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Raise Complaints & Reviews

Raise / I want my money back

Dec 20, 2017

Yesterday I got an email from them stating that my gift card was canceled due to security reasons. What? They got my information including my credit card and then told me that my order was canceled. What a nonsense! I tried to order again and it was a very wrong step because they simply...

Raise / Buyer beware

Nov 20, 2017

Read the reviews first and only after doing this you should decide whether you want to deal with the company that provides expired card or card with a zero balance or not. It's my situation. I bought a 1000$ worth gift card for my fiancee, but when she wanted to use all the money on the... / I had only 100 days to use my card!

Mar 24, 2016

I've purchased a gift and when I made my order I checked everything very carefully and it said that there was no expiration date. So I got my card and forgot about it for a while. Four months later I decided to use it and only then I found I had only 100 days to use it! There was no...

Raise / Pathetic liars!

Mar 15, 2016

Hello. I'm one of Raise victims. I have purchased a gift card from them as a present for my mother. I received my card and when my mom wanted to use it we found out the card was not working! I immediately contacted customer service and asked for a refund, but they refused to... / Terrible place!

Mar 14, 2016

This is a scam website, sellers are 3rd party clowns, avoid this place at all costs! I bought 3 gift card from Raise website and when I received them, all 3 card were invalid! These people get cards, then they sell them on Raise website and when you buy some cards, these scammer... / They didn't send my gift cards

May 14, 2015

I bought two gift cards through the company These jerks provided some emails about the purchase, but after that I haven’t received the gift cards. When I called them and asked to provide anything, these jerks only tipped-toed and promised a lot. They are liars and... / They asked to much personal and never called me back

May 12, 2015

I decided to buy the gift card from the company I was shocked, ‘coz these jerks asked too much personal info. As well as they asked about previous job and billing address. I asked why they have needed this info, but the rep hasn’t provided any precise info. The... / They delivered empty gift card

Apr 29, 2015

I bought Walmart card from They delivered it, but it was empty. I called to the customer services, but the rep was rude and almost yelled at me. She told that it was impossible, ‘coz all cards with money on it. I spoke in calm voice, but the rep was rude. I won’t... / Seller is scammers, who provided nothing

Dec 18, 2014

I bought two gift cards from the company It was the worst experience and the seller simply misled me. I was disappointed. After I purchased these cards, the seller told me to wait 3 weeks. After that he didn’t provide any info, no delivery and when I contacted him... / Fraudulent activities

Oct 20, 2013

I was about to purchase a gift card from but got a bit suspicious when their online billing started to ask for a pin code of my credit card. I knew that online shopping usually doesn’t require pin code to be entered so I called my bank and asked for an advise. I was told...