LGfraud and cheating!

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Here's the deal. On 5/5/06, we purchased a brand new LG (Lucky Goldstar, Korean Piece of C**P) refrigerator. It fit (barely) into our available space, but had water in the door and a bottom freezer. We were briefly happy with our $1400. purchase. At just a few months, the latch on the door broke. We had an authorized repair person come out to fix it. While fixing the latch, he cracked the door and broke the handle. Obviously he didn't know what he was doing.

Just a couple of months later, the fridge part stopped cooling. We called the service number and got a different repair person. The guy came out and said it was the computer part that was malfunctioning. He ordered a new one... Oh, and by the way, you're out of warranty. That'll be $400.00.

I called LG and got them to extend the warranty for 30 days to cover this problem. They did. Turns out the computer panel (2 weeks waiting time) was NOT the problem. It was a different problem. It needed another part (another 2 weeks waiting time). Then that part came in and it malfunctioned again about a week later. He ordered another part (another 2 weeks) and came to replace that one. Now here it is, September, the fridge is exactly 1 year, 4 months, 9 days old and the freezer doesn't work.

Kevin and I just spent time on the phone with a script-reading "stupid-visor" who told us, basically, "tough s**t". We will have to have it repaired and pay for it ourselves. No replacement. Since I don't want to worry that my food is going to go bad again (I've already thrown away $$$$$ in food), I want a new fridge. I thought about selling this one, but Kevin says we really shouldn't let anyone go through these problems. It just wouldn't be right. He wants to take a hammer to it and vent out his frustration.

I'll be sure and post the video of him smashing the fridge on youtube under LG FRIDGE SUCKS, or something like that. Well, I'll put the link here. So that's it, folks. DO NOT BUY LG PRODUCTS! YOU WILL BE SORRY! The Koreans bought out Goldstar (piece of c**p company) and added "lucky" to it to make LG, then try to CON us into thinking it means "life's good" and you get all squishy feeling inside. WRONG! LIFE IS NOT GOOD when you own their products. Please feel free to pass this little story along to whomever you wish. The MORE readers, the better. This company needs to be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

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