Ouibus Complaints & Reviews

Ouibus / car crash 1130 bus 10/07/2019 london-paris

Jul 15, 2019

I am a passenger on board of the 1130 bus on the 10th of July 2019, that was involved in a car crash set night. Your company has not contacted any of the passenger members, not responds to the emails, customer service calls nor emergency contact while travelling. It has been as for now...

Ouibus / refund not received after sending form 3 times so far

Jun 14, 2019

Dear Maleappane, I have received your message. We would like to apologies for the cancelation of the bus 6119. You travelled on the bus 6131 so we can't proceed to a refund for your trip. Find and fill the attached document and resend it to us by email. We will proceed to the refund for...

Ouibus / train tickets not mailed to me

Jun 11, 2019

I recently ammended my Train tickets for a round trip from London to Paris via telephonic conversation with OUIBUS. I was told that the new tickets will be mailed to my email address but I haven't received any mail from OUIBUS. Further there is no customer care email id mentioned on the...

Ouibus / reservation change

Jun 03, 2019

Hi, 2 tickets booked with seat reservations confirmed 2D/ 2E on 26/03/2019 for travel Morlaix to Paris 29 July. Email today 03/06/2019 saying ticket has been modified, now seats virtually at the back of the bus. Phoned to complain but Paris number is in fact transferred elsewhere? Pleasant...

Ouibus / fraud / transaction without trip

May 10, 2019

Ouibus sold me a bus ticket. The bus never came. We were waiting with a whole group of people who had to get to their destination. I tried calling them when they were 45 minutes late, no response. We had to pay for an alternative trip. I tried to call them, email them, wrote them a facebook...

Ouibus / bus to london

Apr 27, 2019

I booked a ticket to London from Bruges on the 26th of april, the address shown on the ticket was not accurate as I had been waiting 4 hours alongside 5 other passengers. Ouibus did nothing to help us, and told us the bus had left. as I was desperate to head to London, I rebooked for the...

Ouibus / 14th of april - bruges - bus did not show up (log 41443103)

Apr 17, 2019

To whom this may concern I am emailing you about the absolutely poor service I received today. I had booked a ticket to go from Bruges (Belgium) to Cardiff (UK) (ticket number: EUGW3932 see attachment 1; and ticket number UX389852, see attachment 2) for the 14th of April. My bus (Oui Bu...

Ouibus / bus agency | delay and unanswered complaint almost 3 months later!

Feb 12, 2019

Dear Ouibus, I have been using your services on a regular basis for the past three year to travel from Holland (Amsterdam) to France (Paris or Lille). I have been very happy about the quality of service : the bus drivers are very kind, polite and really opened to help when needed. When...

Ouibus / bus not arrived and cancelled the bus due to driver fault

Nov 26, 2018

On 25th Nov 2018 at 23:55 PM I have my ouibus booking (bus no. 1595 ) from Paris Bercy to Antwerp. They staff at the bus stand continuous saying that bus will arrive in 10 mins. At around 12 o clock they confirmed that they cannot able to arrange the bus. So you have to go by your own and...

Ouibus / severe delay

Aug 10, 2018

Dear Ouibus, The bus I took from Den Haag to London was the number 6670 and my booking reference is E2XRUQ. The departure time was 8:30 and the arrival time on the ticket was 17:30. We arrived in London at 20:30 and many passengers, including myself, missed their connecting journey. The bu...

Ouibus / ouibus london delay

Jul 16, 2018

Dear sir or madam, I hope this email finds you well. I was supposed to take the 1pm bus from Bercy, Paris to London today. The coach is now 3 hours delayed and we're all sitting without any information about our journey back home. I trusted your service whilst booking my tickets and yet...

Ouibus / bus journey

May 03, 2018

We were on a later ferry crossing than expected. There was an hour and a half wait before we got to board the ferry After the ferry crossing we were unable to leave the ferry as the bus would not start The driver tried contacting Oui Bus for help. This was about 4am in the morning and no one...

Ouibus / no reply to lost property

May 01, 2018

WE travelled on the 12th of April from France to Victoria Station Bus number : 6103 Departure : Paris City Centre - Bercy 10.00am Arrived :London Vitoria During my journey my son left his phone and soon after we got down from the bus we realised we left the phone in the bus. We got down...

Ouibus / ouibus bordeaux-paris

Mar 30, 2018

BUS FROM HELL: I don't know where to begin. One of the drivers didn't speak any French. In addition, none of the tickets on digital format functioned which excluded about 70% of the customers. This delay caused the bus to leave a solid 35 minutes after the stated departure time. It is not...

Ouibus Europe / refusal to give refund

Nov 27, 2017

We booked and paid for 2 passengers from Lyon to Brive la Gaillarde. Our booking reference was JF88L9 Ouibus contacted us with this message: "due to a change in our transport schedule, your Ouibus no. 8453 has been cancelled" They have stated in mail to me that I can request a refund. Thi...

Ouibus / delay and wrong information

Oct 14, 2017

Hi my name is Aissatou Mbacke my email address is [email protected] I bought a ticket online leaving on the 14 Oct 2017 Paris very at 1300 and suppose to reach London at 1920. Passenger are not advised that the bus will take the ferry and I always with ouibus with eurotunnel for an...

Ouibus / bus no. 8453 cancelled

Aug 26, 2017

Ouibus booking JF88L9. Fare taken EURO 58.00. 22 July 2017 Ouibus cancelled bus No.8453 on which we were booked to travel from Lyon to Brive La Gaillarde. This was to connect to a train to Limoges. We therefore had to cancel the train also. Ouibus acknowledge that we are owed a credit and in...

Ouibus / stolen luggage

Aug 20, 2017

I travelled on Ouibus on August 11 from Paris to Amsterdam. We made four stops at various cities along the way and when we arrived at Amsterdam, both my friend and I were missing our packs from beneath the bus. There was over $1000 worth of hiking gear in each of those packs as we had been...

Ouibus / arriving late, no one explain what is going on

Aug 04, 2017

We are still going from Paris ( we left Paris. At 2:30pm ( 30 min late)).first they said it will be a big 2 floor bus, but it was normal my tickets it is saying that my jorney is direct, but we went to Lille and wait in Lille 2 hours for one explain what is going on.when...

Ouibus / scam, no refund or useable voucher

Jul 07, 2017

I bought a ticket on the website believing that it was refundable as they mentioned. When I cancelled the ticket I got a voucher to be used within the next 4 months. I made the booking from London so the payment was made in british pounds, when I tried to use the voucher in Paris it wasn't...

Ouibus / very late arrival!!!

May 14, 2017

Thebus should have arrived at 6:30 but instead it came at 7:30 without any prior phone call or notice. I hadto call to find out it was late. I came 15 minutes early as specified on the ticket and i had to wait, in the morning cold, for 75 minutes!!! I want a minimum of 50% refund on my...

Ouibus / racist driver left us at brussels midi station and gone

Apr 29, 2017

Booking reference: N81458 of €32 On the 24/04/2017 I have booked the ticket from Brussels midi to London Victoria, at 13:50 hours I was first person on the que bus arrived I asked is this bus for London? No answer! I asked for sconed time he get upset bang the bus said no London, Lille-Pari...

Ouibus / ticket ref: 95169x

Feb 21, 2017

Date of incident: 11th February 2017 Description of incident: I purchased 2 OUIBUS tickets, 1st ticket ref: AHU8Z2 departure london on 10th February 2017 at 21:30, arrival due at 06:30am in Paris Bercy. However the coach has been delayed en route. There were some delays before embarking on the...

Ouibus / they just ripoff your money

Jun 06, 2016

i booked tickets with oui bus from london to paris and paris to toulouse and had a train toulouse to lourdes on 24:05:2016. as i reached paris by oui bus at 6.30 am and my next bus at 9 am but it was delayed untill 11 am and the S.N.C.F OUI BUS staff extremely rude and un mannared, they...