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They keep canceling my orders with NO GOOD REASON. I did everything i could, I tried to use a different card, I called my bank to make sure. I asked my friend card to use and order for me, but even then they canceled.They canceled like 5 orders without even notice me. I texted I called them, all the time they say the same things like contact your bank or try a different card. Shame.

order process

Net-a-Porter has seemlessly delivered the goods I ordered. None of the items worked, so I sent them back within te return period as instructed. The taxes and duties of over 1500 USD I had seamlessly paid net-a-porter were not returned with the cost of the goods. When I contacted Net-a-porter requesting this amount, I was told rules for the US site is different for UK orders and I should have known that it is US site from the currency and that I should hire a customs broker to get this 1500 USD back. They did not offer ANY help. Did not send me any documents, did not refer me to anyone can help.
If you're ordering from UK - think thrice. I am very unhappy with how little help I got, given the amount of money involved and I content that the site and the whole ordering process is misleading and is susceptible to such errors. Net-a-porter does not take any responsibility nor try to help in any way. There should be consequences for this.

no refund and they kept the merchandise

I ordered a suitcase back in August, it arrived on time, but it did not meet my standards, so I created a return. I received an email stating that I will be refunded (the suitcase costs 430 euros). A month and a half later I checked my banking account and I had received nothing, so I went to online to customer care to let them know that I hadn't received my refund - I had returned the suitcase a week after receiving it - and they told me that the suitcase arrived damaged and that they wouldn't pay me back, even though I hadn't even taken the suitcase out of the box. They kept the suitcase and my money for one month and a half, until I contacted them. They sent me again the suitcase and that's that. If I hadn't contacted them they would still have my suitcase and my 430 euros. They even deleted the order from my account. Such thieves, such liars. I contacted also the European Consumer Centre to protect future buyers.

shopping & sending

Доброго дня. В вашем письме от 02.08.2019 (копия во вложении) было сообщено, что заказанного мною товара...

refund not received

Order No 9423887 - Ippolita Nova Cluster earrings. Order placed on June 10th. I returned the item together with another order (Roland Mouret dress)on June 20th. I did receive the refund for the mounter dress.

But I have not received the refund for the Ippolita earrings to this date. Moreover, I have not received any proper answer from the customer service.
I would therefore like to request the refund as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Nina Smitova

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damaged shoe, defect

Net-A-Porter has the worst customer service of any designer retailer. After buying a pair of YSL Paige platforms $1200 USD, the strap came apart from the shoe after one wear, clearly a defect. I then repurchased the exact same pair from Net-A-Porter and they wouldn't refund me for the first damaged pair. Takes 40 mins to talk to customer service and they don't reply to email. I called three times to resolve the same issue, a total of 120 minutes on hold and just now they have emailed me back saying they can't refund me.

damaged shoe, defect
damaged shoe, defect

  • Updated by Mel Bar · Jul 07, 2019

    In addition to all of that, they said if I dispute the charges with my credit card company, I will never be able to shop with them again.

no longer delivers the service it was once known for!!

I have been a loyal customer for 6 years. Always had great customer service, but that no longer exists since this company was purchased by Yoox. Why purchase to then run its reputation into the ground? It now takes over 15 minutes to get through on the phone no matter what time you call. I placed two orders on the 17th June that have not been dispatched yet after 4 DAYS!! Their excuse of shipping can take up to 48 hours during the sale is poor at best. NAP have always had sales and dispatching next day was never a problem. I've even emailed customer services and no one has even bothered to answer with an update. If I wanted the items to arrive in 14 days I would've ordered from Japan!! The latest is excuse is the delay is because they have so many more customers due to the sale and promotions. If that's the case hire more staff to cope with the demand. It's a joke! I've been told, but, not guaranteed, DHL May collect on Monday, 7 days after the orders were placed. This company was much better when it was run by Natalie Massenet and has been ruined since it's sale. This will be my last order with this company. I'll go to Mytheresa, Luisaviaroma, Farfetch etc. If the orders don't ship by end of business on Monday, I'll cancel!!

poor customer care

Highly disappointing experience with Net a Porter.

This is the SECOND item (order # [protected]) that I had attempted to return, just to have Net a Porter insist I pay for it.

Item 1: 16Arlington top (US$ 555)
- Item was sent to me with mangled tag
- Tag snapped during the course of me trying the top on
- Returned the top in pristine condition explaining the situation, but was denied by customer care

Item 2: Jacquemus dress (US$ 1030)
- Item was delivered with stains on the inside of the dress
- Returned the dress as-is just to have customer care refuse the refund

They claim to conduct a quality check on items delivered to customers. Clearly, this is not the case. The result is having customers pay for damaged goods. Poorly handled.

Items ordered on Dec 27th
Achilles Super leather and canvas sneakers
Order Number: 8742286

Were sent to a neighbouring business address (car garage), no delivery note left
Ended up having to order another pair as was unable to receive the item in time for a gift.

Received items second week of Jan as the bodywork shop was not open
Only email they recieved to organise return was Feb 7th

From their order email:
"Kindly note, you have 28 days from the date you received your order to exchange or return."

However i make it approximately one month.
Also on their returns section it states:

"Late Returns
Your purchase should be sent back to us within 28 days of receiving your order. Returns outside of this period may be accepted at the discretion of NET-A-PORTER."

I should note that a second item was purchased in order to get to my friend for her birthday. The box has never been opened, and has never been given to anyone its been sat on a shelf.

Reading online reviews of Net A Porter, this seems very much par for the course these days. How the mighty have fallen.

incompetence of a customer services manager

After happily shopping for more than 10 years on Net a Porter website today I have been hugely disappointed with a customer service provided by one of the managers called Renata.
Something which could have been dealt with a little bit of friendly and happy attitude I have been faced with monolithic, almost robotically answers., she showed no signs of being helpful. The question is what is the point of a customer care where the manager doesn't seem to understand the meaning of it!!
I have simply tried to exchange the same make and model of jeans but for a different size in a different colour as my original colour jeans has sold out. I wouldn't have mind to buy separately the other jeans but I bought the original ones with 15%discoint which was no longer available.
After a lengthy conversation with Renata who wasn't willing to help in any way, I have realised perhaps Net a Porter company have plenty of customers and they are happy to loose some rather than provide more professional and helpful customer care . So on this note I feel I better shop on a different fashion website rather waiste my time and energy . I am returning my original purchase and as soon as I get my refund I shall stop my account and I shall not be using your website any longer .
Kindest regards
Mrs A.Vassileiou

awful customer service

It's been 3 weeks since I order a few items for my summer vacation and for a week the items are in a UPS office because of wrong shipping address. UPS needs the shipper Net-a-Porter to call to correct the shipment. I called spoke with Andrew Yoox at the Net-A-Porter he said that my problem and hung up the phone on me. I also emailed them and never heard back. My card has been charged but 3 weeks later I still have no product.

  • Updated by SOMI82 · Jul 11, 2018

    Sorry I don’t know Andrew’ Last name. Yoox is something else.

refund of money

I have been waiting for a refund for over 5 weeks - i return the unwanted goods and was told the money would...

missing delivery

Yet again I have ordered something from Net-a-Porter and paid for expedited / next business day shipping, and yet again the items have still not arrived.

I specifically needed these items to arrive on time as I am attending an event out the country and I needed them for this. However, the delivery did not arrive yesterday as it was supposed to and at the time of leaving for the airport today, December 22nd the items had still not arrived.

I emailed them after I placed the order on Wednesday to highlight how important it was that the delivery was on time given my last experience with Net-a-Porter but all I received was a canned response sending me tracking details for the order.

I attempted 3 times yesterday to call and speak to a customer service representative. The third call had me on hold for 18 minutes. When I was finally connected to a CSR (Leanna) frustratingly she told me that all she could do was take my details and someone would call me back 'that day or the next'. More than 1 day has now elapsed and I have heard nothing back from Net other than an email asking me how my customer experience was.

I have been a long-time customer of Net-a-Porter both in the US where I now live and in Ireland where I lived prior to this.

This however is the last purchase I will ever make from Net-a-Porter. What I have always loved about this service was the reliable customer service - on time deliveries and fast response times on any queries. This does not seem to be an offering anymore.

I don't know what has happened of late but it is far too frustrating an experience for me to have deal with Net-a-Porter


Ordered a blazer a week again for next day delivery did not recieve it phoned netaporter and dhl Monday they...

customer care

I bought a James Perse cardigan on Net-a-porter (order 5447198), costing around 300 pounds. After a few months of wearing it developed holes all over it, which was clearly a design flaw. I alerted Net a Porter who assured me they would look into it. After a lot of time on hold, they told me to send in the cardigan, which I duly did. No response for weeks and months. After repeated chasing (the customer care number has a wait time of about 10 mins at least), I was told they had received it. More weeks passed. More chasing. Finally last week I was told they agreed the cardigan was faulty and would issue a refund. I would receive an email to confirm this. No email.

I have probably sent 15 emails to your customer care address without any kind of reply. What is the point of having this email address? Why should I have to spend hours on the phone waiting to get through to someone who then either puts me on hold or cuts me off?

I have been a very good customer of Net a Porter for years, regularly spending thousands of pounds, but I intend to take my custom elsewhere. I thought they were a company who prided themselves on customer care but obviously I was wrong.

  • Mi
    Mitzi Steven Sep 12, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree I am having exactly the same issues with a Prada bag which is faulty, I have waited 4 weeks after contually chasing and now told another 10, this really is not good enough for a very expensive bag. Other purchasers beware !!!

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order cancelled twice for no good reason...

7/21/17 and 7/24/17 I ordered a high-end designer dress by Junya Wantanabe which was on sale and paid extra...

order never shipped

This was my first time ordering from and I will definitely never buy anything from thi...

online fraud assistance

Three messages left for the fraud department to assist in an investigation and resolve a complaint made by a...

insulting and fraudulent

I made a very significant purchase and they accused me of fraud since the shipping address was to my elderly mother who lives in adult community in Florida (an upscale "mobile home" park -- some of these homes cost over $100k). My bank authorized the charge. I even spoke with my bank four times to verify the purchase. N-A-P even went so far as to do a Google Earth view of my mother's home to determine it was a mobile home! Who do these people think they are? Then they wanted to know my home in the South of France. Even though the purchase was verified and approved by my bank, N-A-P credited my account. When I emailed for a written explanation. They ignored me. When I called, they put me on hold and never returned. In the end, I am happy that they lost a $17k sale. I took my money elsewhere.

net-a-porter scammed my money

I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo Agnes Pump on 17 May 2015, order # [protected], the color was non-matched so I...

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