Living Spacespoor customer service and furniture

R Aug 02, 2018

In April of last year I purchased a custom couch that I was told would take approx. 4 weeks, almost 12 weeks later my couch arrived. It didn't look like the material I had viewed and ordered in the store, but they reassured me it was the same. After 5 days the couch that is rarely used since I work so much started to look raggedy to say the least. I called the store & was that nothing could be done. I hate having company over since the couch looks awful! I went into the store recently and the people at the CS desk were completely disconnected. I said I wanted to purchase a new couch at full price but would like for them to remove the 15 month old couch. The young man shrugged his shoulders and said "we don't do that", it was an all around disappointing experience. I was told to speak to Buff Cardona.

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