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I have heard of the buyers being scammed. Now here is my story. They do not make you sign a contract. They create a false one on behalf of the seller. Which in this case is me. I have lost over $20, 000. 00 worth of goods. If you try to call and complain your call will be filtered back into the dc office. I have dealt with / name removed / and danielle cunningham. Every person i have spoke to is a senior sales exec. That is a lie. They are just a small group of "dregs" who work in a small office out of cubicles. I sold 15 lots. I was charged 15% or $200 whichever is greater they say. I am completely devasted as to the work ethics this company goes by. I have received foul and extremely offensive emails from / name removed / . When i made a call to them regarding my monetary loss, they said "oh well, we made our commission" and hung up the phone. There is a fbi site to report fraud online. The flipside is, they need a group of people from all over the usa. If you have been a victim of, please contact me via email. A class action lawsuit will help so many people get their money back and this company shut down for good.

Update by justdoe
Jan 09, 2009 8:21 pm EST

DANIELLE CUNNINGHAM had the nerve to send an email to me. She stated that there were several signed contracts with my signature. THAT IS A LIE. I still have no compensation. I will complain all over the internet. People need to know that this company is a FRAUD. They thrive on others just for a fe extra dollars of commission. PATHETIC. LIARS: BUTCH, DANIELLE and anyone else who is sitting in a cubicle in this office. THE BBB wont have anything to do with them! I have a lawyer, and I will continue on my quest for EXPOSING them as a FRAUD and to get my money back. DANIELLE is a manipulator who leaves a trail of dirty emails admitting her horrid business ethics.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
College Park, US
Aug 29, 2011 8:40 pm EDT

After reading a lot of the complaints against this company I'm glad they screwed up my membership. Someone else with a different name had used my address to sign up for I was told to provide proof I'm not that person, which i did. I was told to wait for a call back, never received. I called back to ask where I was in the process and was hung up on. i called back, giving the benefit of the doubt that we'd be disconnected. I was then told to contact the previous renter and have him contact so they could be reimbursed. I told them I don't have contact info for that individual and it was not my job to collect for them. They said they would make an attempt to contact him so that I could sign up for the account. What a waste of time - I guess my money is no good there!

Zach Patterson
, US
Jun 27, 2016 8:51 am EDT

Mr. Rodrigue signed a sales agreement that all sellers sign clearly denoting "Should Client be unable to make Assets available or misrepresents the condition or location of the Assets or provides any other false information regarding the Assets, Client agrees to pay LSI its Success Fee plus any other additional costs."

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, US
Jun 21, 2016 5:02 am EDT

Beware selling on this site. I sold product on this site.
When a month had gone by and I still had not received my payment, I contacted them.
Sales rep. Zachary Patterson informed me that all my profit from the sale had be used
to pay fees I was unaware of. In fact, Mr.Patterson claimed I owed them additional fees.
Fees they never mentioned UNTIL I asked about my missing payment. And so their customer
got my product, got paid, and I got nothing. When asked, Mr.Patterson
did not deny this was standard business practice

, US
Feb 27, 2011 11:24 pm EST
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I have read through the long list of complaints about this online business and although I have never ordered anything from them, I am wondering how the BBB (Better Business Bureau) can allow them to use the "accredited by the BBB" logo on their website if they are indeed a dishonest company. ?

Joshua bird
Toledo, US
Jan 04, 2015 11:02 pm EST

I read these comments and i agree with everyone being mad. Luckily i only got screwed once. Managed to sell the lot of shirts. They were not new as stated in the auction. Definitely defective pulls. Ripped tags, stains. I was not happy at all. I look at the site now. Bunch of over priced junk. Most of the items are counterfeit. I Wouldn't touch any lot claiming their handbags are actually Gucci. Since when does 50 pound box cost 150 bucks? Just ridiculous. Stay clear, very clear. Nothing they sell is worth the penny profit, the headache with trying to resell it. The site is worse than all the Chinese websites.

, US
Jan 12, 2014 8:05 pm EST

How succesful are the resellers who are on here complaining? People always want someone to blame. Due diligence goes a long way. Becoming a succesful seller takes years of hard work. If you think your supposed to be able to buy goods for pennies on the dollar and resell them for a huge profit your just plain foolish.

I sell over 10, 000 dollars worth of merchandise every month, 80% of which is purchased from liquidation. Why is it that I am able to make a decent profit from these goods?

Be realistic and stop thinking your supposed to get rich overnight. Lower your expectations and do some hard work, then maybe you can start reaping some rewards/profits.

Adam Francis
, US
Jul 15, 2023 5:22 am EDT
Replying to comment of Blahblabla

My very first 3 attempts at pallets on were incredible misrepresentations once they arrived, one was supposed to be unopened undeliverables from fedex which were blatantly all opened, and strangely with anything that wasn't plus size women's generic east Indian clothing removed, another was for what were advertised to be S21+5g phones with the full Samsung spec sheet cut and pasted only luckily i discovered the pics were wrong when compared to a real s21+5g and for that i refused to pay for fraudulent products which ultimately caused them to deactivate my account with no warning and absolutely trash my already paid for lots.

The biggest loss was the listing was for Amazon electronics returns with an estimated retail value of nearly $10k(before you hurt yourself in an attempt to shame me for paying attention to the listed estimate based on products as if they were brand new, I'll save you the embarrassing point in your life when you realize that your arrogance is as misguided as your self importance fueled complaint board trolling practices that lead to that little jewel you posted, that stole 30 seconds from me that I'll never get back as you went on praising a company with 14 pages of BBB complaints, based on your made up claims of your hugely successful reseller business that leaves you so much free time during your easy six figure revenue stream that you can randomly troll reviews that are no business of yours, yet you feel the need to be the one and only Dbag who is self important enough to brag about success they haven't achieved in order to try to shame people who have had their hard earned money stolen from them through corporate unfair practices by a company whose been around long enough to know better with the reviews to more than make you sound like they're paying you to sound so incredibly ridiculous, not to mention, you're the only reseller i know pushing those numbers with time to belittle the good, hard working people with legit complaints that are backed by hundreds of others with the exact same complaints, nearly verbatim you troglodyte.

So this is me saving you from the hugely embarrassing point where you realize that you just ran your fake, lying, worthless, internet trolling, loser mouth to someone, thus inciting a battle of wits, quite publicly, only to find out that you're not the smartest person in the room. In fact, you don't even belong in the same galaxy with myself or anyone else who you're attempting to shame with your absolutely made up success story.

Yeah, buddy, I'm calling [censored] to each and every success claim that you made and better yet, show the proof big shot, let's see your huge success and your large consistently awesome, perfectly described lots that are providing these monstrous ROIs and I will eat crow, GLADLY!

So much in fact that your next purchase of product is my treat! Put your money where your mouth is big shot because if you really sell that much you'd have much better things to do than shame good people who are obviously being screwed by corporate unfair business practices. You think this many people just jumped on the bandwagon? Seriously? Google the meaning of a troglodyte, please.

What's next on your busy schedule? Trolling some domestic violence forums to put those battered women in their place? I mean they were asking for it, right? Maybe some gay bashing? I mean, they made a choice to be gay, nobody is born that way, isn't that right little man who hides behind his keyboard whilst portraying himself as an Alpha Male who soares so far above anyone who dare stand up to a corporate giant with about the worst track record in history as far as auction sites go?

So, what's with the Blahblahblah? You're big shot enough to talk all that fake [censored] about your incredible life that doesn't keep you busy enough to stop you from being an enormous D bag but not man enough to leave anything to give away your celebrity? I mean you're confident enough to show the world that you have a microphallus through your incredibly pitiful actions, it is typically outgrown by infants by the way, but not big enough to run your mouth and then take any backlash from the real people you insulted. Epitome of pathetic.

I'm sorry troglodyte, try to keep up, that's Greek for having an unusually tiny penis, and you've chosen a rather unhealthy way to process your short coming through your attempt to bring shame to perfect strangers in hopes of improving your self worth. Trying to prove to yourself that you're a big man while hiding in the dark with carpal tunnel and blue light being your only consequences. How did that work itself out in your head?

That being said, it's not your fault that you seek pleasure at the expense of others. Odds are, your woman, or any female every graced with your unquestionable charm is most likely getting her pleasure from others as well, only she's doing it at your expense, wait, I'm sorry, you're right, it's not quite the same thing.

Crawl back in your hole and make an appointment with a therapist. Mental health issues aren't taboo anymore and there are ways to learn to love yourself without shaming strangers. In other words, mind your own business. Oh, duh, almost forgot, if you don't have anything nice to say...

So, class action lawsuit? I am certainly down for that and at this point I do believe it is the only answer. Boycotting a business into submission doesn't work anymore thanks to the knuckle draggers that have evolved to the old interweb.

Waipahu, US
Aug 17, 2013 8:53 pm EDT
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If there is anyone out the that is still considering a class action lawsuit, I would definitely be interested in obtaining more information from you. I have purchased two lots on liquidation, for a total of almost $1, 000 and have file disputes with them. They ruled in my favor then suddenly i get an email saying the seller has filed a counter suit and they will be ruling in their favor and I will be charged the full amount. They are fraudulent and need to be stopped! I'm seeking legal advice by I think a class action lawsuit would be more effective as they have apparently misled and ripped off many people.

Baltimore, US
Jul 21, 2013 7:09 pm EDT

Auction ID 6476052
Transaction ID 3783967

Thought I was bidding on 12 new PC Tablets, I won the auction.

By new I mean sealed box with everything inside, this is what I'm getting for total qty. of 12 items.

3ea. tablets
3ea. chargers
3ea. USB cables
3ea. manuals

Their description was totally misleading, it lead me to believe I was bidding on 12 tablets. Now I am out $313.25 for 3 tablets that will sell on eBay for only $40.00 each.

ken tj
Duluth, US
Aug 24, 2012 2:44 pm EDT


Dispute Resolution for Transaction 3240867
Show Details
Thank you for contacting,

Thank you for the information you have provided for the dispute of transaction 3240867. After a careful and thorough investigation, unfortunately your dispute claim cannot be honored for the following reasons:

The tablet was fully charged and tested for a reasonable amount of time and seemed to work without problems. The battery life on the unit is sufficient enough to operate. Listening to music, surfing the web, and watching movies will cause the battery power to decrease at a faster rate than normal. Also, running multiple programs at once can caused the unit to lag. Please use a task manager app to close out programs that are not needed or in use.

All parties must abide by the dispute resolution provided by as stated in the Terms and Conditions.
The status for transaction 3240867 has been moved to "Paying Seller" and the funds will be released to the seller. Should you have questions, please call our Buyer Relations Department at [protected].

Thank you again for using, your source for business surplus.


Customer Support Department Liquidity Services, Inc.
Phone: [protected]


new haven, US
Jul 10, 2012 9:00 pm EDT

i agreee, they blackmail you if you go against there policy which is EVIL practice, and they do not comply with good faith as business owners, there customer service is even more horrible, i spend well over $2, 000 with i recently purchase items which seller did clearly stated on auction site that i would be receiving mens and womens jeans, however the seller send me A LOT items that are for children hence i could not use them nor sell them, and i when i tried to dispute with liquidation by sending them pictures to prove, however they denied it, so i called my credit card company and they disputed the charge, but now they blocked my account and have no access to my invoices or can make further use of this site.

Highlands Ranch, US
Jun 09, 2011 3:42 am EDT

Any copy and paste can put a logo on the website. When I clicked on the BBB link for this company, I received an error message. Even if they are a member of the BBB, they may have an F rating. Check it out by going to the BBB website and looking for the company there.

Duluth, US
May 22, 2011 12:26 am EDT

I just got a lot of new Ambercrombie & Fitch sweats from bestofbrands company on Received them two weeks later, The listing stated they are ambercrombie new sweats. Opened the box and found twenty absolutly fake sweats. Sent them to Ambercrombie Store and I couldn't even get them out of the bag and they said to me they are fake as a joke. First off the smallest size I received was a nice small 40" waist and a 36" inseam, the largest one was 56" with a 42" inseam, who in the world could wear them I don't know. Anyways I diputed my items, Liquidation said they are real and won't give me a refund. I then disputed with PayPal they followed through and decided on my behalf. Now on those terms blocked me out. I can't do anything about it. The other lots I have received at the same time I couldn't sell a thing they are all damaged. So if you are thinking at anytime to use this company be very carefull they will get you one way or another. I wish I still had pictures you would all laugh and would never use this terrible website and to bestofbrands good luck with your lawsuit.

Corona, US
Apr 23, 2011 7:02 am EDT

Liquidity Services, Inc. / definitely try to scam by making it seem safe since they have a dispute resolution center, but they are the ones who decide! I won a $1000 lot of Urban Outfitters clothing and what I got was Hot Topic zombie shirts and other random brands that were NOT URBAN OUTFITTERS as was exactly said in the Manifest. After opening a dispute on, they offered me $155. $155 when I paid $1000 for a lot of clothing I HAVE NO USE FOR!

I have now filed a complaint through both Paypal and the BBB Better Business Bureau! Let's see what happens and hope that I can return the pile of junk they sold me!

Lancaster, US
Feb 10, 2011 7:21 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more is a total ripoff and should be shut down and the managers charged with multiple counts of fraud. Do not do business with them unless you want to feel robbed.

Killingworth, US
Jan 26, 2011 11:22 pm EST
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I sell on and have never had any problems. I have been selling for over a year and do not have one customer dispute and I have a repeat buyer rate of over 30%. You are not allowed to bid on your own items. There are also honest seller out there too. I list the best description as possible so the customer knows exactely what they are getting. I had to provide invoices from the store where I purchased my items to show they were authenic. I'm sorry you have had such bad experiences, unfortunately, you usually only hear the negative, not the positive. They have had 1.8 million online transaction.

ahmed hussain syed
Irvine, US
Jan 15, 2011 6:38 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Now after looking at so many complaints here, this is what at best i can attribute was different in my case
1. Credit card used was from ireland (my friend paid)
2. the 5% which i thought i got was essentially forex conversion difference .

No I am not an employee, neither i use liquidation any more .
my above comments were true representation of what i felt when i got my money back. (Now after so long and so consistent complaints, all i can say is - dont take my words as advocating )

But i Still sincerely cant conclusively tell, why was my money returned.
I have no idea and just guessing .

Thanks and Sorry .If i misled

dallas, US
Jan 09, 2011 4:36 pm EST

The big fraud going on on is not what you guys complain of, but the fact that it seems is actively "Up-bidding" their own products and charging "Logistics" fee for "logistics" that they are not "explaining or providing"

On the first point, I spoke to a "disgruntled" ex employee of theirs- a fairly level headed guy but not someone I would drag before a jury due to his brashness, and he alleged that they actually have their own guys as well as the actual sellers bidding up the prices on these items, which is why they keep getting re listed. He said there was a recent scare within the company when they thought they were being investigated so they stopped doing that for a little bit, but as soon as they realized no one was bidding on items and they were selling in a free market for 75 - 99% off their reg price, loosing money for sellers and the company alike, the resorted back to doing that. So you will see an item get sold, and then re-listed 5, 10, sometimes even 40 times or more. Both the company and their sellers are being allowed to bid up the items, which is fraudulent. I once asked one of their customer service guys why a refrigerator I saw listed had sold 4 times prior to that auction, and even gave him the 4 different auction ID's showing the item's photo exactly the same, and now the item was yet again re-listed for a 5th time and got no real response. To me that is the biggest scam on the site. If you doubt me, check out their video game auctions for a week or two. You will immediately see this there as it is a popular item class. You will notice PS3 packages that get sold for allegedly $800 or more get re-listed every 2 weeks or sometimes a month later for $100 starting bid, even though they are "salvage" . I really don't buy the explanation that people are simply not paying for them.

For the most part I get 50/50 success with wining auctions and the condition of items claimed on them. This is another area of contention with the site. They tend to know what the problem is with these items, and still list them as "returns" when they are clearly salvage, especially electronics. sometimes even their own description clearly states the items are salvage, but they will list as returned so as to get more bids.

Last of all, their shipping prices for small items are nothing short of daylight robbery. They will add $40 to ship an item that you can ship for $4 and then mark it as "liquidation ships only", basically telling you you cant buy the item for the discounted price unless you are willing to pay the exorbitant shipping cost. and when you finally receive the item you find that they only paid $4 to ship it, but you weren't charged a "handling" fee, it simply charges a "shipping and logistics" fee but makes no distinction what the cost of "logistics" or what sort of "logistics" you are paying for - where did the other $36 go? - Another great area for class action lawsuit and I have several good examples of transactions where this happened
Personally I give them a 1 out of 10 stars for honesty - Listing discrepancies, unreasonable shipping costs, and up-bidding items are all fairly clearly going on their site.
for customer support I would rate them 4 out of 10: generally they have been quick to respond and have significantly improved (if you can call it that) in their responses. It used to be before these guys would talk to you with utter disregard for respect, and would be reprehensibly accusatory in their tone. I had a floor manage one time tell me that if its listed as a "returned item" even if its obviously and visibly a salvage item, they are basing that on the fact that the original buyer "returned" the item (LOL). I was flabbergasted by the utter disregard for the most basic common sense then. But it has improved.
For item condition I would give them 5/10 - Its a crap shoot. Visibly their electronics that are used or returns tend to look great, until you actually try to use them or sell them. Seller be warned. If you buying to sell on eBay you better have a good electrician or electronics repair guys handy to reinspect and repair defects before you list. if you don't, your feedback rating will go in the toilet selling these things on eBay without testing them yourself. I made the mistake of listing almost 100 electronic pieces on ebay and finding out the hard way. I ended up closing my ebay account that was at 500+ feedback with 100% positive after that, because I ended up with nearly 30 negative feed backs over the Christmas holiday since these items sold like hotcakes at the discounted prices, only to get returned with negative feedback fro one sort of malfunction or the other that was not specified in the item description or visible during testing. sometimes items will fail a week after the buyer has used it, so you have no way of seeing this when you test it.

If you will buy anything from them I would stick to New items only and even then be careful. I bought Christian Audigere T-shirts from the site only to find out from my friend that owns a department store that they were all Fakes even though they were advertised as authentic. it was pointless dealing with their customer service as I found out nearly a month after taking receipt of the items.

I have had some success with the site, but more failure than success. If they were more honest they would be a great site, but as we know, honesty sometimes isnt as profitable for a business. Just be carefull as you use the site. I think its great if you are buying for your own use, but for resale, well, buy at your own risk.

, CA
Aug 19, 2010 11:11 am EDT

I recently saw your posts about I've had a VERY frustratiing 4 weeks trying to collect my goods from them.
Just a few weeks ago, I purchased some goods from their site, it was supposedly shipped out, was sent back to them due to an illegible address and then was 'lost' in their warehouse for the last 4 weeks.
I tried several times to get an answer as to where my goods were and when I would be receiving them. all I got was 'we've located one box and are waiting to locate the second box so we can ship them together. We;ll have an answer for you by the end of today'. I never received an answer the same day, no one ever called me back ever, all I got was emails saying they were doing their best to locate the goods.
Earlier this week, I happened to be browsing their site again and saw the same merchandise from the same private seller with the same amount of items in the lot, back up for auction. This really pissed me off. The items I purchased were a lot of brand name equestrian riding boots and if there was more than one lot of this stuff, what they should have been doing is sending me the second lot and once they found the first lot, relist those. But they didn't, just kept telling me they were still looking for it. When I called this week irate about the whole thing, same answer. Today I called and requested my money be refunded in full. I was told the refund request would be processed in the next 24hrs. Because I am from Canada, I could not pay by credit card but had to pay by wire transfer. If I had paid by credit card, I would have called my credit card already for a chargeback to them because I paid for goods I did not receive. So now I have to wait for a refund by cheque. It will be interesting to see how long this takes to get to me.
As far as I'm concerned, this type of activity is fraudulent, advertising goods selling them, not sending them and re-listing the same stuff after telling the customer their auction is lost. Fraud. If you can give me any places I can file a complaint to I will gladly do that. Their customer service is terrible, the way they handle their business transactions is fraudulent in my case and I get really irritated trying to do business with businesses who aren't on the up & up.

224 Savannah Rose St, US
Aug 04, 2010 9:23 am EDT

I bought a lot of 1500 bras from Eternity forever. I won them for 400 and something but paid $542 w/shipping etc. The pics he had posted were great...however, he did not state whether the sizes of the bras were in English or what. That is another HUGE problem with the cannot ask the seller a question and you can't leave them feedback so they are free to sell any piece of crap knowing you can't do anything about it. So anyways, in these pics, they look wonderful. I'm thinking, "Wow, I paid like 30 cents for these and will be able to sell them for 8-10 bucks at least.
So...they arrive...the sizes are all in chinese and japanese but even the ones that say the same size there are huge variations. No way they are the same size.
The worst part...they are all falling apart and the workmanship and sewing is absolutely horrible. They left huge pieces of fabric hanging off everywhere, they didn't trim up looks like they stopped halfway through making the bras and said, "Okay, that out to do it. " So now I have 1500 of these things that are ABSOLUTE trash. The weird thing is is that I bought some jewelry from the same seller, and I was very very pleased with that. Paid about $2 a piece and can resell for 10-15 at flea markets. At craft fairs, maybe 20-30 as they are natural gemstones such as turquoise, etc. So from now on I will steer away from any clothing that seems to be made in china. I'd like to buy some of the thongs they have but I'm worried they will also be horrible pieces of crap like the bras.

Jon Olsen
, US
Jul 13, 2010 10:09 am EDT

As the old saying goes, If it seems too good to be true, it probaly is.

John Honest
, ES
Jun 07, 2010 9:50 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more is a fraud and I say we should unite in a class action lawsuit against them. I´m truly surprised that the FBI lets them get away with all the scams, but then again, maybe people only complain here and online instead of where it counts (FBI office).

Ahmed, tell the truth that you are a liquidation.scam employee or a seller on that scam site.

ahmed hussain syed
Irvine, US
Apr 29, 2010 5:08 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I dont agree with any of these considering my case

My transaction number : 2063333
My Auction ID : 3134987

I have bought these items as new one and only on proper inspection some one would agree it's not new.

I have opened my case with them and with a minimal 2 emails, as it is very hard to prove my case using photographs - but still they agreed and paid me my money + 5%

I can only say that I might not be presenting my argument so rigorously as others but i can swear by service . yes initially was bit frustrating as you get automated mails. but look at the magnitude of their transactions and give some time .

Being patient + 2 mails is what it took to get back my 916 USD

Thanks a lot

--Ahmed Hussain
I wish i could leave my email address here (cant afford to )
ping me on skype : ahmedyo

land line : [protected]


Glendale, US
Apr 08, 2010 8:15 pm EDT

ooh grate i buy items frist time there email back

i hope not empty boxes its evin posted on ebay

Philadelphia, US
Mar 21, 2010 1:22 am EDT

Ok so basically I dealt with this company once and once only a few years back. I like others was lured in by the prospect of a sizable profit from reselling individually good to great condition products that I was willing to pay big bucks for to buy a bulk size.

I won an auction for 3 New Massage Chairs for a little under $2500. This is my exact invoice not exaggerated at all to show people what to expect:

Price per lot Total Amount
$1, 600.00 $1, 600.00

Buyer's Premium $80.00
Shipping & Logistics $793.50

Just Teach It
Brentwood [Contra Costa County], US
Feb 08, 2010 2:08 pm EST is not only a fraudulent company who takes part in taking advantage of Sellers and Bidders, they have a unique way of manifesting items. I too have been victimized by I was the winning bidder on a few auctions and have had complaint on every auction I've won. My first purchase was Ed Hardy 3ch helicopters, New. The shipment arrived, two of the twelve items were badly damaged, one had Gum all over it and two were broken. My dispute was non conclusive which resulted in no type of resolve. Although I sent them pictures and a complete manifest of the items. My next winning auction was for books which had a few titles I actually wanted, but guess what? All the high valued items listed in the manifest were not included in the delivered product, again I went through the dispute process to be credited $2 and some change because it was based on a price per unit matrix less the variance, however I would not have bid on the auction at all had the auction been represented correctly. This was not the last time this happened. I bought yet another auction and happened to be the successful bidder, yet once the items were delivered, non of the items of any value were present. again I was refunded a minimal amount based on the outlined process. My contention to this is that, is intentionally manifesting items onto auctions with hopes to entice bidders to take action on the auction, however by intent or poor quality control they are misrepresenting the auction and refuse to either send the appropriate items manifested in the auction or take the items back in total.

I guess you really do get what you pay for. is in my opinion a poor example of a company with values, ethics or business savvy, rather looking to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting small businesses, who often times do not have the financial means to litigate.

baghdad jones
, US
Jan 26, 2010 6:42 pm EST

The thing about is on occasion you will find items worth reselling. If your lucky, maybe even for a profit. The biggest scam they have going on is their sealed bid auctions. Anyone in their right mind should never ever bid on those things. Its a total scam designed to suck as much money as they can from the bidders. Also, it appears that they do have operations where they have their own employees bidding against buyers. If you doubt me, take a sneak peak at their operations and ask why they have all the computers in the back of the warehouses.

If only one of their insider employees can help blow the whistle.

Rio Rico, US
Nov 21, 2009 3:25 pm EST

Hello everyone, I have been looking for a legit web page where I can purchase items, but I have only ran into online businesses like, or and had only read really negative stuff on the internet, so who can give me a hand on who can I do business with ?

Thank you !


, US
Sep 24, 2009 4:53 pm EDT

So I am not alone, this company is dangerous in the online auction comunity

Oakland, US
Sep 02, 2009 7:41 pm EDT

So far I have 3 complaints against
1/ I won a lot of 3 Refurbished Dell Inspiron 512MB 40GB Wifi XP
What I actually go was 3 Dell Inspiron with cracked cover, no webcam, no wifi, 128 MB ram Windows 7
I complained, they gave me $50 back

2/ One action title said: 3 models Of different brand LCD Tv +more.
The more was descrbed in the It had 7 models from various makers including the ones in the manifest. The pallet shown also had 7 boxes, and the weight on the pallet was 164 lbs.
What I got was TVs in manufacturer boxes (as listed in the description) and one just thrown in a garbage box. The total weight of the three boxes was 34 lbs. I thought that was a perfect case of misrepresentation.
They dismissed my complaint.

3/ Right now I’m dealing with a case where I paid for 3 auctions, faxed them 3 labels for UPS pick up Aug 19. Every day I call the lady says she’s putting them in the truck today but never does.
It has been 11 days and they are threatening to cancel the auction and charge me a fee for no pick up. That will be a nice $600, for them not putting the boxes in UPS truck.
Today is Aug 30th had to get a lawyer call them.
That has been the worse case of what I think is clear rules manipulations to generated cancellation fees

Oklahoma City, US
Jul 13, 2009 1:27 pm EDT

OKC Auction Services LLC was founded to fill a need for many businesses that purchase items through Government Liquidation auctions. With the recent regionalization of services centers, GL is now shifting a large portion of the auctions to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Columbus, Ohio national warehouses.
It is out business to coordinate with GL personnel, schedule, Pick up, pack / prepare for shipment, consolidate, weigh, warehouse for full truckloads, do inspections, and provide freight services for our customers, . We use our own assets (personnel, trucks trailers, forklifts, pallet scales, machine stretch wrappers, warehouses etc. and don’t farm it out to someone else.
Please visit us at or call [protected] to see how we can help solve all your Government Liquidations services needs.
Shawn Freeman
Partner / Owner
OKC Auction Services

, US
Jun 13, 2009 9:01 pm EDT

The site is clear in terms and conditions, not their fault if you don't read and sign an agreement without knowing what mutual terms and obligations are.
You said that you lost $20.000, but i wonder how?
Did you net $20.000 in net and company refused to pay you? Very unlikely.
Probably your product (even though it may cost or worth $20.000 to you) had a liquid value far below what you expected to get for it. Market conditions determine final sales price, not
Once sold yo must ship it to buyer, no matter what the highest bid is. You must have agreed to it ( by signing a form ) before you listed your items, or they wouldn't feauture your product on auction.

Adam Francis
, US
Jul 15, 2023 5:41 am EDT
Replying to comment of blusky

Sure the terms and conditions are clear. If only they followed them. Terms like salvage exist for a reason and when buying returns is expected to have some items that are not in working order but when you receive a 2ftx2ftx3ftdeep box with zero packing supplies and a pile of trash in the bottom that would have fit into a small shoe box when expecting amazon electronics returns with a grand total of ZERO items that will even power up let alone function, with numerous items being ancient iphones that were demolished and in no way remotely fixable, those are at best salvage items. I mean, Amazon won't even take a demolished iphone as a return, i checked their policy. This is one of many grossly misrepresented lots that i received after having my account deactivated for refusing to pay for fake Samsung S21+5g phones and they are aware they're fake because they now made the seller post a small disclaimer stating they are not Samsung products which is directly underneath the cut and pasted full Spec Sheet for a Samsung S21+5g which I bet dollars to donuts none of those cheap [censored] Chinese fakes has comparable internals to a true Samsung smart phone whether it's 3 year old tech or not. Apps like What Not and Ebay have a zero tolerance policy for selling counterfeit items and by the look of the listings lately, it seems to be their bread and butter with the seller that tried to get me with the fake phones IzzySales being a proud boaster of having sold over 10,000 items on Then you look at all of izzysales listings and they're all knock off electronics and a bunch of cheap Chinese crap but hey, as long as gets their cut, right? What about the customers thinking they're getting real Iphones and real Samsung's. Why call them S21's and Note20s if you're not trying to get over on people? You ask those questions and you're account gets deactivated and the lots you've paid good money for miraculously come as piles of crap nothing even close to what you paid for but you're right, what a stand up organization. So how many people are they paying to try to save them a little face on here? Or do you just troll on your own in your free time to save corporate America from people complaining about their unfair trade practices? Unreal.

bargain hunter
, CA
Apr 06, 2009 1:44 pm EDT

Did you pay min.$200 per lot as commission or 15% overall? The former you would definitely have lost $$. I noticed many lots only sold for $100+NOT enough to cover the commission!

Cottage Grove, US
Mar 07, 2009 12:43 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

BUYER BEWARE~ All of the claims that you are reading about are true! I wish I would have researched before I bought from liquidation.scam!

The items were delivered Friday the 27Th of February, 2009. I disputed the transaction on the 28Th of February, 2009. I sent documentation and photos. My dispute was received, reviewed and honored. I received that conformation, and was told to send dresses back with return labels. Email conformation below. I requested return labels as they were not sent to me, I then received an email asking if I wanted the seller to send aditional dresses as replacement for defective ones, I replied no thank you, I would return the dresses. Emails below. All communacation from stopped at that point, I have sent at least 20 emails, I have read receipts but no response. I called only to get a message machine. I left message and have not received a call back. I am left with no other recourse but to file a dispute of transaction with my credit card company.

----- Original Message ----- From: Paula~ To: Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:33 PM Subject:SAMPLES PICS FOR DISPUTE TRANSACTION # 1491923

First, I only received 116 of the 121 dresses stated for receipt in auction, I do not know which I did not receive since it was not stated as to how many of each there were. Second there are black spots on some of the dresses and flower attachments, as shown in photos, 1 has a tear of the zipper seam, 1 is coming apart at collar line of ornamentation, and 9 of the 10 dresses with flower ornamentation are smashed beyond repair, the pic to show flower ornamentation in the auction does not represent what was sent. Clearly the boxes were over packed for shipment, I don't know if the flowers were as I received them because of over stuffing the boxes or if they were are sent in this condition, but they are not resalable. I am not sure weather this is standard for this company, but all of the wholesale orders that I have received up to this point have been absolutely great. I also need to state that I thought that I was going to receive good quality dresses, these are not to say the least. I have disputed this transaction thru PayPal until we can get this resolved. Thank you.

paula eckstine to disputes show details Feb 28 (6 days ago)

Reply Hi, I have sent pics for the dispute, can you please confirm that you received them? Thank you. Paula Eckstine

via RT to Mar 2 --

Yes, we received the photos for the dispute, and the dispute has been honored. please return the units back using the labels that we sent.

Thank You,

Buyer Relations

Paula~ to support show details Mar 4 (2 days ago) Reply

I need to have return labels sent so that I may get this resolved. Thank you

Paul Eckstine

via RT to Mar 2 --

I'm so sorry for the confusion, we are not ready to return the units yet. The seller states that he Seller is willing send 24 dresses to compensate for the 10 dresses with issues. 1491923 Any styles and sizes 4 to 6x (Sizes) 7 to 14 (Sizes). Would you like to receive the dresses? Please let us know.

Thank You,

Buyer Relations to via show details Mar 2 (4 days ago) Reply

No thank you, I will return the dresses. Paula Eckstine -

Show quoted text - Read: SAMPLES PICS FOR DISPUTE TRANSACTION # 1491923Reply Derek Birt

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