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refused to refund me after my bus did not arrive.

I booked a bus ticket with Ouibus scheduled to depart from Lyon, Gare Perrache and arrive in Paris (Bercy Seine). The journey was to take place on the 3rd of November 2019, departing from Lyon at 07:25. I arrived at the platform indicated by my ticket well ahead of my departure time, but my bus failed to arrive. Furthermore, the bus number (Bla Bla Bus | 5936) was completely untraceable on the bus tracking feature on the Ouibus website. I ended up having to buy a second bus ticket from Flixbus at the value of €78, 99 to replace my original ticket, which I had purchased for €23, 90, as I had to reach my destination. I lodged a complaint with Ouibus via their website, but they have sent me nothing but automated responses saying they can only refund cancelled tickets with a voucher. Firstly, I live in South Africa, where I am unable to access Ouibus services, rendering the voucher useless. Secondly, even if I could use the voucher, I have had such a poor experience with this company that I would never, ever use their services again. Thirdly, and most importantly, I did not cancel my booking. Ouibus failed to provide a service for which I had already paid them for. As far as I am concerned, this is theft. Ouibus should refund me not only for my original ticket, but also for the additional €78, 99 I was forced to spend because of their poor service.

refused to refund me after my bus did not arrive.
refused to refund me after my bus did not arrive.
refused to refund me after my bus did not arrive.

ouibus did not show up. how to sue them?

My wife and I planned a trip to Hossegor, to watch World Surf League championship. We purchased two tickets from Lyon to Bayonne (depart from Gare de Perrache at 23:30h 09/10/2019 and arrive at Gare de Bayonne at 8:25h 10/10/2019).

We got at gare de Perrache at 21h (more than 2 hours before the depart time). We waited until 1:30h (2 hours after the supposed depart time). The problem is that the bus just did not show up. We tried to call to Ouibus number several times but they just did not pick up Long story short: Besides the time wasted, and lost the opportunity to watch the championship, we lost money from the bus ticket (104€), we lost our staying at Airbnb (€56) and we also had to take an uber to go back home (€20).

Being foreigners in France (we are from Brazil) we do not know how does it works do sue OuiBus in order to get our money back. Could somebody please help us?

I hope you read it and do NOT plan your trip with OuiBus.

delay time without notification

The bus from Strasbourg to Brussels 57008 on 8/10/2019 T 13:00 is delayed without any notification.

We are still waiting for the bus to come but there is not notification about it.

No of the phone number is reachable.

No way to complain on the app.

What the business is this? You should improve this. There should be a staff to support passengers.

Very bad

return coach was not going back to london

Dear Staff.I tried to get this sorted out with National Express but got no replies or from my letter to their head office. Today I called them and they advised me to contact you.
Ticket No EURC7976 Cancelled journey No JIIH-01-5762F
On 22Jul19 I was waiting for my return coach and it come but they said that this coach is not returning to London and another coach would arrive in 10 Minuets. It did not arrive and a number of us waited all night and it did not come. I purchased another ticket on line for the next coach the next morning and that arrived. I need to have my refund for my first return journey and an apology for this miss unfortunate incident.
My M Tomkins.

voucher lost


Today 24/09/2019, I booked a trip for 3 people using my voucher, but the transaction has failed. So, i booked a new trip again but then I couldn't use my voucher even though the previous transaction has failed. And i read that i must wait for about 30 minutes to get my voucher back, but it hasn't return yet. So, can you tell me why is that and when can my voucher return?


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driver professionalism, wrong details regarding pickup and drop off, severe delays

Hi I'm wishing to express my horrible experience when travelling with Quu bus!
On the 10/08/2019 I travelled from London Victoria to Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Our first driver whodropef us to the service station before heading to the ferry was polite, he introduced himself and was very informative. The second driver got on the coach at the service station, never introduced himself within 5 minutes of driving he crashed the coach into a huge rock and some bushes. He then got off the bus after shouting "[censored]ing hell" he then used the flash light on his phone to check if there were any damages before returning back on to the bus! He never apologised or asked if everyone is okay!

He then travelled to the ferry point, to check passports and told everyone to get off the bus ( no use of manners or professionalism). We were then told at check in that we cannot travel on the ferry until 02:15 am!!! When asked an estimated arrival time he stated that he doesn't know and doesn't want to talk about it before leaving the coach to smoke a cigarette.

He then dropped us off in Amsterdam Sloterdijk outside the front of the station on the main road at the taxi point. When asked is this our collection point he said yes!!!

On 13/08 /2019 I arrived at the pick up point outside the station exactly where the driver dropped us off. I was standing on the sidewalk from 19.45pm which made me one hour 15 mind early for my departure time. However no bus turned up, I waited another 15 mins before calling the customer service help line and the lines were closed. I then called national express helpline and was redirected back to quibus. After standing on the sidewalk I was told that there were no more buses back to the UK tonight!!
I then had to make my way back to Utrecht and was advised by customer service to buy a new ticket and write a complaint requesting a refund later. So I bought a new ticket for the morning 14/08/2019 @ 08:00 departure from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station.

I received a text at 05.38am that the coach was 40 mins late. I still arrived at the station for 07:28am and sat and waited in the same place i was dropped off and was told it was the pick up point. No coach arrived I waited in the same place until 08:43 am and still nothing arrived. I contacted national express again who gave me an alternative number to contact quibus. I spoke to customer service advisor who informed me that the bus had already come and confirmed I was on board I became very upset for a whole 1hour and 25 mins no no bus had turned up an I was sitting in the cold waiting. As my anxiety began to build up, I was told in order forme to get home to London I would need to buy another ticket. Which would be my third ticket.

I then told the woman that there is no sign for quibus, obviously the bus is picking up somewhere else because u haven't moved. The lady then agreed to rebook my journey free of charge and direct me back inside with a map to where the drivers should pick up from.

I then went inside and was directed to flixbus departures at the side of the station. There was still no pic up sign saying quibus except some stickers stuck to a lamp post on the other side of the street. I then asked a flixbus representative where the pic up point was and was directed to a stop.

This journey with your company has been unprofessional and very stressful. As an active flyer I am not new to travelling but my experience via coach has been one of the worse experiences I have had and has drove me to tears based on this experience. Due to this delays on travelling, I have missed my train journey from London to Birmingham to collect my son and a night shift at work.

On the basis of false information provided, I would like to request a refund for the new ticket purchased for 08:00 and a disciplinary procedure taken against the driver that carried us Amsterdam! The man should embark on customer service training before continuing to work for the public and consider the health a d safety of his passengers at all times.

Thank you

Kind regards



driver professionalism, wrong details regarding pickup and drop off, severe delays
driver professionalism, wrong details regarding pickup and drop off, severe delays
driver professionalism, wrong details regarding pickup and drop off, severe delays
driver professionalism, wrong details regarding pickup and drop off, severe delays
driver professionalism, wrong details regarding pickup and drop off, severe delays

cancelled bus service

my bus was cancelled, they changed my ticket into another date(without asking me) which was not convenient, and they are saying if thw ticket is not convenient change it or cancel the ticket. changing means I have to pay for the new ticket (the whole sum of money, changing means buying new ticket and losing old one, by their understanding.

I wrote complain letter asking them to change my ticket into closer departure date as was before (at no extra money)and auto service replied that they will answer my complain during 6-8 weeks, ... thanks ! my departure is coming in 7 days

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    what kind of company is it I don't understand, everyone should report and make them refund the money

  • Sa
    SampathKumar S Sep 10, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same case for me in May and they havent even refunded the amount. Now they stopped responding to complaints as well

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ticket from luxembourg to belgium

I am supposed to be traveling with Ouibus from Luxembourg to Brussels with Ouibus on 31.07.2019.
I did all the online payment and money is deducted from my bank account but I don't receive any confirmation email or the ticket and I cannot reach any of the customer service numbers. I have only 3 days left and the email complaint says they will reply in 6-8 weeks


ticket from luxembourg to belgium

I want to receive my refund!!

I bought a bus ticket from your company from Paris to Stuttgart on 09.07.2019 11.45pm. But this bus has cancelled at that day morning. So, i have to cancel my ticket and you gave me voucher for another bus reservation but whenever I choose another ticket, there was always an error so I called your office and woman said that "You need to buy a ticket from another company cause we do not have any place for next buses" She said I have to state this situation for my refund. voucher reference number that I couldn't use... Please refund my money.
Thank you...

car crash 1130 bus 10/07/2019 london-paris

I am a passenger on board of the 1130 bus on the 10th of July 2019, that was involved in a car crash set...

refund not received after sending form 3 times so far

Dear Maleappane,

I have received your message.

We would like to apologies for the cancelation of the bus 6119.

You travelled on the bus 6131 so we can't proceed to a refund for your trip.

Find and fill the attached document and resend it to us by email. We will proceed to the refund for 80€ for your hotel room in compensation of your booking 61NGBH.

I wish you a good day.

Clara, Customer Service.
Thanks for your email.

If you check my email and read it properly, you will understand that I have not asked for refund for the trip.

I have had enough troubles and inconveniences during the cancellation of the bus, I was told to stay in a hotel nearby and you know for the fact that there are no rooms available anything less than Euro 110/night.

So please refund Euro 110.00 for the hotel stay instead of Euro 80, as you say.

The doc is filled and attached in a separate email.

Thank you.


M Danasegarane.

refund not received after sending form 3 times so far
refund not received after sending form 3 times so far

train tickets not mailed to me

I recently ammended my Train tickets for a round trip from London to Paris via telephonic conversation with OUIBUS. I was told that the new tickets will be mailed to my email address but I haven't received any mail from OUIBUS. Further there is no customer care email id mentioned on the website which is very inconvenient.

EMAIL ID - suraksha.[protected]

Please resolve my issue since my travel dates are approaching very soon.


Suraksha Jayaram

reservation change

Hi, 2 tickets booked with seat reservations confirmed 2D/ 2E on 26/03/2019 for travel Morlaix to Paris 29 July. Email today 03/06/2019 saying ticket has been modified, now seats virtually at the back of the bus. Phoned to complain but Paris number is in fact transferred elsewhere? Pleasant people, but don't even know who their bosses are so that I may complain to them. Is this an agency or offshore setup? They told me to get refund ...without stating you can't get one, only credit note for travel in near future. The excuse was the bus has been changed and now there's someone already reserved in seats 2D/2E. I am almost blind and reserved seats near the front for a good reason, also my wife gets travel sick if not near the front. I did everything right but now I'm penalised. If the company changes the deal/ contract, at the very least full reimbusement should be due. This says it all. The larger the company, the less customer service only $$$$$$ counts? I wonder.

reservation change
reservation change

fraud / transaction without trip

Ouibus sold me a bus ticket. The bus never came. We were waiting with a whole group of people who had to get to their destination. I tried calling them when they were 45 minutes late, no response.

We had to pay for an alternative trip. I tried to call them, email them, wrote them a facebook & instagram message. They do not respond on any channel. So in other words:

They sell bus trips, do not show up, are not reachable, and do NOT REFUND your money -

If anyone has a tip on how to get a hold of them, please let me know!

  • Da
    davide90 May 13, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was part of the bus who got cancelled.
    Literally left for dead in London at 1am.
    Let me know if you hear from them. This should not be forgotten.

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bus to london

I booked a ticket to London from Bruges on the 26th of april, the address shown on the ticket was not accurate as I had been waiting 4 hours alongside 5 other passengers. Ouibus did nothing to help us, and told us the bus had left. as I was desperate to head to London, I rebooked for the next day. I called multiple times to confirm the place and the same thing happend ! They told me this time it would definitely be on the address shown! Which was obviously not true because I missed my damn bus today again due to the LACK OF INFORMATION ouibus provided. Also when I rebooked my ticket, the site was playing up and an error message appeared making me refresh the page a couple of times. I had no confirmation that I had bought a ticket and by my surprise I checked later to find 4 booked tickets due to the error on the site. I BETTER GET A REFUND!!! NEVER will I ever travel with this service again. I will take flixbus or invest in taking a train. This is the most ridiculous company ever!

14th of april - bruges - bus did not show up (log [protected])

To whom this may concern

I am emailing you about the absolutely poor service I received today. I had booked a ticket to go from Bruges (Belgium) to Cardiff (UK) (ticket number: EUGW3932 see attachment 1; and ticket number UX389852, see attachment 2) for the 14th of April. My bus (Oui Bus Service, 604) was scheduled to pick me up at 12.35pm at Bargeplein, Bruges. I arrived at that bus stop at 12.05pm and waited there until 1.50pm, but the coach never showed. Moreover, I received no information at all about a possible delay/cancellation/stop change... I checked my calls and emails many times.

I called National Express Costumer Service twice. The first time (12.55pm), I talked to a woman who offered me little help, except that she gave me the number of the Oui Bus Service so I could call Oui Bus myself. Apparently there is no communication between the two operators anymore, which I was not aware of. I called the Oui Bus Office, but it is closed on Sundays, so that didn't get me any further. The second call (13.49pm), I talked to a man who told me the same thing, only he also informed me about the suspended contract with Oui Bus Services. This lack of communication between operators probably caused more issues than necessary. It makes me wonder why I as a customer was not informed...

I checked several times if I was at the right coach stop. Other passengers, who were waiting for the same bus, had already checked the other possible bus stops in the area, but with no luck. So I was positive I was at the right stop. Moreover, I received an email last month, informing me the bus stop was relocated to Bargeplein (where I was) until the 22nd of April (see attachment 3).

After 1.5 hours, I had no other option than to return home and buy a new ticket for tomorrow morning, the 15th of April. Since I didn't want to risk another no-show by Oui Bus, I booked a trip from Bruges to London with Flixbus instead (see attachment 4a) and from London to Cardiff still with National Express (ticket number: EUKE3315, see attachment 4b).

I still have my return ticket for the 21st of April. This trip includes a National Express coach from Cardiff to London and a Oui Bus coach from London to Bruges. I sincerely hope this won't pose any more issues, but I am open to any other offers you might have to secure my return trip.

In total, I paid £48.90 for my original (two-way) ticket and another £47, 1418 for my new (one-way) tickets. Furthermore, I had to make several international phone calls. Taking all of this into account, I expect National Express to refund me. Please contact me at this email address to elaborate on your further steps. (Please do not call me, to avoid any higher costs.)

Kind regards
Sara Vandenbossche

P.S. The attachments were already sent to you by National Express. But since I didn't get any response yet, I also used this platform.

  • An
    Anke125 May 10, 2019

    Exactly the same experience - they do not respond on any channel!

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bus agency | delay and unanswered complaint almost 3 months later!

Dear Ouibus,

I have been using your services on a regular basis for the past three year to travel from Holland (Amsterdam) to France (Paris or Lille).
I have been very happy about the quality of service : the bus drivers are very kind, polite and really opened to help when needed. When facing delays, all kind of measures will be taken in order to reduce it or accommodate the clients..except that one time last year on 28 October 2018. The bus had 3, 5 hours of delay. I immediately filed a complaint through the website and received a message that I would get an answer within 6 to 8 weeks ! End of December I received an answer and was asked to provide some pieces so they could refund me the tickets. When replying to the message a coupe of weeks later, I now received an auto-reply inviting me to go back to the site and to fill in a new form. I think this is outrageous to treat your regular clients like this. I had another issue with vouchers that I couldn't use and the complaint was filed mid of November. And this is the same story. So both problems haven't been solved and I am starting to wonder if they ever will.
Conclusion as long as all goes well with your traveling with Ouibus, then all is well. But if you have complaints I am inviting you to be very very patient en perseverant if you want to be compensated

bus not arrived and cancelled the bus due to driver fault

On 25th Nov 2018 at 23:55 PM I have my ouibus booking (bus no. 1595 ) from Paris Bercy to Antwerp. They staff...

severe delay

Dear Ouibus,

The bus I took from Den Haag to London was the number 6670 and my booking reference is E2XRUQ. The departure time was 8:30 and the arrival time on the ticket was 17:30. We arrived in London at 20:30 and many passengers, including myself, missed their connecting journey. The bus was stationary for around 2 hours before crossing the eurotunnel. The bus also returned to the customs before the tunnel crossing for nothing. I believe this could be rectified with a refund of a part of the ticket, as all the passengers of the bus were reaching their destination 3 hours later than stated on the ticket.

I look forward to your reply.

Astrid Burden

ouibus london delay

Dear sir or madam,
I hope this email finds you well.
I was supposed to take the 1pm bus from Bercy, Paris to London today. The coach is now 3 hours delayed and we're all sitting without any information about our journey back home. I trusted your service whilst booking my tickets and yet just being disappointed.
This has cost a lot inconvenience for me as I don't know when we'll be arriving at London, especially there will be no underground/dlr for me to get home. Also because I will be working at 8 am tomorrow morning and yet still don't know when I'll be finally home.
The service staff here is not being helpful as well. I asked one of them about the latest update and his reply was only : "The bus that was supposed to be here didn't arrive and were looking for another bus now"
That is not a response someone would wish after sitting 2 hours in the hot sun and being absolutely clueless about what is going on.
Therefore I want a refund + a compensation for the inconvenience this has cost me!

Kind regards,
Blessing Adedugbe