Lidl Digital Internationalovercharging

I am an English visitor. I have just returned from shopping at your store in Veliko Tarnovo. After unpacking my groceries and checking the reciept, I noticed that I was overcharged. Among other things, I purchased 6 cans of Baked Beans. But I was charged for 15 cans. How can this happen? Something is wrong, either with your staff, or with your checkout.

This was sent to [email protected] - Along with my reciept.
I recieved this in reply - We would like to offer you a refund to the value of BGN.

No mention of how much refund...

When I queried this, I was told that the manager is in the shop now.

Am I really expected to rush up to the shop to collect my refund (of whatever it is) right now?

I have already been inconvenienced enough.

Lidl Digital International

Oct 04, 2019

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