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rip off

please do not use the Marco off story road in Irving, tx. I went there twice in the old man was trying to sell me by saying I need the heavy sanders. Which would raise my price about 300.00. I went to a different location they paired my car and it looks new again.

  • Va
    Vanessa R Johnson Aug 29, 2012
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    Verified customer

    The worst customer experience in my entire automotive history.
    I took car to MACCO'S IN TAMPA, FL on Anderson Rd. to have my liner replaced and bumper secured back to my car. I was given a quote and to bring in after parts were order on the next business day. I was told it would take 30 min to an hour. Took car in to the location, called for rental to pick me up and take me back to work, I was on my lunch break.
    Rec'd call around 3:30 to informed me car was ready. Arrived 5:20 to pick up car, shop close at 5:30. Paid for services, went to get in the car because iI was told they were going to park my car across the street so they could close on time. rental co. had to come get the car. Liner was on; however bumper was not fixing properly, pointed this out to the Owner son Ivan Jr. I informed him I had already pd for the services on my debit car. He informed me that something was preventing the bumper from fitting and they would need to go back in and fix the problem, I would need to leave the car until Mon. I had a rental for one day through my ins. I call the adjuster to inform him i need more time because of the problem. Ivan ask to speak with the adjuster. meeting was sch for the adjuster to come to the shop to look at the car. Mon 8-27-2012 called the shop to see if car was ready. Ins. adjuster left a check for extra work including painting, I would have to pay more money to meet the balance. I informed them I was not prepare to do this. I was told that I then would have to pay for my bumper to be reattached back to the car. I was appauled. I call corp., did not received a return call, I left several messages. I went by the shop and took pic of my car. Upon looking at the car, I notice the ziplot tie that i had install to keep bumper up was still in place and this is what was stoping my bumper from fitting in the groove, also the bumper holes that was ripped apart was never welded back together. 8-28-2012, went to shop on the way to work and was told that if I did not get the car painted by them they were going to rip up the ins check and would not replace the bumper. I left upset, call the corp ofc. again, no return call. On my lunch, I called the ins adjuster whom informed me the ck belong to me not the shop, I did not have to have my car service there. I met my daughter at the shop to pick up my car. Ivan jr had spoken to my husband and he informed my husband I would only have to pay 50.00 for them to plastic weld the bumper back. My daughter question Ivan about the bumper and he verbally attack my daughter, screaming he was tired of everyone on his back about that car. I threaten to call the police, after he attempt to come closer to her. She is a certified Mechanic. We left after the incident, . He called at 4:30 to tell me the car was ready. for pick up. I could not get there in time before the shop close and take the rental back. 8-29 Went in to pick up car, pd the 53.00 and was told it was replacing my bumper not welding the holes back, > My car has grease all over the door handle (driver) and paint dust all over the entire car. I took pic. again. I did not received an apology for the stress, not the extra money I had to pay for all of this. I call the corp ofc again, no return call.

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cheated and very rude

Hi, I took a brand new bumper for paint job to Maaco in Patterson NJ, because he (Tim, owner) had told me a...

ripoff paint job and body repair

Purchased most expensive paint job at Maaco in Orange City, Fl. Got runs, drips, painted tires, masking tape still left on in places, gaskets and door panel clips broken or missing or not reglued, body repairs done with filler instead of metal brazing - rusted through in three years. Every time I see the Maaco ad, I become angry at the assurances received when I agreed to the repairs. Because the hood had to be redone three times, car not ready when promised - was allowed to take it home and got a two inch gash on hood from a stone - Maaco refused to fix it even though it was because the paint was fresh and too thick. I feel like I wasted my money on an amateur job.

  • Br
    brgcsc Nov 26, 2012

    Had the bumper covers painted on my 350Z, looks terrible they had the car two separate times, they do not care. Contacted corporate waiting for a response.Brian Gerson Columbus, Ohio

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horrible service

I read all the reviews here, but I went to Maaco anyway because I didn't see any complaints on the local Maaco shop where I live. That was the worst mistake of my life. I wouldn't let them paint a dog house for me now. I spent $2300 on a crap paint job. I could have done better with a spray can in my back yard.

This is what was wrong with my car when I picked it up: 1. Jared sprayed water all on my car before he brought it around, so I couldn't see the paint job that well. 2. They didn't paint behind my grill. 3. There was a spider in the paint. 4. There were runs in my paint on the passenger side door. 5. There was a chip in the paint in the door also. 6. There was rubbing compound left in the paint in spots all over the car. 7. The inside of my car was so dusty that it looked like somebody had busted a bag of cocaine in my car. 8. The paint is already coming off my bumper, and it was only painted three weeks ago.

I took my car back for it to be fixed, and all they did was paint behind the grill, and that's it. I wasted my money. Please, don't make the same mistake I did.

  • Mo
    Mo and Jo Jul 26, 2011
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    We had paid $5000 and got a A$200 looking paint job in Reno NV Now we know how many others
    got bad paint jobs too. It came off with a razor blade on our 56 Chevy and he kept it 3 months
    Went to small claims court but judge stood up for business man tho they told us he goes to
    court very often there Beward No No Maaco

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Resolved nightmare paint job

i finally gave up after maaco kept my 1994 Z28 for 4 weeks...paid $1640 for the worst paint job you can...

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bad experience

I Took My 1995 Honda Civic Painted at Maaco at 2617 Lathrop Ave Racine W 53405. The Original Paint Job Was Purple Factory Color... I told them I want civic si blue He told me about $670.00 For It plus the Hood. I couldn’t believe the price was that cheap? I know for a paint job cost about 1, 500 and up. I told Him you’re not going paint over the original color are you. He said No If I painted Over the Original Paint and you took it to the car wash what do think it’s going to happened the paint will come off that’s what he told me I said are you going sand the whole car he said yes to the metal plus there was some dent on the car too there was going fix it too Everything for $ 670.00. I said to myself something is wrong why is everything Cheap.

I Took My 1995 Honda Civic Painted at Maaco at 2617 Lathrop Ave Racine W 53405. The Original Paint Job Was Purple Factory Color... I told them I want civic si blue He told me about $670.00 For It plus the Hood. I couldn't believe the price was that cheap? I know for a paint job cost about 1, 500 and up. I told Him you're not going paint over the original color are you. He said No If I painted Over the Original Paint and you took it to the car wash what do think it's going to happened the paint will come off that's what he told me I said are you going sand the whole car he said yes to the metal plus there was some dent on the car too there was going fix it too Everything for $ 670.00. I said to myself something is wrong why is everything Cheap.

The Dropped off the car on a Wednesday May 5 2017 he told me the car will be done on Tuesday May 11 2017. I drove by on a Friday May 8 2017 the car still sitting there hasn't been touched.

I went Tuesdays May 11 2017 to pick up my car because they told me it will be done. The car was not finished the excuse was they ordered the wrong hood for my civic. I said well is the civic painted he said NO that's the day they told me to come and pick up the car. I said when is the car going to be done he said Thursday so now it's more than a week.

Let's look that the Problems, Liars after Liars, Bad Customer service, No Experience in the Business. Let's continue the Story.

I went Thursday May 13 2017 to pick up the car unfortunately it's still not done I kept my cool. I was really pissed off. I asked them again when is my car going get painted he said the car will be done tomorrow I said what time he said around noon.

I went Friday May 14 2017 around 12:15 p.m pick up my the car. The car is still not done or painted he told me pick it up around 5:00 can a car be painted in 4 hours that's something I do not understand. I went 5:00 p.m to pick up the car it's still in the painted booth he said it will be done in 15 Minutes you can drive when it's done the car was paint they have not fix the dent or sand the whole car I can still see the original factory paint purple your going love this they paint over the rust oh my God are you kidding me.

I went back to them June 1 2017 I talked to the Manager No Experience I have no idea why they hired this guy talking all *** to me. I showed him all the problems with the car why they did a horrible job on my car. I told him is the car sand He yes...I said why do I see my original color thats purple plus you guys painted over the rust part I showed him. he didn't have an answer for me I also showed him they painted over door marrows with my tape over it. He said what you wanted me to do. I said I want my money back because I do not want you guys to touch my car you guys did a horrible job on my car. He said he's not going to give me my money.

I have did a research about this company I found horribles things about this company. They are a lot of consumers out there really mad about Maaco what they did to their cars. I think this franchise has no experience about painting a vehicle. you can buy a franchise I mean if you have $75, 000 you can be a part of a franchise. On their website it says And if you are worried about not having automotive experience, that is not a problem at all. Maaco is a retail oriented franchise business with successful owners from many walks of life thats on their website. So if I have the money and bought a franchise Maaco and I have no automotive experience you have no right to touch any consumers vehicles.

  • Ol
    Oldbutgoodie Jan 31, 2011
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    Macco in Hickory, NC had our car five times from 6/2017 till 12/2017

    They painted our car 3 times and each time it got worse.

    We have over spray on windows, door jams, door locks painted over, scratched trim and tail lights. Our car is ruined and the owner will not look at our car. We got the best paint job they had and paid an extra $150 for prep work, thinking it would be done right. Our paint also had trash in it and after the fact they tell us they are allowed a certain number of pieces in each panel. I wish they had told us this on the front end.The bottom line is these people are crooks. Keep your car and money away from them.

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  • Mr
    Mr M Feb 07, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I bring my car into Sarasota MAACO for the bumper to be painted and warranty work to be done, Edmumdo says "Let me get Mike he is the Owner", Mike agrees to the work. I come to pick it up the work is not done, Mike says Edmundo is the owner he didn't want to do the work. Mike screams at my Wife and I, threatens us and puts my Wife in fear I was calm cool, just stood there. The worse auto body shop by far lies no work awful no satisfaction no regard for the customer none.

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  • Ma
    Maccosucks Feb 08, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I had the unfortunate opportunity to deal directly with one o the main principles of Maaco. He is underhanded and will take advantage of you at every turn.

    There are many honest and quality car repair places so look around. Don't take my word for this- check the web. Many have reported how dissatisfied they have been with the quality of service. They have been know to take your money. Like I've said .. look up the reviews and see for yourself. A good dealer uses quality part, service and stands behind their work. I have not found that to be the case here.

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  • Pk
    Pkbhemi Feb 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Took my vehicle to Maaco on Smith street in chesapeake va.

    for 500 dollars got the worst paint job i have ever seen.

    they did absolutely no prep work whatsoever painted directly over dirt and also a rag that was in the bed of the truck couldn't even take the time to hose the truck off. they also broke a mirror on the truck and just set it on the seat and didn't say anything about it. They also drained the radiator of all antifreeze for what reason I don't know and never filled it up, I drove the truck from an hour away with no problems and had to tow it home after they worked on it.

    So i call there customer service center which is at the corporate level and they can do nothing the shop is a franchise operating under Maaco's name but can do what they want with no recourse what a joke. Also the owner of the shop A.J. Inges has been charged with insurance fraud several times, this place should be shut down.

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  • Pa
    Pagenos Feb 14, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I payed Macco in Ohio almost 2017 dollars to paint mini truck. Charged me extra to remove rust they did not remove. Over-sprayed on my 2017 dollar rims and manged to miss spots and paint the interior of my truck and sprayed back window. There was other missed spots also. when i saw my paint job i almost cried it was so bad. Made them fix it after some delicate words. paint job is still sub prime and the paint is selling around fenders. IF YOU DO NOT SAND YOUR TRUCK THEY WONT. It okay but if your looking for a custom or good paint job pay the extra money!

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stay away

Had my brand new car there for rear end damage. I had to take it back three times, the 4th time I paid to have the dealer fix it right. They charged more than the dealer and do not give written estimates as required by Mont Co Law for a spoiler install and muffler replacement. They butchered my Exhaust system and charged me 200.00 more than Midas to install it even after I emailed them the 4min You tube video on how to install it. The exhaust was mutilated and sticks out about 4 inches more then as the directions indicate, proving they just did what ever. Going to small claims court for 476.00 and to replace the exhaust. Glad I took pictures of each time it went back . Have to see the pictures to really believe it. Definitely not qualified for anything more than a budget paint job. Never even a follow up call or offer from the owner of partial refund after ripping me off or to check on anything or to see why it didn't come back. He had a great manager then hires someone else that should be selling time share or ice to Eskimo with his bogus lines.

body kit & complete paint job

On the 4/24/2010 i took my car to Maaco to have the body kit put on my car and get a complete paint job on it. i was dealing with the son owner, I was told that the est. completion date would be 4/30/2010. he told me that the kit has to be screw on and bondo over and that it would not show after its been painted. Because Maaco do allot of work for the shop i work for. i trusted Maaco would took care of me too. I did pay them the full amount of $1718.80. so I left the car there on the 4/24/2010. I waited until the 4/30, came by to check up on it to see if it was done, but only the body kit was on not painted yet, the son told me it would be done on Wednesday next week. So i waited until Friday, the son call me Friday to tell me that the car had few panel has over runs on it and that there was some pin mark were they screw the kit on, he told me that it would be done on Monday on the 5/10. I call on Monday and the father pick up the phone and told me that it still has some runs on it and it would take couple days to fix it. I came to the shop on Wednesday and saw the car was out side, and there was runs on the door bumpers, louver, dimple and sink were they put the screw on to hold the body kit in place, and that there was allot of gap on the body kit, and the hole car was painted and clear coated. The son came out from the shop and i had a talk with him, I was mad it took them so long to do the job and the est. time is 11hours and it took them over two weeks and still the car look like crap. I told him that they needed to get this problem fix or I will get a lawyer. I went be to the place were i work, later that day the father came to the shop to talk to my boss about his car was done, i ask him whats going on with my car? He than pointed his finger at my face and told me that I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET.
I did not say nothing to him, he left the shop. later my boss ask me what going on, I told him everything. My boss told me to go and talk to him and try to resolve the problem. next day 5/13.Me and a friend went to Maaco to talk to him and the first thing he told me that I'm about to be sue by him, I ask him for what? he told me that i tread en his son on the phone, and that he heard it from the third party. I did not tell him there was a person next to me when i was talking to his son that day. I told him that day I was mad and I did use foul word to his son on the phone but I was only ### en. I did told him that i call the Sheriff and ask if i could take the car back and the reason why, they to me that I have every right, and that if I have a problem to call them they would come to help me to take the car back. He(Maaco) than told me that the car would be done on Friday 5/14 but he can't promise, I told him don't worry trying to get it done on Friday 5/14, i told him that i can wait until Wednesday 5/19. Today is 5/19 still no word about my car. I'm affray to go over there now. If anyone reading this please help, what I should do? I'm about to call a lawyer and the TV station to tell them about this. I just wanted my car back, I just don't wanted the car to be worst than it is. I did talk to a friend of mine, he's studying to be come a lawyer, and he told I have a good chanch of win in court. So should I do it or not? This are putting allot of stress on me. Please email me [protected] THANK YOU

Resolved lack of quality workmenship; customer relations

I had high hopes when I took my car in for service at 3560 Old Spanish Trail Houston TX. The sales agent, Ali...

Resolved poor service/quality

My wife brought in her car to get her bumper fixed (she backed into something while she was backing out of the garage) and was told not to worry and that her car will be back to a new condition. When she picked it up, all they did was repainted the original fascia. They did a spot painting on it (so they were able to remove the scratches), however, you can tell where the paint fades/overspray onto the original paint. Not only that..they left a very noticeable dent on the fascia and didn't even bother to install a few of the fasteners that holds the fascia/bumper to the vehicle. They charged her nearly $500 for the repair. With $500, one would expect a much higher quality work.

All in all..this has been a very bad experience. I would highly recommend against anyone taking their car there.

  • Ma
    maacomarkham Aug 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As of June 20, 2011 Maaco Collision Repair is under NEW OWNERSHIP. We fully acknowledge there have been some quality issues in the past that have plagued the former owner. We strive to maintain a consistently high level of quality and are commited to meeting the needs of each of our customers.
    To 04BlkVibe: In spite of this being over a year later, we suggest that you contact us directly to arrange a time for us to see your vehicle. We would be pleased to assist you in whatever way we can.

    Yours truly
    Maaco Markham

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Resolved poor product

Paid $1600 for a paint job, to include body prep (fiber glass, no rust) sanding & buffing after the paint...

Resolved awful work

I don't want to go into details- would take too much space- but the bottom line is that my car was returned to me with spatter all over the front, tape painted on in places, and in the wrong, and very ugly color!

The owner treated me like I was a fool and was very rude. I am now taking him to small claims court. I paid for the highest level service, and didn't deal on price. I deserve better- and you do too. Don't go there. At Maaco i experienced the worst quality work, and the worst quality customer service in my my 40+ years of driving and having cars serviced.

  • Ca
    carowneralso Sep 01, 2010

    Just to let everything know, the MAACO in Santee, CA, is no longer operated by the same owner. It is under new management.

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  • Jj
    jjw007 Sep 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We will see if the quality is any better. I'm awaiting for my bumper to be finished. It was suppose to be finished today, but when I called Maaco today (yes, I had to call them-Maaco did not call me) John(from Maaco) said that my car had a crack in the bumper after removing all of the paint. Apparently, they don't realize that pictures don't tell lies... Yes, I have pictures. ALWAYS take pictures before you leave. Not to mention the fact that John just went ahead and repaired the bumper without calling me first. AND... The $129.00 bait and switch for a bumper paint job, doesn't include the prep work (additional $30), the hazard waste disposal of bumper paint (additional $30)! I'm crossing my fingers that the paint job will be applied correctly and no other damage that results to small claims court.

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  • Ma
    maacosantee Oct 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So jjw007, were you satisfied with the work? If not, please bring it back and we will do whatever is necessary to correct it - as we are committed to customer satisfaction.

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Resolved awful personal

DON'T EVER GO TO MAACO TO GET YOUR CAR PAINTED!! They will mislead you and deny responsibility for their sloppy work, and you'll get no help from their corporate Customer Service Department.

At the Maaco at 6601 Old Cheney Hwy in Orlando, we bought the 5 yr warranty, which they claimed was on sale. The work order says "Super Prep", and "Sand and Prime as needed". They just sprayed over the old paint. $835, plus emblem replacements and labor came to $1500. I have all the paperwork and receipts.

When the paint blistered within 6 months, I took it in to be fixed. The owner became rude and argumentative. He was antagonistic the whole time, and couldn't understand why I wasn't happy, when it was under warranty.

I just happen to believe that it should have been done right to begin with.

When I went to pick it up, I asked him to pay for my rental car, since they were responsible for my other car needing to be left there. Also, there were two scratches on the front bumper that weren't there when I brought it in.

I as a female frankly felt threatened and unsafe when the owner became angry, loud and antagonistic.

I had two friends with me, thank goodness, and the owner started to argue with them, and yell. After I said, "$1500 dollars and you can't sand the car?"

He lost his temper and said he won't honor the warranty, he's through with my car.

This man cannot control himself, and I felt unsafe around him.

I complained to Maaco Corporate, and after talking to me once, they never called back. Obviously their public image isn't important to them.

Resolved car paint job

We were told the 5 yr warranty paint job was on sale, we spent $1500. When we got the papers, they had...

Resolved paint job is #ed up

the job maaco did painting my 2002 chev avalanche was ###, , no wet sanding was done paint chip marks are now...

Resolved did not repair rust as stated

I met with Ben, Mang/estimator. Ben qouted me $1028.30 to paint and repair a dent to the left quarter, repair...

Resolved holy cow

This is crazy!!!

I took my truck to maaco to have some work done. I actually didnt need work or paint i just had extra money and wanted it done. I paid them $1000 upfront and they told me 1200 to 1500 depending on the body kit. After they tried to raise it to 1700 to 2000 and thats after the service guy kevin kicked a hole in my running board. So now I feel I had to stay there cause otherwise I would have to pay for a hole that wasn't there. The body work was shady and the paint was worse. They didnt paint the back doors and got primer all over parts that werent even supposed to be painted. So im suing. Theres more to it but trust me people DO NOT GO TO MAACO

  • Ha
    HackedbyMaaco Aug 29, 2011

    Totally feel for you. Just got my 03 explorer back for the Lancaster PA Macco and it to has primer on unpainted srefaces. It has over 100 fisheye defects more inclusions and marks from where the sander had hit unpainted plastic parts. Maaco is a bad deal at any price. My car value defiantely decreased. I will have to paint it again before it can be resold.

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Resolved consumer fraud

Took a vehicle to Maaco # M1469 in Turnersville for prep & paint. a portion of the prep. was to "cut and...

Resolved terrible experience

Maaco is the dirt capital of the paint world they painted a car for me if that's what you would call it. The car looked like it was painted in a sand storm the deluxe job must come with dirt the manager and owner said it was a nice paint job. The owner got real mad when i told him that a five year old could do better with a brush. I can't see how anyone can stay in business doing *** work like that.

I learned a lesson that cost me 1, 100 dollars never let maaco at menomonee fall's Wisconsin or any maaco paint a car for me.

Resolved overcharged

Maaco is offering a paint-the-bumper special here in the Northwest, any bumper painted for $99 as advertised extensively in the papers and TV. I went to our local Maaco here in Vancouver, WA and said I wanted to take advantage of their special and have the scratch on my 2005 Dodge Neon bumper painted for $99. The manager, John, told me he would have to charge me another $60 to R&R the bumper plus tax and other charges. I told him I understood the tax part but insisted on the advertised $99 deal.

John got testy, told me he had been painting bumpers for 30 years and there's no way he could honor their $99 deal. I appealed to Maaco Corporate who did not even bother to respond.

cc: AG (local & Maaco corporates), BBB (both states), multiple consumer complaint sites like this one and other consumer complaint resources as they come to mind.