different attendants who do not solve the problem. Booking UIPJHB I want to change origin (Melbourne) and destination (Brisbane), attendants do not solve, they asked my mobile, they promised to call me back but they did not. My name is Alexandre Andruch, mobile +61 0403615317, thanks

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  • An
    Andrew beh Jan 13, 2020

    Flight MH804 departure 17:35 on 4 Jan 2020 from KLIA to Manila phillipines, when my luggage box arrived at Manila airport it was dented, after reach home and open the box, the metal containers was totally dented. I hope the Mas airlines should seriously look into the mishandling of customers (property's) luggage issues.

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