Malaysia Airlinesflight cancelled on my whole journey (round trip)

K Jul 16, 2019 Review updated:

20th/22th July (XBVASY / QBEZRA)
- Flight cancelled (MH73/20th-1435hr)
re-book for us to MH433-1935hr+1hr (delayed 6hrs)
- the poor service I've never received when I asked for support via your HKMH CS staff 's phone conversation, he was inquiry about my identification iso helping me to get on the first available flight.

- Flight cancelled (MH432/22thJuly-1325hr)
MH staff has diverted me to CX/KA flight coz they did not notify their flight cancellation.

Both journey was cancelled/long delayed causing extra expenses/time consuming which changed my loyalty to continue your MH service in the future (Me/my wife/her group are frequent traveler of MH flight).

please get us your response and how would MH to get back my confident to using your service again.

Mr. Fok Kam Man
Mrs. Kho Seow Khin


  •   Jul 20, 2019

    The possible passenger texts without the e-ticket can not be counted as a complaint.
    Also it is unclear from the text, what do the passengers want.
    The common place for the disputes related to canceled flight is a court or a government body in the country of the operation of air carrier.

    If the passenger does not have a suffcient knowledge, he/she can hire the professional for a charge .
    The only alternative is to forget about the claim .

    sr manager for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    [e--mail] < aryan (at) >

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      Jul 23, 2019

    Since MAS is currently owned and fully being funded by sovereign wealth fund (Khazanah Nasional Berhad); it is not impossible for MAS to raise additional fund to improved its human resource activity and developed its workforce. MAS have to first focus on developing its employee’s competency & satisfaction before it could make most recovery on current service failure, to aligned customer satisfaction to be on par with its competitors. This raised fund has to be utilised mainly to train its frontline personnel and re-evaluate its remuneration packages for staffs, it also will be able to restructure the service process to improve both customer experience and employees motivation to handle customers on day to day basis. Employee’s motivation factors such as work environment pay and benefits, management systems and organizational vision in airlines especially employees with direct interaction with customers having a significant positive influence on customer’s satisfaction.

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