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Resolved overcharged for terrible work

Never go here to get your taxes done. I have never dealt with a worse company and here's why...I had never done my taxes on my own before and wanted to get some outside professional help. There was a Liberty Tax right near my apartment, so I stepped in and had a few words with the ladies working there. They seemed very friendly and competent so I came back the following week.
I asked for a price upfront she said it would depend on my situation. After completing my taxes she attempted to charge me almost 400 dollars, now keep in mind I did live in two states that year, but I own no property, I'm a recent college grad with no spouse, no kids, and only one source of income. I balked at the price and she cut it in half for me, now that should have been my first warning sign, the fact that they could be so arbitrary with their prices. They sent me home with all my documents and detailed instructions on where and how much to send, unfortunately many of the totals they gave me were incorrect. They failed to communicate that with me even though they realized the mistakes they had made. I came to find that their head quarters had a very different set of numbers than I had. I also found out that they had failed to submit my data to another state I had lived in. Not only that by they had charged me an extra fee after I had made very clear I did not want a particular service.
I became irate and demanded my tax prep fees back. They refused even though I had ample proof that they had done a very poor job. However I did not give up. I called their customer service line every two days and sent countless emails for at least 2 months hoping that someone from Liberty would actual try to deal with my problem instead of ignoring me hoping I would go away. BTW the manager actually refused to give me the customer service line number I had to go look it up when I returned home. They gave me the runaround at every chance they could and even 'lost' my complaint twice. Eventually I did get my money back, but wasted a lot of my time in the process. Please save yourself a headache and do not go to this company.

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    Liberty Tax Customer Care Dec 07, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi SCW123 – We're incredibly sorry for the experience you described with your local office and our issues resolution team. I understand how frustrating situations like this can be. We take your comments seriously and will use them in our ongoing work to improve customer responsiveness.

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  • Do
    Doodlebug02 Jan 15, 2011

    For those of you who use Liberty Tax Service Etc, Please remember, these places stay open three months out of the year, yet pay rent for 12 months. How many other companies can do that. Please look for an independent TAX Professional that is open year round. It doesn 't have to be a CPA, It can be an enrolled agent.

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  • Ca
    Cathyhig Mar 03, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I worked for this tax service for two days teaching taxes. The manager told me the check was in the mail, but never sent the check. I finally had to contact the NYS DOL. Why would anyone trust their personal info to a bunch of liers and cheats.

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  • Ga
    galactictraces Mar 21, 2011

    Wow interesting you say that because I just basically got robbed from them too!!! Once telling me it was going to 50 bucks to complete my taxes they then gave me my paperwork. On my way home I almost lost my mind realizing they charged me $400!!! I lived in one state my entire life, one income, never married, and don't own a home. They're a bunch of crooks, liars and I will get my $$ back even if it means putting them out of business!

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Resolved false quality guarantee

I had my taxes done by Liberty Taxes in 2008. The 2008 taxes were done for NY state and were done incorrectly as they did not appropriately prepare my NY state taxes. Although it was clear that I lived in NYC as all my paperwork for that timeframe was for NYC, including my W-2's, AND they filed NY state taxes, they are saying that I gave them a MD address, so they can't take responsibility. The MD address was my current addres for 2009 where I was living and asked for my taxes and forms to be sent. It was very irresponsible of them to pretend as if they did not know to use my NY address and deduct NY city taxes for the county that I lived in (King's County).

In general, I found them to be unethical in that they would not refund my return due to their error (which resulted in me getting about 2500 less in tax returns than I was expecting--I had planned to do stuff with that $). I am not sure Liberty is good at doing taxes outside of the region where they are. They didn't know how to prepare my NY city taxes as a part of my NY state taxes. If my money is not refunded, I will continue to post this story on BBB and every site I can find.

Resolved bad franchise to buy

I just found out the very sad news from this Liberty Tax offices #1 record holding blue eye daughter named...

Resolved exhorbitant charges

We had our taxes done by Liberty Tax Service, having missed our appointment with our accountant a few day...

Resolved rip off

YES, it was unethical for him not to disclose the fees right away, especially when I asked him point blank before we started what the fees would be. He continued to respond, "We will get to that later" however never did tell me what the fees were until after the taxes were completed. I eventually contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint, as well as contacted with an individual who works for Liberty Tax who confirmed they are NOT supposed to charge that large of a fee, especially for two tax forms. I eventually went back and requested my paperwork be returned and put a stop payment on the $350.00 check and went elsewhere. All these people on this site are not making this stuff up. They are ripping people off in larger amounts what they charged me and I would not refer anyone to this place because it is a scam.

  • Li
    libertytaxsux Apr 05, 2010

    i have to completely agree with you stephanie!! i went to an office this yr where I NEVER found out what iw as being charged. I had to call in after where they said oh its 388 dollars [email protected]@@??? then to make matters worse they messed up on my return and it took 2 months for me to get my money. I have been trying to get my money back but they say i dont deserve it. the manager said she fixed the issue the best she can... ummm if you fixed the issue then why did i get a letter from the IRS said that there was a mistake on my return. THEY ARE SUCK scammers and rip offs. NEVER again will they see a dime of my hard earned money!!!

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  • Li
    Liberty Tax Customer Care Apr 12, 2010
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    Verified customer

    StephanieP1981 and libertytaxsux,
    We appreciate you reaching out to us via Liberty Tax Service makes customer service our priority which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Please email us directly at [email protected] and we'll be happy to investigate your complaint. In your email please include your name, your phone number, and the office location (street, city and state).

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    unhappy taxpayer Feb 03, 2011
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    i agree with all the complaints. i have been getting my taxes done with this company for years. i have followed my tax preparer from 5 locations in 3 years. (now i know why) i am currently waiting for my return i desperately need my money. i forgot, i could have gotten my return for free at another tax service since i do the short form and received my refund in 2 to 4 days. however, i thought as a repeat customer i would get special treatment!!! well its not 10 days and counting my credit union told me if you receive a draft and not a check count on it being another 5 to 7 days before you will receive funds! wow!! the preparer told me 3-7 days changed it to 10 days on average then told me it could me longer you know how the irs is!!! well its not the irs but these out of state banks that can't keep up with the work and charge outrageous fees. i would have been better off filing myself and mailing it in, the average time is 10 to 15 days and some people all ready have their federal taxes and have cashed them. I will not be back anymore.

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  • Jo
    Joe98117 Sep 27, 2013

    It seems their practices haven't changed much!
    I did my 2011 takes and same as above. I was expecting to pay less than 200 dollars, when taxes were done I ended up paying $350. I was never given an estimate on how much it was going to cost me and shame on me for not asking! Unfortunately, I was a procrastinator that year and waited until the last minute and didn't have a choice to shop around.
    Out of curiosity I called back the same office again this and asked how much it would cost me to do taxes. Her response was "well, it varies on how many W-2's you have, dependents, and other factors, the system will price it at the end" I was like no thank you very much. Buyer beware!

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Resolved did my taxes very wrong

I paid to get my taxes done by Mitch's employee. I was to get a refund. I got a letter from the IRS, and...

Resolved incompetent and over charged!

I was charged $400 for doing their job. <br /> <br /> In past years I have always done my own...

Resolved over charged

We went to Liberty Tax last year to file our federal taxes. We almost fell on the floor when they presented...

Resolved overcharge & no fee disclosure

I was quoted a price of $89 for my tax preparation before any paperwork was started and was told that I...

Resolved unfair business practices

We used this tax service for 2007 and 2008, with no issues. This time we went to a different branch. They did not disclose how much they were charging. Then when we read through the paperwork we call imediately to dispute $440 charge! I even went there, they said they could lower it if they did it different, but we would get less money from Government. After the money was direct deposited, they added an additional charge of $49.95. When we disputed it, they said it was for efiling, which, we thought was free. Again, this was not disclosed. I have tried calling corporate office 4 times, and no one will call me back. DON'T USE THIS TAX SERVICE! It would have been cheaper going to an accountant.

  • Di
    Disappointed Client DMH Feb 08, 2012

    OMG. These people in the Long Beach office located off of Artesia Blvd and Downey Avenue totally ruined my taxes for the second year in a row. The owner Dan gave me a coupon (Free Tax Preparation) to use this year. But when I tried to use it he became angry with me and embarrased me in front of dozens of people at his store. I called the corporate office and filed a complaint. Also I have been dealing with the Franchise Tax Board regarding Dependant Child Tax that they disallowed me starting in 2005. This was the only debt that i knew that I owed. I went to Liberty tax and explained to Wiliiam (Tax Preparer) of my situation and. He said that he would help with my prior years debt problem with FTB and would not efile my taxes unless he finds that the FTB will not take my taxes. This idiot called another Liberty Tax and only asked a question then pressed send and sent my efile to the IRS. He did not do what he promised he would do. He did not take time with my unique situation. As of today, it wasn't FTB that was waiting to collect It was DOJ from an incident from 2006. Again William did not carry out his promise to me. I have called everyday to check on the status of my refund with them giving me false hope like, their only going to take a portion, your refund is scheduled to be released by the 8th, etc. So I called this morning and got into a swearing match with the owners wife Patty who told me that I am calling to much after her husband filed my taxes for free. No one in their "to busy" office told me that FMS (Federal Management System) or some crap took my entire tax refund and claimed it as an Off set. I learned it through the mail this morning. Liberty Tax corporate office needs to be more professional and more knowledgable before dealing with real situations in other peoples lives. They dont need to allow just anyone to operate a franchise just to make them a quick dollar. They need to pre-screen people and except an contract from those who have dealt with the General Public before. There services sucks! If there are any lawsuits going please let me [email protected]

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  • Ke
    Kellymac234 Apr 15, 2012

    One thing you have to realize is that the state of Oregon is the only one that requires tax preparers to be pass an 80-hour course, be licensed, and have 30 hours of continuing ed every year. Starting next year the federal government is going to require tax preparers to be registered with the IRS, but in the past just anyone could walk in off the street and get a job preparing taxes in the other states besides Oregon. I'm glad this is happening, because tax prep can get very complicated.

    The other thing is that Liberty has a written guarantee, and it sounds like some franchises are choosing not to honor it. As far as contacting corporate, I haven't ever needed to, so I can't give any input on that.

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most unprofessional service

1-25-10, I entered into contract with Liberty Tax in Grosse Pointe - Owner Don McGlone) for a Refund...

Resolved deception

I had my taxes done at Liberty I was offered a one day refund or a two week refund. I chose the one day refund which I was denied for, so I was told i ended up doing the two week refund which is not a two week refund. After two weeks of waiting, you have to then wait another one to four days for the deposit to clear they say. Why would someone in their right mind want to pay high fees for a refund they are going to receive fifteen plus days later. You cantwait and get your refund in the mail for free. They dont deliver what the promise. They dont tell you this up front because they know no one would choose this. They dont tell you their fees up front, the young lady who did my taxes, told me what i had coming back, with their fees already subtracted. A t.errible way to buissiness. I would recommend them to my worst enemy.

  • harry_palm69 Jan 31, 2010

    Next tax season go to . They have free tax filing offers there (for those who qualify), or a low cost filing. Check it out.

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  • Li
    Liberty Tax Customer Care Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Extremely disappointed,
    We appreciate you reaching out to us via Liberty Tax Service makes customer service our priority which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Please email us directly at [email protected] and we'll be happy to investigate your complaint.

    Kind regards,
    Liberty Tax Customer Care

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Resolved missing paperwork

Went to have taxes amended in July 09 after purchasing my house just like I was told by real estate agent. Paid liberty tax $125 to file the amendment. They told me it would be 6 to 8 weeks before I got my check. well at the end of week 8 I had not heard anything so I call the IRS, and they tell me that my amendment was rejected for missing paperwork. I had to refile and now the wait period was 12-16 weeks. I went back and liberty told me that this happens all the time. they redid the amendment but for some reason did not include the missing form. They told me it wasn't needed. and gave me 50% of my 09 December 09 I called the IRS again to see if they made any progress. was told that on 12-6-09 that they were re-evaluating my claim and that it would be another 45 days. I call at the end of 45 days and got no explanation on why I still haven't got the check and that it would be another 3o days from 1-20-10. Went back to liberty to demand a refund of my original payment and was told they couldnt do that since the owner was not there and the IRS already had my amendment. Left my contact info and was told to expect a call that night. Waited till Saturday for a call and nothing so I went back and told the owner what happened. He offered to do my 09 taxes for free. I responded with "If you can't file my amendment right the first two times why should I trust you with my actual return?" I filed my return with H&R Block and I will actually get my 09 return before I get my tax credit. The problem is I was part of a program where the state uses part of the housing credit to make the down payment on my house and because I still haven't got the tax credit it will turn into a second mortgage that I have to pay on for the next ten years. Avoid LIberty Tax it is a waste of time.

Resolved false advertising

I filed my taxes with Liberty Tax Service because of the advertisied RAL, I relize that these loans are a rip...

Resolved awful service

I am writing to get a resolution to the serious injustice my husband and I have encountered, at the Aberdeen SD. store. Owned by Terry Narum of Sioux Falls SD.

January 2009, we chose Liberty Tax for filing our 2008 taxes. During this preparation I noticed that I had forgotten, my Wyndham Hotels W-2. Sense we lived only a few blocks away, I drove home and got it. When arriving back, I handed papers to the tax preparer. After being there for almost Two hours, we where thrilled to be getting a return of $5391.00, the most we had ever gotten back, we where so happy we wanted to sign and get our money.

January 2010, I received a letter from the IRS stating that we did not summit $10, 910.00 worth of taxable income. IRS states we owed $2187.00 for this error. Confused I called Liberty Tax [protected], phone being answered by a message that they are open on Wednesdays; I left a message with my concerns and ask for a return call. That week went by with no call back.

January 13th, I called again and made an appointment for the 14th @ 3:00pm, reinstating my concerns.

I took with me the same papers; I had received from the preparer in 2009.

Rose was sitting at her desk as I sat down; she took a folder from her desk drawer, which was mine. I gave Rose the letters from IRS, after about Five minutes I explained to her how to read them. Rose, then informed me that my W-2 from Wyndham Hotels was not in there file. I handed her my file and she went threw it, stating the something. I became upset and asked what Liberty was going to do to help me correct this, at that time Rose offered to pay penalties and interest, I told her that was not enough. Rose asked how I knew I gave all W-2's to preparer, told of having to go home and get them, coming back and handing them to him. At that time she said person that did ours work on Monday the 18th, she would talk to him and call me. Still very upset I said like the call back I got last week, after leaving a message. Rose at the time told me that not all calls get heard, which only added more anger toward Liberty Tax. I told Rose at that time I would protest in front of store if I could not get the help that was needed to correct this. I asked for a guaranteed call, was told yes on Monday the 18th.

The meeting lasted about 20 minutes. So frustrated when I got home, I went threw my papers in the folder and found the missing W-2, which she had over looked, I have to wonder on purpose.

Thinking I would just give up and go away.

I never got that call either on the 18th.

I call Liberty Tax on, January 20th, was told they were going to do nothing sense I signed papers, all this was my fault, reinstated that I would start at 4:00pm and end at 5:30pm for the next Five days, with protesting. I, was told that I better not do that, I ended call.

At 3:45pm I received a phone call from Terry Narum, asking about my protest. Terry telling me that I signed papers and that there is nothing they will do to help, also that he would have his Lawyer after me. I asked are you threatening me, was told it would be a fact. I stated the 1st Amendment, and told of talking to all the local authorities on my rights, Captain Dave McNeil, from sheriffs office, saying that I was well within my rights to be on the sidewalk, which is city property. At that time Mr. Nanum said "look little missy you better watch your self". I asked Mr. Nabum never to call me that. I ended call, feeling that I was being threatened and he was trying to scare me.

Arriving at 4:00pm, we set up and held our signs proud.

Being there only Fifteen minutes a Liberty employee came and asked us to leave, I politely said no. Few moments later a Police Officer arrived with KSFY news reporter. The Officer went into store and reporter started filming, Officer came out and spoke with us, telling us that we had every right to be there and left.

During that hour and half Seven cars stopped and asked us what was going on, we told our story and they told theirs, of the dealings they had with Liberty Tax. Not good ones. Those persons also stated that, if it where not so cold out, they would be right with us. Jay and I had our picture taken by at least twenty different people. Aberdeen News Paper also did interview.

January, 21st our second day, was just as eventful, persons taking pictures and honking, waving, giving us thumbs ups.

KSFY stopped and finished interview, which aired at 10:00pm on the 22nd.

Mr. Hewitt, we are asking that you correct this with the IRS. Jay and I are very humble people, that don't have a lot. We really needed our refund this year to buy groceries, diapers, pay our huge heat bill. The IRS has taken our whole refund.

Resolved didn't use all my w-2's

I am writing to get a resolution to the serious injustices my husband and I have encountered, at the Aberdeen...

Resolved ral loan

When iwent into a liberty tax service in franklin tn, to prepare my tax refund the nice lady named cassie...

Resolved last pay check

On April 8, 2009 I was informed by the owner Terri Perice she would need a waver the last week of tax season...

Resolved everything

They have no clue what they are doing when it comes to filing an amendment. My husband and I filed our taxe...

Resolved screwed up... didnt file returns

Liberty tax didnt file my returns. I went in person to their office and submitted all documents in early march. They promptly encashed the fees and lied to me that they had filed my returns. When I called them the end of march, they told me they are yet to file it and will file in few days. Its now the end of april and they have not yet filed it

  • Ji
    Jill May 15, 2009

    Liberty Tax made several mistakes on our 2008 tax returns. We got a statement from the IRS a few months ago claiming we owed upwards of $10k (including penalties).

    Turns out Liberty personnel made several blanant errors:
    - omitted a capitol gains statement (what kind of QC do they have in their business??)
    - stated we relocated to another state (?wtf?)

    Either way, 3 months later, we still have not gotten corrected tax return from them. They do not call, we have to call- (excuses have been 'slow computer', 'no response from parent office' to name a few). They are only open 1 day a week now, post 4/15, so if there is an issue within their business it takes weekly implements to get resolved.

    Unbelievable. Unless you have the most simplest tax return, stay the h*() away.

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  • Wi
    wilco64256 Oct 12, 2009

    That seems like a very odd situation you're describing. If they set up your return to be filed electronically the system would send it out automatically without any extra effort on their part. If they were still holding onto my return that much later I would get a refund from them (they have a satisfaction guarantee and have to refund you if you are not satisfied) and still have them file it. If I were you I would still go get a refund for the filing delay.

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  • Co
    Cosmic Zamboni Oct 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Their corporate office can be reached at 1-800-790-3863

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  • Na
    nadine7819 Jan 25, 2010

    I have all there Cort. Office Email adresses from John Hewit to the mail personal !

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  • Dl
    dls1358 Apr 20, 2010

    Liberty tax is a bunch of bull**** they filed me in the wrong status they filed me as head of household when i should have been married filing joint Now i am being audited and there girl is the one who did it wrong and told me i was going in the right direction i will never use their serviceds again FU** LIBERTY TAX AT AT MAIN ST ANDERSON SC AND THE 28 BYPASS OFFICE U ARE ALL THE MOST RETARTED PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET AND I WILL DIE TRYING TO GET IT TO THE POINT WHERE U WILL NEVER HAVE THE CHANCE TO DO IT AGAIN

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