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I went to the store to buy some beers me and a friend of mine i was he gave me a hand along side handle one of the beer crates while i had the others i am 24 while he is 22 as well.So cashier asked me to provide my Id and i gave it to him then he went on to ask my friend to give ID who was just there with me not even buying alcohol although as he said he provided the cashier with the temporary license card where he did not have the photo ID (he is new from india ge does not have any canadian based photo ID apart from that) and cashier refused to give me and my friend any beers and told me to exit showing me the door rudely, i felt harassed at this point but didnot meant to create any scene so i kept quiet then i went alone after exiting the store he refused me to give anything even though i am legally valid to buy alcohol and also i had my valid photo ID this incident ruined my night i hope u guys look into the scene


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    cplcbo Jan 10, 2020


    Did you know it is illegal in Ontario for anyone under the age of 19 to handle alcohol in a LCBO store? This principal applies to your situation. Unless you can verify age, our CRS assume the person handling the product is underage and is not allowed to sell to anyone in the group, even if you have ID, since this is considered a second party purchase.

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