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W Aug 07, 2018

I purchased a vent less dryer in June 2017, when I bought my Whirlpool washer and dryer stackable. The sales lady at the time of purchase didn't tell me it was a vent less dryer, she called me a day later to tell me.
I asked her what vent less dryer meant, she said you don't need a vent but it works just as good.
well I have had to technicican's in about my dryer and still it is not working, the last guy that came in last week said he took the dryer apart and turned up the thermostat and he said I might need a new compressor, I have been trying to contact King & state to let them know it still isn't working, I can never get a hold of anyone there, I tried calling the store in Brampton and Davey said that I have to go through King & State, I am very frustrated as my hydro bills have doubled the last couple of months because I have to turn the dryer on 3 times to dry one load, it takes me 3 hours to do one load which is crazy. But according to King & state tech he said that is normal. I guess he doesn't do laundry. I want a vent dryer not a vent less one.
I have a complaint into the Better Business bureau they are trying to help me get this resolved. if this doesn't get resolved soon I am putting an article in the paper about Leons's customer service I will never deal with your company again nor will my family or friends.
please contact me at [protected]

Thanks Debbie

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