LovelyWholesale Complaints & Reviews

LovelyWholesale / delivery

Aug 22, 2019

i ordered a pair of jeans about two weeks ago and it is supposedly is still on China. I have filed tickets, plenty of them and i keep getting the same response, " refer back to my first ticket response" i find that very unprofessional and the tracking details aren't even accurate. I trying...

LovelyWholesale / my order

Aug 21, 2019

My items was not delivered and sent back to lovelywholesale and they are suppose to give me funds back. I can not wait so I can try to reorder my items . They could deliver it because apparently the wrong info was on package I was told this by post office. My order #V12019062370292. I...

LovelyWholesale / shipping

Aug 16, 2019

I have been waiting 7 days now and still have not recieved a tracking number and or anything else that specifies if I will be receiving my huge package . I am really counting on these clothes to be here soon. I thought this would be a more promising company but clearly I've been mislead...

LovelyWholesale / positive, quick customer service experience

Aug 13, 2019

LovelyWholesaleI placed an order accidentally selecting the wrong sizes on multiple items. I immediately filed a ticket requesting change of size if possible, as this was 100% my mistake. They responded promptly within less than 2 hours. To inform me they changed the sizes for Me as I requested and not to...

LovelyWholesale / their customer service

Aug 07, 2019

Good day It is with great pleasure that i say that lovely wholesale have a great and friendly customer service agent. I place in a ticket for a problem i was having with my order the agent helped me and was very patient and didn't stop reply until my problem was solved. I'm just writing thi...

LovelyWholesale / service

Aug 05, 2019

I love the clothes and the service from lovely wholesale. They are very professional and always own up to there responsibilities. They respond very quickly when ever I have an inquiry and the delivery is quick to...the quality of the clothes is amazing and true to size...I would recommend...

LovelyWholesale / I must return these 5 items for larger size. if you don't have larger size. I would like a full refund. thank you. sincerely marilyn mcgee

Jul 20, 2019

I am Marilyn McGee. I have 5 items. That i need a return label for. I need xxxl or my full refund. Thank you. 3380 western ave Parkforest IL 60466. Contact [protected]. I have tryed contacting you all on three (3) different time but no response. I need you all to honor me as being a loyal customer...

LovelyWholesale / missing my item

Jul 16, 2019

I thought that I was missing my skirt, but found it under some other items that I ordered. I have been shopping with them for 5yrs now. I have had some items that didn't fit or not what I've expected, but it has not deterred me from shopping with them. I just read the reviews or the fabric...

LovelyWholesale / clothing and return

Jul 13, 2019

I personally don't recommend ordering from them. The material is cheap. You better get your size right the first time. The shipping is mad expensive. If you have to return anything it's not worth the cost to ship it back. And, customer service response time is reslly really slow. You can't...

LovelyWholesale / I like them

Jul 12, 2019

I ordered from them a few times.I've always gotten my entire order.I haven;t had any problems with the products or customer service.I plan on ordering from them often.I get lots of compliments of my clothes from them.I just wish they would use more cotton blend.Nevertheless, the order...

LovelyWholesale / product

Jul 12, 2019

The products fits to size. The material is excellent and customer service replies in one business day! Some of my products even came earlier than I thought, which is shocking because the product is coming directly from another country. The items are coming from overseas, so think the product...

LovelyWholesale / my order

Jul 12, 2019

The communication is off, they response has nothing to do with my questions, i received the wrong items, and I paid extra to get here faster still took 9 days . There's no number to talk to anyone with the lovely whole sale company, I'm very upset and frustrated . I suggest no one order...

LovelyWholesale / 9274890983379036967487

Jul 10, 2019

This is my order I have never got my package I ordered two thing from your sit it it had my last name down when my address is post to b this is my first time ordering from this site.i have heard good thing from this site but it got me really thing about this I went in change my address my...

LovelyWholesale / items missing

Jun 24, 2019

I have been trying to get through to lovelywholesale customer service but have had no luck. I keep getting "network congestion". I've tried for the last week now and i'm pissed off at this stage. I ordered 6 items and they delivered 4. I'm still waiting for the other 2 items which i...

LovelyWholesale / loving lovely wholesale!!!

Jun 21, 2019

I have been ordering from Lovely Whole Sale since 2017. I recently placed 2 orders back to back and a 3rd order. One order I contacted customer service to expedite an order I needed. They were in constant communication with me and got my order in 2 days!!! They are amazing. Over joyed with...

LovelyWholesale / very disappointed

Jun 20, 2019

Placed 2 seperate orders on June 6, 2019. 1 with camouflage jacket and blue dress the 2nd was for pair of XL bellbottom jeans. Today is June 20, 2019 and I received the jeans almost a week ago in a very small size the zipper doesn't work and they're not the same color as what appears in...

LovelyWholesale / confirmation

Jun 15, 2019

I ordered two dresses just now and it only says status confirmed and with me submitting all of my information including credit card and address info, I'm not really sure what it means. I haven't received any email saying payment successful only "status confirmed" I'm trying to make sure...

LovelyWholesale / I placed a order and never received a package or a refund.

Jun 12, 2019

I placed a order on nov. 11, 2018. To lovely wholesale. Never received a package or a credit or a refund. I've tried contacting lovely wholesale several times. Submitted several tickets. No one responds. Order#r2018110902081. Tracking # 9261290983379026052241. I need help getting the item...

LovelyWholesale / did not receive my item

Jun 02, 2019

LovelyWholesaleHi good afternoon, this is the first time I order clothes from lovely wholesale on May 28th 2019 at 23:21:49 and receive a tracking number R2019052850070. I waited 24 hrs and then decide to check the status of my item, when doing so using the tracking number provided by the company I get a...

LovelyWholesale / item defective, I need another size for some, and wrong item

May 20, 2019

LovelyWholesaleI have been trying to submit a ticket all weekend, and it has been giving me the "Network congestion, please try again later" error. I was excited to order my new items. I received my items on 5/17/19. I was surprisingly disappointed about some items I received. Item (PG160726703) the...

LovelyWholesale / my review

May 17, 2019

This online store is my go to when I need my trendy outfits. Professional service and good quality items Happy customer!!! I would recommend anyone to purchase their clothes from Lovelywholesale.There are good deals and flash sales. The customer service have responded to all my concerns in...

LovelyWholesale / return wrong size items for my refund

May 03, 2019

Their customer service representative solution team is no help. I just continue to go back and forth about my damn money. I purchased clothing wrong size in december 2018.. I center customer service by email to receive an return label for shipping to get my money back and their customer...

LovelyWholesale / I have not received this

Apr 25, 2019

I have not received several items from you guys and I have my emails that my payment went through and that it is on the way. For one item, I have a this tracking number LT40484733CN, order number is P2019030619959. Is there a different tracking number for this? And the other tracking number i...

LovelyWholesale / red coat

Apr 24, 2019

LovelyWholesaleI did not receive my red coat O2019020286748 it's was returned to you all I would like for my item to be ship to my new address Carmell Hill it was ship to my old address 1821 s Ridgeway apt 1 Chicago ill 60623 my New address 1310 s Komensky Chicago Il 60623 Apt 3 thanks I'm not trying to...

LovelyWholesale / r2019031599984

Apr 23, 2019

I ordered a dress on March 16, 2019 the dress was delivered to me damaged with a huge hole in the back of the bottom of the dress. I contacted the seller from Lovelywholesale and was offered $3.00 for a refund when the purchase price of the dress was 11.49 and i paid 8.94 shipping and...

LovelyWholesale / order number m2019040440300

Apr 20, 2019

My name is Ebunlomo Godbless.I have ordered for over 2 weeks now and I have not received my my order. I need to travel with my parcel next week. I need my order to be delivered this is my first time ordering with lovelywholsale and I'm disappointed already . I have been sending several...

LovelyWholesale / clothing

Apr 15, 2019

I've placed and order and paid extra to have it shipped out within 2-6 days. Why don't I have it yet? I placed it on 4/6/19 it's now 4/15/19. Can I have my money back or my outfit. Please? This is so unprofessional I have to have it by 4/20/19. I still don't have it... This is so...

LovelyWholesale / p2019032577783

Apr 04, 2019

I never recieved it been getting the run around of being told to wait. It's been over two weeks so I wanted a full refund. U gave me credit. I'll never order another item of this [censored]ed up website I want my money back on my card in full like in full u took it off my card! Refund me back my...

LovelyWholesale / My order

Mar 29, 2019

LovelyWholesaleI placed an order for over $169 and didn't receive any of the items instead I received a book and a baby's outfit. I need answers! The order was placed on March 4 and wasn't received until March 27. I opened the package only to find none of the items I ordered. There isn't a customer...

LovelyWholesale / multiple great shopping experiences!

Feb 22, 2019

I have ordered from lovelywholesale three times now and it has always been a great experience! The clothes come individually wrapped in bags to keep them from getting hurt during shipping. The quality is excellent! I did have one issue with a top that must have been exposed to sunlight so...

LovelyWholesale / what I received was a small but the item at order was supposed to be a 2xl

Feb 04, 2019

What I received was a small but the item at order was supposed to be a 2XLI have been trying to contact this company for several days. By email via messenger and by phone, and have gotten no response from a representative. I would like to return my item for a refund or an exchange of the...

LovelyWholesale / where are my items at

Jan 24, 2019

I put in a order the total was 211.74 I received all but three items #Ly18110520717-1 size M but I need a L, QY18121120601 size XL, ZG18110113603 size XL can I please have my items or my money. Today is [protected] I except a reply or my money for the items that wasn't sent. Within 72 hour...

LovelyWholesale / highly upset

Jan 02, 2019

I recieved a package from you guys today and nothing I order looks like what you advertise. Im highly upset. I was really looking forward to these piece and on top of that I didn't receive an item I payed for. As well I as I received items in the wrong size and poor quality and ill fitting. Im...

LovelyWholesale / undelivered packages

Dec 31, 2018

Need a full refund of my orders paid for expidited shipping and haven't received any of my orders, P2018121602073 &P2018122470695 from lovely wholesale need to know what's going on. I paid for expidited shipping and before and didn't get it on time and it's not the first time paying for...

LovelyWholesale / ordered never received

Dec 27, 2018

LovelyWholesaleOrdered to different pieces of clothing never received one got a tracking number for 1 outfit but it never works on the website even used a computer to try and track it bottom line it never came yet I ordered this on December 3rd still not one piece of clothing im very upset this was for...

LovelyWholesale / I still haven't received my package

Dec 20, 2018

To whom it may concern, I have not receive my package as yet . It has been over two months. There is no tracking number nothing . Allison got was item has been shipped. However the way how my case has been handled am very dissatisfied. Can you guys try and locate my package please, or...

LovelyWholesale / very safe site with reasonable prices

Dec 19, 2018

I discovered Lovelywholesale thanks to a friend who recommended it to me. So I decided to place an order (a denim jacket). The order arrived after 11 days in perfect condition. The article was totally in line with my expectations: the right size, the right color, exactly as in the photo on...

LovelyWholesale / my order

Dec 08, 2018

Hey hello my item was ship with you guys from on the 2 of becember i order my stuff from the 27 still aint get dem as yet i under that the adress that i give didnt had a street number on it so i give the street name but its is popping up in you guys system so i requested to change my...

LovelyWholesale / never received my package

Nov 02, 2018

I Robin Pino made a order on Sept, 1, 2018 an never received my order. I have bin back an forward about his matter . I contact PayPal an they stated the sender sent the package to my address witch is 5476 Riverbreeze Ct. Jax, Fl. 32277 an that the united state postal service for my area...

LovelyWholesale / order

Oct 31, 2018

LovelyWholesaleHey, I place an order October 13, 2018 and I paid for standard shipping. I get an tracking number LY862448440CN with website something like that but any ways the website says it's been sent to Chicago since October 20, 2018 @17:27. It's long overdue for me as a customers to receive...