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France - 75008

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 103 9988(India) 2 3
+33 144 132 222(France) 2 1
+1 866 884 8866(USA and Canada) 4 2
+44 207 998 6286(United Kingdom) 4 0
+61 130 058 2827(Australia) 1 3
+43 15 336 151(Austria) 1 0
+32 22 892 828(Belgium) 1 0
+45 33 151 022(Denmark) 1 0
+358 968 116 615(Finland) 1 0
+49 211 864 700(Germany) 2 0
+353 16 590 294(Ireland) 2 2
+39 27 771 711(Italy) 2 1
+31 205 755 775(Netherlands) 1 0
+47 22 828 800(Norway) 1 0
+7 800 700 5058(Russia) 2 0
+34 902 100 878(Spain) 1 0
+46 86 119 200(Sweden) 1 0
+41 223 110 232(Switzerland) 3 1
+86 400 658 8555(China) 1 0
+852 81 001 182(Hong Kong) 1 0
+81 120 001 854(Japan) 1 0
+60 130 088 8586(Malaysia) 2 2
+63 27 560 637(Philippines) 1 1
+65 67 883 888(Singapore) 1 0
+27 117 849 854(South Africa) 2 0
+82 234 321 854(South Korea) 1 0
+886 225 626 118(Taiwan) 1 1
+66 26 647 272(Thailand) 2 0
+971 800 884 8866(UAE) 2 1

Louis Vuitton Complaints & Reviews

Louis Vuitton / Online purchase - Neverfull GM

Oct 12, 2019

I purchased a Neverfull GM bag in December of 2018. (Please see below) This was my first purchase that I made and at the time I requested and added a message to be written and included in the package (I think it was a complimentary holiday card message option of some sort that your website...

Louis Vuitton / Louis Vuitton security selling and use drugs inside and outside the store

Oct 09, 2019

Asia man, 5'5 or 5'6 white complexion, black suit clean cut black hair slick parted in half, built type, come out from a small green vehicle. Upon my observation the last three times. I have seen an Asian male approaching his job at Louis Vuitton smoking a pipe with drugs inside...

Louis Vuitton / neverfull

Sep 25, 2019

Louis VuittonGood morning I bought a bag on the Caesar's store in Vegas on the 21st of August. On my arrival to Frankfurt my wife noticed two small holes on the bag. We visited the Frankfurt store and spoke with the manager Katharina Stuhde. She offered a repair but no exchange as she could not do it...

Louis Vuitton / men's belt

Sep 14, 2019

had purchased a belt from LV some 3-4 months back from the Marina Bay sands store in Singapore. My husband has just worn it once and after the first wear only there were certain spots on the belt. Since, I stay in Kolkata, India and there is no LV showroom here so i had to wait for my next...

Louis Vuitton / call service & order placement

Sep 11, 2019

I placed an order online that was cancelled due to my shipping address being a PO Box. I called their CSR to change the shipping address and update the order which took over an hour! After being placed on hold several times and their not being able to figure out a number of errors, they...

Louis Vuitton / nicholas

Sep 11, 2019

I would like to lodge this lousy services sales associate who was promoted to store manager nicholas in singapore store at ngee ann city who was promoted to a store manager. Seriously??? . Louis vuitton has improved profusely recently with lots of innovative bags but the images of the...

Louis Vuitton / Payment done but product not dispatched

Sep 04, 2019

Louis VuittonFor purchasing a shoe, i had cash deposited rs 54000/- on 3rd september 2019 under the name of dushyant mor to the account named louis vuitton india retail pvt ltd and i had informed regarding it to your staff named ms. navya, also had sent her the bank deposit slip, but still my shoes ha...

Louis Vuitton / store manager leilani mora cole

Aug 21, 2019

I spent $3650 on the Babylone handbag, took it home and tried to fill it with my everyday items all to find the bag is too small. Came to the store to exchange it for the larger bag and the sales lady and store manager Leilani Mora Cole accused me of using the bag and refused to exchange...

Louis Vuitton / the staff refused to issue tax refund form

Aug 05, 2019

According to laws, it is ok to help friends get a tax refund form when they will claim and take the goods outside UK. However, the manager in LV stores refused to give me the form even after I gave them my friends passport as proof. What's worse is that the manager refused to explain why they has this requirement which is not same as laws requested.

Louis Vuitton / defective heat stamp on speedy bandouliere

Jul 22, 2019

Louis VuittonThe bag has a major defective letter (F in France) on the heat stamp. It was originally from UK. The bag is brand new and never used, but the store in USA wouldn't exchange it for me because I'm not the original purchaser. The general customer service says it's under their policy that the...

Louis Vuitton / shoes

Jul 03, 2019

Louis VuittonSir: I bought an expensive pair of shoes on December 31, 2018, "LV ARCHLIGHT TRAINER" Color: Black, Size 37.5, Price was GBP 740.00 from your showroom: From Louis Vuitton White City, Westfield London Shopping Center, Client name: Yasmina Abdellatif "Invoice attached" I am writing this with...

Louis Vuitton / pochette mettis m40780

Jul 02, 2019

Louis VuittonI am RICO LLAGAS SUASI working at Qatar Petroleum, I am working there since 2009, my wife and I turned 26th years anniversary this 2019, as part of my gift for my wife in our recent anniversary last MAY 31, she is dying to have the model of hand bag POCHETTE METIS M40780, unfortunately I...

Louis Vuitton / return policy and staff in manchester

Jun 07, 2019

I am unable to return my bag at the Manchester LV store. They have no valid reason to not take my purchase back. My bag is in perfect condition THE way I bought it. I have two bags gifted and one I do not want. I have a receipt and the purchase with me. I am appalled at the staff at LV and...

Louis Vuitton / bag

May 24, 2019

My friend and I purchased a speedy on same date and time in the St Thomas Virgin Islands store, January 3, 2011. After a while my bay started to look really defective and falling apart, the zipper pull fell off along with a gold ribbet. We both went to the store and Maggie yelled "that'...

Louis Vuitton / belt not fit for purpose, no decent aftercare

Apr 29, 2019

I purchased a belt from LV on 5th Mar 2018. Item M9821U. The belt leather has split in two places & the belt buckle prong came away from the buckle. I would have thought the buckle should have been made from one piece of metal not a buckle with a prong soldered onto it, for the price...

Louis Vuitton / store champs elysee louis vuitton

Apr 21, 2019

I'm a customer from italy. I was convinced since now that lv philosophy is the customer experience and this is what in fact I had since today in verona with my personal assistance anna chiara. I'm in paris for two weeks and I was looking for the same sneakers that I have already in white...

Louis Vuitton / bag strap magenta 16mm

Jan 14, 2019

Louis VuittonTo whom it may concern, I bought a bag strap december 9th 2018 at the galerie laffaete shop paris, the strap does not fit the bag. I demanded exchange though I did not get any answer from the shop for a month!!! Now when I called (no one has ever emailed me anything) and finally reached...

Louis Vuitton / customer service

Dec 27, 2018

I came in this morning to return a bag I got for Christmas only because I wanted a BIGGER one. I had opened the purse as a present and did not use it once. We went into Louis Vuitton in Galleria Dallas and a lady named Sonny was the one that "helped" us. She said we could not return the...

Louis Vuitton / attrape-reves

Dec 21, 2018

Louis VuittonI purchased this travel spray last week and I want you to know that is very weak. It o to last but two-three hours if that. I personally think you should not sell any of the travel spray because it is not worth $250.oo USD I will be returning it back to the store. Now I used the actual...

Louis Vuitton / service manchester selfridges 20 december 2018

Dec 20, 2018

I spend around £18000 a year at LV over 3 visits annually to various stores including this st Moritz and Venice. I always look forward to shopping at LV. Unfortunately I have today had the worst shopping experience I have ever had at any designer store and I simply moved over the store and...

Louis Vuitton / service in thailand very bad not up to international level

Dec 14, 2018

I have been your customers since 1990. I am disappointed with your service in Thailand 🇹🇭 They are rude and ignorant I got a refill for my dairy from Frankfurt wrong and when to exchange in emporium with Ms Chanida Ngamying She refused to exchange the refill of my dairy and told me to...

Louis Vuitton / boca raton louis vuitton supervisor very bad service

Dec 06, 2018

Louis VuittonHello there ! I am come to sake fifth Ave LV shop by 12/03/2018, I want order one bell $385, but there worker name is heather shaw put wrong order number order wrong item $545 then this morning supervisor calling me say, the worker put wrong price you ask me should pay more money . I...

Louis Vuitton / team lead andrea johnson

Dec 03, 2018

Hello I am a frequent customer my husband Kevin suttles an I shop at the saks Cincinnati location an I happen to stop in for a repair and Andrea asked could she help me so I told her what I needed which was to have my Louis belt buckle repaired. She ask for my belt held it in the air An...

Louis Vuitton / louis vuitton capucines bb

Nov 19, 2018

Louis VuittonI bought the LV Capucines BB last year in winter, I didn't use it until this summer. I used it occasionally just few times, then it got quality problem. I gave it to the LV store for repairing at 03/08/18, during this period, I kept calling them for result, but they asked me to wait again and...

Louis Vuitton / My Cluny MM Bag

Nov 02, 2018

Louis VuittonI Purchased my first LV bag and paid nearly £2000. When received I happily transferred stuff from my old bag to the new one and when I was admiring myself in the mirror noticed the bag was damaged on one side. It looked like the stitching had stuck/ was pulled which resulted in the material...

Louis Vuitton / shoes

Oct 22, 2018

Louis Vuitton#LouisVuitton #louiseVuittonShoes #badQuality #badcustomerservice #awfulclientcare# Bad quality, worse service and horrible customer care. Pair of shoes I bought fell apart after few HOURS of extremely light use!!! At the store "shoe manager" said you walk different!!! We will paint it, that...

Louis Vuitton / worst experience

Oct 19, 2018

Probably one of the worst experience dealing with their customer service #[protected]. I placed my order three weeks ago and it did not go through as they told me my name on the credit card and the name on billing address was different. i called and changed it (this time had same names). again...

Louis Vuitton / mans digit bangle

Oct 04, 2018

We bought my grandson the above item Christmas 2017 and one of the pins has came out We were recently in your leeds branch to get some advice as to how to get it fixed or exchanged the lady assistant in there was not very helpful at all her reply was we don't fix them she didn't offer any...

Louis Vuitton product exchange policy / product exchange policy

Oct 01, 2018

Louis Vuitton product exchange policyI am one loyal customer of Louis Vuitton. Every 2 year my hubby will go oversea attend seminar so he will bought some branded bag over the country and give back to me . I will select some picture over LV website to easy my hubby for purchase over there . Yesterday was my unhappy and...

Louis Vuitton / customer service.

Sep 14, 2018

How can a luxury store has such a cheap customer service. Just cause I don't dress full branded doesn't mean I didnt have money to buy. In facts my family spent a lot on the brands. I went to buy a bracelet, the guy talked to me like I was noone. It's like he didnt want to serve me. It...

Louis Vuitton / disappointed in customer service

Sep 11, 2018

When I walked into the store, the women working were wearing a crossbody bag that I liked and wanted to purchase. One woman said they were from last year and all sold out and the man helping us said those bags were part of the women's uniform. Either way, I was disappointed in not being...

Louis Vuitton / san diego store at fashion valley

Sep 01, 2018

On August 20, 2018, my wife and I purchased a Louis Vuitton (LV) hand bag at a LV store in Las Vegas, Nevada. My wife received a courtesy initial surface engrave by sales person Andrea on the address tassle that is manually connected to the exterior of the bag. The whole experience wa...

Louis Vuitton / services

Aug 14, 2018

My father wanted to buy 2 trunks and 1 bag for my mother and he wanted to present me a shoe but since he is unable to come to Singapore, he passed me his credit card for me to help him buy. Instead of going to level 3 at Marina Bay Sands Louis Vuitton to get the trunks, I wanted to get my...

Louis Vuitton Selfridges / poor quality top louis vuitton

Aug 13, 2018

Louis Vuitton SelfridgesHi! My son purchased a polo top in the selfridges store... It was dry cleaned according to label instructions. However it still shrank! Returned to the store who apparently sent it off for testing and then was informed the item was not faulty and must be dry cleaners at fault. Since then...

Louis Vuitton / customer service

Aug 01, 2018

While on vacation in Kiln, Germany, I had the unfortunate opportunity to visit a Louis Vuitton store. My family and I had saved for this trip for the last 2 years in order to be able to purchase a Louis Vuitton bag for myself and also a set of luggage and a couple of belts for my teenage...

Louis Vuitton / sephora makeup

Jul 30, 2018

Louis VuittonHi there, My name is Lonya Wordlaw and I am very disturbed by a product in the Sephora store. I purchased the Kat Von D make up and finally decided to wear it and Lord behold it burned my face up I couldn't believe it I have never experienced this in my life. I sent pictures to the corporate...

Louis Vuitton / louis vuitton client services

Jul 18, 2018

Hello! I've called numerous times to purchase a few handbags and no one I mean no one is attending to my concerns!! Firstly in April I spoke with a manager Hasan who promised me that he would be contacting me in 2 months when the pochette purse was available as he put me on the preferred...

Louis Vuitton / I am complaining about the poor quality shoes

Jul 17, 2018

Hi, Sub: Regarding the defect in the shoes purchased in May. I am Abhinav Rastogi From India, In may I purchased a shoe from NAPOLI (Italy) . When I came back to india and wore it the shoe buckle came off, and it was so embarrassing . Then I called up your customer care in India...

Louis Vuitton / shoes

Jul 09, 2018

To whom I may concern, My name is Roxanna. I traveled to LA Friday/June/29, and I went to Louis Vuttion store which is located at Topanga Mall, in California. I had coming my brother's engagement party on Friday/July/06, in Vancouver and I was going to back to Vancouver on July/04/2018, at night...

Louis Vuitton / customer service

Jun 06, 2018

I visited the Beverly Hills store today (June 6, 2018) wanting to buy 2 clutch bags. The Asian girl(staff) looked at me from head to toe, then totally ignored me, even though she had no customers. Obviously I didn't look rich enough for her to wanna even greet me. I had to approach a young...