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I wish to lodge complain about my charges during the time i was in paris on the 7th to 11th of may 2010. I feel so cheated about this. I called the customer service about the first over charging and he told me the amount will be refunded, all to get back to london today and i was told that charges for roaming is 2. 18pounds per minute, i cant believe this. This is not my first time of going on roaming the normal charges is always 37p to call and 17p receive. I cant in my wildest dream think that i will be paying 2. 18pound per minute within europe without the any proper information. Even, t - mobile and other network subscribe to. I used to be a fan of lyca mobile and you can check it through my account but now i feel so cheated and i feel i have been miss led. Anyway my complaint ref number is 2227969 and my number is [protected]. Hearing from you will do me a lot of good and i really wish to take this compliant further


  • Ab
    Abhinav Sharda Sep 10, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am not recieving incoming calls on my mobile since i entered Australia, and i called customer service for support. Even after 8 days, the issue is not resolved. I call everyday to international customer care number and they promise technical team will call me in 24 hrs, which never happens. Lyca is a cheap service and worst.

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  • Ma
    Madhu Reddy M Nov 12, 2018


    I got a new SIN card from Lyca mobile and have been asking to port my existing number from T-mobile.

    Fed up with customer service and connecting the call to talk to them.

    One month Over and still my Lyca Sim card not activated.

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  • Ge
    Geetbelfast Aug 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recharged international bundle. It's not activated long time. I can't use services.

    I can't make any call, can't use internet.
    It's making trouble . I tried to contact customer service. No luck

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  • Sh
    Sharronjit May Dec 30, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am disgusted with lcya all week i have waited for my number to change from 22/12/2016 not done so far i need some one to fone mr back from the uk

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  • Do
    Dongdi Wang Nov 26, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst experience I ever have, cheat on money. Lyca Mobile in DK much better than UK.

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  • To
    Tony 86 Jul 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lyca mobile are Chester. Fraud and bad customer service. They should be punished .

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  • Ji
    Jimit Patel Apr 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received damaged sim card. It has been more than 1 week and they have not even approved my new sim card request. I am without mobile number for more than 1 week now.

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  • Ma
    mahesh Subbarao Oct 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have got a Fraud call from +[protected] . Saying we are calling from Lycia Mobile and we are happy to inform that you have got a cash prize of 50, 000.00 £ .You have to Collect from Berkeley’s bank. I asked few questions
    After answering all the questions
    For the final question (is there any fee involved?)
    Ans : Yes you need to pay 500£ for the Processing .
    Please be careful about the Fraud Calls

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  • Je
    JEFFJEFFJEFF Apr 01, 2015

    i have a phone which is with 3G and received a text message from Lyca indicating a free £10 data bundle and a subsequent text thanking me for using there data service but be away if email/apps are running I will be charged.
    I have never heard of Lyca and never signed up for anything.
    Should I be worried or just ignore this.

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  • Sa
    samsung galexy grand Mar 11, 2015

    My lyca mobile sim card is not working 2 day problem costumer care is not answer im tayerd so please my mobile number is [protected]

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  • Mo
    mobileuser Feb 06, 2015

    Since ten days I have placed a complain at lyca mobile but no one has responded. Every day I call them and they say "call tomorrow, no updates"

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  • Pa
    pank shah Sep 04, 2014

    Subject: - REFUSED



    [protected] Pank Shaw (03/15/14 & 7/15/2014……)

    Email :- [email protected]

    still unable to solve the all problem SINCE I JOINT with Lyca
    mobile cell phone comp and I have all most 33 claims no but still no one call
    me and
    top of they said go to different cell phone carrier. It is
    big insulting to me
    very poor customer and tech
    support and lack of manner, lack of knowledge & full of attitude. very poor
    management and blaming the customer as
    rude customer to cover themselves.
    They are taking hours and hours holding me on music on
    phone and most of time they hung keep hang up my phone line without
    getting help.
    Top of they are blaming the customer that I am as customer is very
    rude to covering themself. For example please you have to listen the
    recording of all my call and claims no
    [protected] line was hung by supervisors
    Name Mr.Jobert / Mr.Sibag who has lack of knowledge, lack of
    listing power and refused to listen to customer and keep ignoring me to focuses
    on my question. Keep give wrong
    instruction and guide me wrong direction.

    No one able to help
    since I open acct with this comp

    Why I can’t able to recharge on myself on my
    computer by same credit card.

    Why I can’t able to see my call
    payment history, my 1st 10 internal call history?

    Most of time I did very poor connection, no single,
    no Internet, phone line cut off by self-special when I am on International call.

    I call lot for all these job but their employees are given very
    hard and no help. Very nasty and attitude and refuse to give credit with I am
    not able to use all full services when others comp give up good credit.

    you can receive a credit or check

    After 2 to 3 weeks and now is more than 6 month
    still I did not get anything.

    I went Newark NJ office which I always dealing
    with those employees they are now playing the drama with attitude.


    I gave my hard copy
    of my credit card document to in Newark NJ office on Jan 23 2014(around date)
    which show up that I withdraw my both dispute charges. Still I did not get
    credit on my account yet.

    WHY you not have
    communication in your management dept.

    But when your turn to
    give me refund you have always has excuses to not help.

    5) I have lot of
    reference no but no one follow up to fix the problems since day 1st
    I am joint with you.

    6) lot of phone call
    drop or unable contact, every my co workers getting signals on their smart phone
    only me I cannot get signal on my smart phone at my work. I have to go all the
    way out side on the street to talk on phone. It is very risky to keep going out
    on my job’s working hours. But you are all failed to help me.

    7) most of time unable
    connect Internet

    8) you have expand your
    tech support so we can use your services on safari in apple computer or smart

    9) My lawyer wants to
    put all harassment to display on all USA media and new papers. YOUR EMPLOYEES


    I still not getting $5
    credit which I gave then mew customer who is came from India ( my friend) on
    January 2014




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  • Ma
    marcmarc Aug 29, 2014

    what do you expect!!! when you let these PAKI'S run there scams, it is a big multi million pound Asian ran scam, and nobody cares

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  • La
    Laura_11 Jun 21, 2014

    I have been with Lyca for the past 4 years, recently they started stealing my credit. although I have a pound left as it says when I check the credit they don't let me make any calls or send texts, and this has happened for the past 5 times, on average is about a pound every time. if they are doing this to millions of people they are STEALING millions of pounds!!! pls someone do something about this!

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  • Ja
    Jack122456 Jun 03, 2014

    I have used Lycamobile, but the service has dropped to all time LOW, 'CALL DROPPING' is a common thing atleast 10 times every day, just dont go for Lycamobile, the customer service is horrendous.

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  • Ab
    Abde Apr 17, 2014

    I called Lycamobile customer service at [protected] and asked if I can port my existing number from Simple Mobile to lycamobile, they told me that I can port that particular number, so I ordered a SIM card and choose a plan; they told me that I have to pay for the plan and agree for automated monthly payment. I gave them my credit card information; they charged $39 as they told me; When I received the SIM card I called to activate it; they told me that I cannot port my number. I was surprised because the one that answered me the first time told me that I can port my number.
    Now they told me that they cannot port my number and I will not get refund.
    Be careful it is not a good company, it is cheap BS

    I wrote a complain to BBB and FCC

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  • Un
    unhappy_PA Dec 14, 2013

    I am just one customer, but the service I received from Lycamobile USA was far below acceptable standards and even outright dishonest. They could not port my old number, because their network does not cover many areas in terms of porting existing numbers, but you the customer cannot tell anywhere from their website. Later 3 Customer Reps promised to refund my money after reviewing my case individually, but at the end the refund was still denied.
    I bought a $29.9/month Unlimited Everything Plan and a new SIM card from their website and planned to transfer my old number from Verizon to LYCA. Here is my bad experience since:
    1. On Nov 27 2013, I received the SIM card, activated it and tried phone calls, texting and data to make sure things work before porting my number. Their website specially says that you have to first use the new number they provide to activate your account, and then ask the Customer Service to do the number porting. Failing to do so may make you permanently lose your old number. Then on the same day, I called in asking for porting. The Rep checked and told me they could not, because they did not cover my old area code yet. I was surprised but did not want to lose my cell number for more than 10 years. The guy sounded nice. He checked my usage history and said “Don’t worry. You will get the refund in 24 hours, because it is not your fault.”
    2. About 1 week later on Dec 5 when I almost forgot it, I found out the money did not come back to my credit card. So I called in. A Rep named Sarah discussed my usage history again and said sorry for the delay, you would receive the refund in 72 hours.
    3. About another week later on Dec 11, the money was not back. I called again, and the Rep was Tuned. He discussed my usage history again and said: Sorry for the delay. The money was returned, not to my credit card but mistakenly to my LYCA account. I would receive the refund in 48 hours.
    4. On Dec 13, the money was not back, and I called in, first talked with a 4th rep Abidi and later his manager Sherif. Sherif said that I used the phone on Nov 27 (A couple of voice calls each for seconds or minutes, a couple of texts and Internet for about 30 minutes) so they would not refund me.
    I told Sherif that I had to test it before porting my old number, and the 3 reps already individually evaluated my case and promised the refund. He was most concerned with the 30 minutes Internet use. I probably tried to setup APN/MMS and tested Internet while talking to their rep on the phone line. He became very unreasonable and arrogant. First he blamed Verizon for the unsuccessful porting. Then he said I should buy pay-as-you-go to test before porting. I told him that their website did not say anywhere that they have limitations in porting from certain areas. I could not anticipate the problem before really trying to port. Last he said that their Internet costs 6c/minute and my 30 minutes use is worth $18 dollars. I later found out that his math is wrong. Even if the 6c/minute is correct (which I did not find on their web), 30 minutes use is only $1.8 dollars, not $18 dollars.
    Now I lost the money and the 3 hours I had to spend on the phone with them. I feel they are way sub-par in customer services. Their business practice is outright exploiting trusting prospects/customers. Just to share my unpleasant experience with everyone on this forum.

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  • Mu
    Murali K Govindu Dec 06, 2013

    Issues: 1) There is an Automatic Opt-in for renewals, instead of other way round - which give some pain to deal with the odds.
    2) The payment page is horrible it notifies that the payment has failed with ref. and tras. id, but blocking my bank account! Now need to do an email writing after talking waiting for days. There is a threat that the SIM will be blocked if one decides to dispute with the charges for the unavailed and false notified service!
    I am writing here so that someone can listen from Lyca and change for good or someone who can start a company basing on such poor issues. Regards, [email protected]

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  • Mi
    milly206 Oct 29, 2013

    I have not been able to send or receive calls on my lycamobile now for 2 days in the Netherlands.Is there a problem with the network provider????I send texts i get charged yet the messages doesn't reach the intended person.Could the lycamobile company explain to its customers whats going on with its network?I am very disappointed yet my line has 40 euros in it.Does this mean i can no longer use the line, please someone tell me whats going on.

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  • Wh
    Why o Why Oct 17, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a Lycamobile sim and was told a few days after having it that they blocked by Simcard randomly for suspected fraud. The stupid reason for the bar was due to my frequent top-ups over a short span of time. Obviously furious as I had't committed any fraud the supervisor insisted to prove this and get my number unblocked that I send them a utility bill which I did.

    When I called them back to check progress another supervisor then said oh btw we now need a picture or scanned copy of the front of my physical bank card or if I don't I would not get a refund and would loose all my credit. I ran a mile and told them where to go at this point.

    There was no discretion and all they seem to do is read from a script and repeat themselves.

    Do not go with Lycamobile or if you need to make sure you top up by voucher in cash and not card as they are not to be trusted and act like fraudsters!!!

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  • Sa
    S.ali Oct 01, 2013

    I would never crticise someone after one bad experience but they are appalling, worst customer service ver, poor newtork, cant top up online, when i have credit it tells me i dont and havent been able to make a call for 5 days, i hace called 9 times and emailed then 5 times over the last week and still no resolution, i will be writng to watch dog .

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  • Ja
    James John Aug 16, 2013

    I had more or less the same experience with Lyca Mobile. Two months ago i bought a tariff for £39 for unlimited phone calls to Nigeria. The following month i bought the same package only to be told it"s no longer unlimited phone call but 3000 minutes. Customers were not advised that the plan has changed. I eventually had to continue with the 3000 minutes plan even though i wasn't happy with it. The following month i bought the same plan. I have followed the same process as i have done for the last two month only to be told after topping up with a £40 voucher that you can no longer top up using a top up voucher for the £39 tariff. Apparently, you can only top up using a debit or credit card. A refund, i am told is not possible and you would have to pick a tariff that gives you 500 minutes for a £20 pounds voucher. invariably, my £40 will give me 1000 minutes and not 3000 minutes. I am told the terms and condition changed just two days ago and yet again customers were not advised of the changes to terms and conditions. I am really perplexed with the way the so called Lyca mobile is reaping innocent people off. This must be the worst company in planet earth. Please do not buy LycaMobile - they are rubbish.

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  • Rc
    rc ameta Aug 11, 2013

    I am feeling cheated with lycamobile services...they clarify their bundles. I lost 70 pounds in 20 days..I keep toping up and they keep looting me.their system does gives the clear balance details for data and voice call plans. Ussd just give - minus sign.please reach ne at [protected].thank you.

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  • Ha
    happypersonlalala Jul 27, 2013

    I work as customer advisor in Lycamobile. As worker, it is impossible to work here. It's a new kind of slavery, we are taking more than 100 calls everyday, between call and call we have 3 seconds. We have 1 unpaid hour break and we have only 10 minutes for using the toilet. The working place is dirty, we have to clean our own desk...That is horrible. I don't understand how it is possible this company works knowing that they are ripping the customer off, at least in the line I am working for. Please stop using lycamobile.

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  • Jo
    JoLaLa Jun 15, 2013

    lycamobie is cheating, they try to steal your money secretly. They drop the line while it is ringing and then charge you $0.30 each time. I attempted to call overseas last Saturday for 5 times but the line was kept on dropping for 5 times and I found on my account 5 x $0.30 were being taken. It was not fair that I did not even have a chance to talk on the phone but need to pay $1.50. Today same thing happened again and I am fed up with this. I willl spread out to everyone not to go for lycamobile anynmore.

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  • Ch
    Choonsta Dec 04, 2012

    Tried online topup, failed 3 times.
    Rang customer service but was told the problem is with the my bank.
    I contacted my bank, they looked up their transaction records and there was no rejection of any problem.
    The problem is with LYCA mobile.
    It's now 1 week, the same online topup failed again. Can't get thru to Customer Service !
    Looks like a crap service provider.
    Lyca just lost another customer. Not worth the bother.

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  • Yi
    YINX Nov 14, 2012

    I topped up lyca mobile £5 on my Touch 4g phone for 30 days mobile internet, This didn't work on my phone after several attempt from the India call center, i requested back for my £5 as I am not getting the service requested, Its been 27 days now and I have not gotten my refund back, I have spoken to several advisors in the India call center ( some are rude), got different reference numbers, still nothing has been done
    Please be careful when you are getting the mobile internet from lyca, I believe it is fraud (FRAUD! FRAUD!! FRAUD!!!)

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  • Eg
    EGE1 Oct 07, 2012

    I have a few complaints with Lycamobile that i am not happy with at the moment:

    * Bad customer Service
    * Line Drop Outs
    * Noisy Background Noise
    * $50 Aus Runs Out in 2 days
    * Promise To Call Back And Never Did
    * Lost a client due to line drop out problems

    REMEMBER cheap price is not necessarily good service

    My recommendations are to look at the reviews carefully and make your own decisions.

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  • Az
    azaz Jun 19, 2012

    bad customer care.
    pathetic network.
    and equally bad browsing.

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  • 31
    31321321 Nov 25, 2011

    unbelievably stupid customer services.

    it took them 1 week to transfer my number
    can not top up online
    can not setup Internet
    and not call activities disappeared because they scammed me by sending me BC messages to set up my Internet and deducting money

    be careful guys I'm moving away from them

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  • Go
    GodzillaMor Nov 11, 2011

    I don't know what their customer service is like. I have never succeeded in getting through. I tried to top up online but the transaction failed and I was advised to phone Customer Services. 30 minutes of waiting is too much time out of my life when I am attempting to give them money. Pity. The coverage from Orange was good and the charges were less of a rip-off than other telecom companies' offerings.

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  • An
    AnkitD Oct 25, 2011

    Can someone suggest me that How can I make official complaint against LycaMobile ?

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  • Mu
    Mukeshdiwar Aug 12, 2011

    Lycamobile service stands for their quality, the network connections are good. Its been couple of months since i have taken their service. Am really happy with lyca

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  • Vi
    Vineet Tutt Aug 09, 2011

    Lyca provides good offers, especially the free internet services is working good. They have a good customer service and they provide us good network too.

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  • Ji
    Jincysam56 Jul 26, 2011

    I am a lycamobile user, as far as now Lyca has been gud for me, they have a good customer service. They provide us the best service, network is good. Am happy with their Free Lyca to Lyca call and txt Service.

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  • Sh
    shinyvincent12 Jul 21, 2011

    I have gone through their service, lyca is pretty good and their customer service is pretty helpful. Must agree that i have received the service i had expected from lyca. I had been with most of the operators and now finally settled with lyca as their call rates are cheap and network is good, naturally I did have problems on couple of occasions, i emailed their helpdesk and did get a response quite soon. Am happy with their service!!

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  • Ya
    Yang475869 Jul 17, 2011

    I got my number ported in within the turn around time given by the customer service. I really like to appreciate the services given to the customers. Thanks lyca!

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  • St
    Stephen Hawk Jun 29, 2011

    I have received the service I had expected from lyca, am certainly sure most of you who have commented here have used other service providers as well. Have been with most of the operators and have finally settled with lyca as their call rates are cheap and connectivity is good, yes naturally I did have problems on couple of occasions where i emailed their helpdesk and did get a response quite soon. Am one among the glad customers!!!...Will recommend

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  • Vi
    Vincenzo!!! Jun 22, 2011

    I ported my number to lyca due to the issue that i faced with my previous services provider, now i have no problem with lyca. Am happy with their service and i get pretty good minutes. The network is good.

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  • Ca
    CattyAlam Jun 20, 2011

    I would like to say that i never had problem with their customer service. For any issue i call them and get my doubts cleared. I have my own Lycamobile account to top up online. We can get our free sim now by filling in our details on the Lycamobile website or can call the customer service on the same and they will post one to us straight away. I am happy with their offers. Finally i would like to say that i would recommend Lycamobile to my friends as this is cheap and i get a good service.

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