Les Schwab Tire Center3 out of 4 tires ready to blowout


I have been a loyal customer with Les Schwab since 1980.

On [protected] at 9:25 am I went into Les Schwab in Airway Heights, WA to discuss a concern re: 3 out of my 4 tires were about to blowout at the same time. A few days prior had my car serviced at a reputable mechanic, who warned me the steering wheel vibration was due to 3 of the 4 tires were separating.

I made numerous attempts to discuss the matter with the man behind the counter. I found the man to be totally rude, disrespectful and discriminatory. He repeatedly cut off and talked over. The only thing he allowed me to say was "three out of my four tires were ready to blowout." I never was permitted to finish a sentence nor ask my original question..."Can you please take the tires off the rims and not charge me?" He was too focused on selling me tires!

I left exasperated and frustrated by the lack of respect. He also criticized my intelligence and my mechanics. His last words were, "Let me know when we can sell you tires." My thought... "Not from you!"

I will say this, when Sandy is working the counter, she is a dynamic, thoughtful, courteous and she listens.

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