Leon's Furnituredelivery

I Jan 13, 2020

I ordered some furniture for my new home. The furniture was to be delivered on Tuesday January 7th. The furniture arrived on that day minus my kids queen size beds, boxes and nightstands. I could do without the nightstands, but my kids have been sleeping on the floor. I called and asked to speak to the associate that sold us the furniture. She was off that day, but was assured that she would call us back the next day. I proceeded to explain that my furniture was not delivered in it's entirety and was told that the rest of the furniture would arrive to their Scarborough location by Friday the 10th. I have yet to hear from the associate. I called today to check on the status of delivery and was one, hung up on!! When I finally got someone on the line, I was once again told that the delivery was coming from the Scarborough location and would get to their North York location by end of week. I explained that that is what I was told last week. The person I spoke to offered no resolution. I told him that this was unacceptable and that something needed to be done. He then reluctantly told me that he would have his manager look at it and see if they could speed up the process. Could this not have been suggested without further aggravation on my part? It seems like nobody really cares and that they will all tell you the same thing! I am really disappointed with the level of customer service. At the very least a call back would have sufficed. I need my furniture within this week as I will be leaving for vacation next week. I hope I am not disappointed once again!!

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