Long Island Rail Road [LIRR]ticket price charge at machine for dis-med ticket

I am complaining about being charged for peak for Disability ticket on Saturday 10/05/19. I saw 4 options on tickets for r/t for dis-med ticket as I usually use. I dont have 1 time I see option for peak on these tickets & conductor inform me my ticket said 1 peak 1 off peak on my ticket when I boarded the train. It was too late not to have used it then as she already had punched it. I purchased a different ticket on return hoping the matter could be rectified. My son just sent me picture a few minuted ago not say 8 options including what was said on my ticket. I dont understand how this happened also why is there peak if senior/disabled pay same price? I have ridden many times during all these hours since moving out here . Now it says Peak times? Is there no way any 1 can help me? Cant I get my money back or even part back? My son also said there is $10 charges for refunds? I asked conductors & ticket agents about this at the time, I was told to call 511, I didnt call yet as i have lost my voice it seem I caught a bad chill that day & maybe strain I dont know but it happens to me alot Anyway please advise thank you

Oct 07, 2019

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