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Liberty Taxmoney back guarantee

I filed my 2008 return at Liberty Tax in Angier, NC. They automatically deducted their fees from my IRS refund and stated I could not have a copy of my 2008 taxes until they received payment from the IRS, as a result I was unable to review my tax return. My taxes had multiple errors on them, one of which the IRS notified me in writing about. I complained to the office and another tax preparer at the office attempted to amend my return. She called me and stated she wasn't able to amend my returns for the IRS, NC state, and WV state. The office manger gave me my ENTIRE file so that I could have my amendments filed elsewhere. The owner of the office, after many attempts to contact and complaints, finally called me and stated he would refund my fee which was approximately $565.00. I gave him 30 days to send the refund. The company offers a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. I did not receive a refund and the 30 days have since passed. I have filed a small claims suit, contacted the BBB, and the Attorney Generals office. I encourage anyone else with complaints against Liberty Tax to do the same.


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    Tim Apr 13, 2009

    I have been having some of the same problems and I was charged over 600 dollars for having my taxes done! My taxes were rejected because they added zeros to it and had me making over a million dollars last year. I have not gotten a full refund either.

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  • Ta
    takingaction Apr 23, 2009

    Back in January of this yeay i filed my taxes with liberty tax and got skrewed like everyone else. They amended my retern and handed me my file and told me to mail it in to the irs, they filed the form out for me 1040X and did not give enough descrition to yhe irs which then turnedaround and sent me a letter asking me to explain #9 collum b on the 1040x. They thoght i own a buisness and asked me to fill out a buisness ownership form.Problem is i dont own a buisness. If liberty would have been more persise that that the information on that line was associated with eic the irs would not have put a hold on my return. I have already waited over 3 months and now they have told me that i have to wait another three months for a total of over a half of year. I contacted the francise owner of the brandon florida office responcable for these problems and made a apointment with him which he did not keep. Then i called liberty taxes main office to put in a complaint in which they told me it would take 24 to 48 hrs for a call back, three days later no call. I had to call every three days for over two weeks. i ended up getting ahold of the owner which had me go down to his office to call the irs, telling me some sort of lame excuse that the people at the irs had the brains of a five year old sitting overthere doing nothing except operating a slurpy machine. It was a lame excuse for their skrew up. The area developer steve said they would refund the 300 dollars they charched me for my taxes, but when i called him back 3 days later to confirm the mailing of this check and adress sence i had moved, not only did he not confirm anything but he had yelled at me.

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    shaune23 Jun 05, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I have had a very bad experience with the liberty tax branch on Bluff Street in Saint George. We had our taxes done a few months before they were due. It showed a loss in my business of 6K dollars. This was despite the fact that I grossed much more this year. We were concerned about this because it gives us problems with financing a mortgage etc. So, we took the taxes to another accountant and there is long list of missed steps and unwise decisions.

    I remembered that when we had our taxes done that there was a money back guarantee. My wife called to talk to someone about this. The office was closed during regular business hours. When she called there was a message to call another number. The lady who answered was rude and upset that she would call her ‘personal’ phone. The lady instructed my wife to meet here at the office at 10AM. She waited at the office for 20 minutes with no response. The lady was again rude about it when my wife called to find out what happened. When my wife inquired about a money back guarantee she denied there ever being such a policy.

    Your website indicates that there is a money back guarantee. Furthermore, the poster in the office said that there was a money back guarantee if we were displeased for any reason. The office manager of this branch has denied the existence of such policy and has been very rude to my wife.

    I would appreciate a refund of the cost of preparation and perhaps you can look into the customer service of this branch as it does nothing good for the franchise to have someone so rude operating under the name Liberty Tax.

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  • Al
    alphawolfe Sep 23, 2009

    I filled out my tax forms online and sent them in in 2007. I came back and put in my passwords to print more copies of my taxes and I have nothing listed under my account. It would be nice if the kept electronic copies of your taxes - A service I assumed was included. So now I have to go to the IRS and request a copy for $53.00.

    I fell into Liberty Tax because they say its a free service but its not - go to an local accredited bookkeeper for the money you might as well get a quality service especially when it comes to something this important!

    Thought this was relevant to this column=

    Its a judgment against Liberty Tax for unethical practices

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    Cosmic Zamboni Oct 27, 2009
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    Liberty was sued because a local franchisee failed to mention that the one day product is a loan against your refund, and not an actual refund. Liberty requires its franchisees to get approval from their corporate office for any advertising, but this one did not do that.

    It is easy to get a refund from Liberty. If the local office doesn't follow through, call their corporate office at 1=[protected] and discuss it with them. You'll certainly get your refund, and it will be a lot easier than having to go to small claims court. Liberty franchisees are required to offer a money back guarantee. It's in their contract with the company.

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  • Na
    nadine7819 Jan 25, 2010

    I have all there Cort. Office Email adresses from John Hewit to the mail personal !

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  • An
    Annette herrera Jul 20, 2010
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    We file in the Mid Feb/2010, the IRS kept $2000. because our tax prepare filed out the ALLOCATION BETWEEN SPOUSES FORM Backwards.
    I have been calling and calling the Corporate office, & Ben's office, making complaint after complaint just to get a response from the Fran. owner. When he finally did call (a month later) He was so Rude, Yelling at me. Saying it was my problem and he still refuses any fault on his TAX PREPARER'S part, not once looking at our file.
    Although I have the letter his Office Manager (Christine Ford) prepared for me in reguard to his Tax preparer's ERRORS! His office manage said we were due to get our fee's returned.
    The Corporate Office does not ENFORCE Their "WRITTEN GUARUNTEE"! ITS a BS LIE, and its just to pull the Consumer In.
    These LIBERTY TAX OFFICE'S are at
    195 Malabar Rd NW, Palm bay, Fl 32907
    & his other office is at
    1153 Malabar Rd NE, Palm Bay, Fl 32907

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