LetgoScammed on an iphone xr

S Aug 26, 2019 Review updated:

My son and I went to Camarillo, CA. yesterday afternoon to buy and iphone XR and the guy was so nice and told us it was unlocked. He claimed he paid $250 a month ago and sold it to us for $130 as he could not get into it. Come to find out the phone is icloud locked so we cannot get it activated and it is not unlocked from any carrier. We got the phone # for him and he said if we need anything to let him know. We tried to contact him and he blocked my son from Letgo and he refuses to give us our money back. He scammed us and I am not only reporting him to you but I am reporting him to the police and letting them know you allow for scammers to sell on your site and take advantage of young people. HE IS FRAUD AND YOU BETTER DO SOMETHING OR I WILL SUE YOU.

His name is Rudy Castro and his phone # is 805-477-8322 and hope he didn't lie about that or change his #. He is refusing to make things right.


  • Um is not an answer! Aug 26, 2019

    Whereas I never understood sites like this and others similar, it's not the sites fault.

    The prick who sold you the phone is just that. A prick.

    Sites like this always rub me the wrong way.

    I'll always spend more money for an actual product that I own officially and am able to use.

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