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K Aug 03, 2018

I keep receiving messages from someone named Allison that has "letgo assistant" by her name. She keeps telling me she can re-post my items in which she will delete my post and create a new one. I don't need anyone to post my items for me.
I have blocked her but continue to get messages on EVERY item I post. Of course she has fixed it so that there is no way I can respond.
After I get a message from her sometimes my posts get deleted which I can only feel that this is done by her.
Also, on my phone it keeps telling me I have messages (like 35) because they are from her and since I cannot respond it continues to show I have messages.
I have reported this more than once. To me, not being able to respond to a letgo employee tells me this is a scam. I need this to be fixed as I have stated before or I will have no option but to report this to the BBB.
My email is [protected]
Awaitng timely response.

Letgo ?

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