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Complaints & Reviews

defective and missing product

I registered, bid and won an auction at Liquidation.com. The items were delivered Friday the 27Th of February, 2009. I disputed the transaction on the 28Th of February, 2009. I sent documentation and photos. My dispute was received, reviewed and honored. I received that conformation, and was told to send dresses back with return labels. Email conformation below. I requested return labels as they were not sent to me, I then received an email asking if I wanted the seller to send additional dresses as replacement for defective ones, I replied no thank you, I would return the dresses. Emails below. All communication from liquidation.com stopped at that point, I have sent at least 20 emails, I have read receipts but no response. I called liquidation.com only to get a message machine. I left message and have not received a call back. I also need to clarify that my account was closed as soon as the dispute was filed. I am left with no other recourse but to file a dispute of transaction with my credit card company. I am also going to post and file a complaint wherever it is possible to do so~

----- Original Message ----- From: Paula~ To: [protected]@liquidation.com Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:33 PM Subject:SAMPLES PICS FOR DISPUTE TRANSACTION # 1491923

First, I only received 116 of the 121 dresses stated for receipt in auction, I do not know which I did not receive since it was not stated as to how many of each there were. Second there are black spots on some of the dresses and flower attachments, as shown in photos, 1 has a tear of the zipper seam, 1 is coming apart at collar line of ornamentation, and 9 of the 10 dresses with flower ornamentation are smashed beyond repair, the pic to show flower ornamentation in the auction does not represent what was sent. Clearly the boxes were over packed for shipment, I don't know if the flowers were as I received them because of over stuffing the boxes or if they were are sent in this condition, but they are not resalable. I am not sure weather this is standard for this company, but all of the wholesale orders that I have received up to this point have been absolutely great. I also need to state that I thought that I was going to receive good quality dresses, these are not to say the least. I have disputed this transaction thru PayPal until we can get this resolved. Thank you.

paula eckstine to disputes show details Feb 28 (6 days ago) Reply Hi, I have sent pics for the dispute, can you please confirm that you received them? Thank you. Paula Eckstine

via RT to peckstine Mar 2 -- Yes, we received the photos for the dispute, and the dispute has been honored. please return the units back using the labels that we sent. Thank You, Buyer Relations

Paula~ to support show details Mar 4 (2 days ago) Reply I need to have return labels sent so that I may get this resolved. Thank you Paul Eckstine

via RT to peckstine Mar 2 -- I'm so sorry for the confusion, we are not ready to return the units yet. The seller states that he Seller is willing send 24 dresses to compensate for the 10 dresses with issues. 1491923 Any styles and sizes 4 to 6x (Sizes) 7 to 14 (Sizes). Would you like to receive the dresses? Please let us know. Thank You, Buyer Relations

peckstine to via show details Mar 2 (4 days ago) Reply No thank you, I will return the dresses. Paula Eckstine -

Show quoted text - Read: SAMPLES PICS FOR DISPUTE TRANSACTION # 1491923Reply Derek Birt

defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product
defective and missing product

fraud and cheating

Liquidation.com an internet auction site is a scam let me tell you about my experience. I won 2 auctions from the company. One was for 24 Karat Gold Bangles and 24 Karat White Gold Bracelets. The second auction was for 2008 Geneva His and Hers matching watches that showed in the advertising that MSRP is $149.99 for each pair.

Liquidation.com is a scam. The 24 Karat Gold Bangles and 24 Karat White Gold Bracelets are not gold. Every Jewelry store I went to has told me it is not Gold and especially not 24 Karats.

Liquidation.com is a scam. The Geneva watches was advertised as MSRP $149.99 per pair the watches I received also have these same tags. This is a gross misrepresentation the watches are clearly not worth more than $5.

The company is a total fraud I was charged $190 for logistics and shipping for a 20lb item and charged separately for each auction. So in total I was charged $380 for logistics and shipping for items that weigh no more than 35lb. Once the items arrived at my house I was then again charged $80 via COD for each item so approx $190 for both auctions. I was charged twice for shipping and logistics for both auctions.

The company I believe is fully responsible for this fraud because I did not pay the seller. I had to wire the funds directly into Liquidity Services Inc's bank account. I am not allowed to contact the seller. The company is the only point of contact. I believe this is an issue of fraud as well their practice of charging twice for shipping and logistics is unbelievable.

  • Jo
    John Honest Jun 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Liquidation.com is a fraud and I say we should unite in a class action lawsuit against them. I´m truly surprised that the FBI lets them get away with all the scams, but then again, maybe people only complain here and online instead of where it counts (FBI office).

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fraud / scam

I have heard of the buyers being scammed. Now here is my story. They do not make you sign a contract. They...

appalling practices!

I bid, won, and paid for a pallet lot of 25 pieces that I was going to use as xmas gifts for family and...

products either defected or not as advertised!

Several times I bought from Liquidation.com different merchandise and a lot of times the products I bought either defected or not as advertised. The last complain I have about them the credit card I used refunded my money then after that I tried to log in to Liquidation.com and I received a notice I cant log in I have to call. I called Liquidation.com and they tried to black male me by saying when you return the money and stop your dispute with pay pal we will let you log in. I feel my right have been violated, please stop this discrimination and harassment and I appreciate everything you are doing. Thank you.

  • Le
    leeya Jun 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had been using the service from them twice.. The first time was O.K They send me what I expected but missing one pair of shoes and they refunded the money to me for the missing shoe.

    The second time ( I could say the last time ), I won on 28 pairs of out of stock shoes but they sent me fisher toys. I did the dispute on the day I received and they asked me to send the pics for what I want to dispute..Ok that's fine, I had to search on the internet to get those pics. I was thinking why they asked me to send them the pics for what I never get : ( It taked time and I got just a few of pics anyway. I sent them several emails to ask them how they are going to solve my problem but they just keep quiet, Nobody contact me at all...
    They are supposed to let me know what they are doing right? Are they solving my problem?

    Anyway, I gave them a call today. I feel really bad about their service. A person who picked up the phone ( should be called a customer service person but I just don't feel that she is a customer service at all)
    She told me that I don't need to call them for any dispute. They are going to send an email to me when every thing 's done.. " How can I know how long 's gonna take them to contact me or maybe they will never contact me." : (
    Her voice was so not welcome and seem like she doesn't want to answer or response or do her service job.

    I would say that I will never use their service again... and I would not recommend their service to anyone.

    Let's see what 's going on .. I have been waiting their response for almost a month.

    0 Votes
  • Ba
    banana Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally know what you are talking about. I won a bid on a box set of watches with interchangeable faces and bands. It is also supposed to include a necklace and two bracelets. The picture was very deceiving.

    The box set included the watch set, but the finish on the metal was dull and unflattering. Also, they replaced the watches with a cheap pair of earrings in every box. One of the boxes didn't even have a necklace. Three of the boxes woudn't even open with out breaking them.
    I will be lucky to make 2 dollars off each set.

    Liquidation.com advertises to accept 2% innacuracy. I found 30% inaccuracy in my order.

    0 Votes
  • Li
    liquidation.com_ripoff Feb 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    liquidation.com sells old broken incomplete garbage claiming it's store returns and blames the customer when items are missing. It's probably their employees stealing stuff or they just intentionally list things that aren't there to pump up the price. Either way, they are very dishonest from top to bottom.

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