Louis Vuittoncustomer service is appalling at your sydney, australia location


I shop many name brands and I have to admit, your Sydney store location has the rudest, most uninspiring sales people I have ever met. I went into this location FOUR separate times seeking to purchase the Keepall luggage back ($2, 500) and matching cosmetic every instance the sales people were rude and unwilling to help.
Specifically, yesterday afternoon at around 2:30pm Oct 18th, I went into the Sydney George Street location to hopefully purchase the luggage bag. The greeter was warm/friendly and told me to go upstairs in the elevator. I walked out of the elevator on 2nd floor and there were about 8 people standing looking at me vaguely, nobody greeted me or came up to me. I went up to a Chinese sales guy and showed him the luggage I wanted on my iphone. His demeanor was completely disinterested and he said they didn't have the lighter colour in the size I was looking for. Long story short, he was completely disengaged during our entire interaction and kept strolling on his pad while I was talking. Needless to say I've had enough. I have purchased two LV purses in the past (one in N. America) and one in Australia and that is it. I headed to Burberry and spent almost $5000 right after, their customer service is amazing - you should take note.
I'm sure you make enough $ and probably don't care about this feedback. It's appalling with the amount of $ people are willing to pay that you cannot invest in how to create a wonderful buying experience for your customers. Shame on you. My friends and I will not be back.

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