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Hello, to whom it may concern;

This complaint is regarding the 18 boxes that was dropped off to LBC Delano (aka Edmyr) on May 6th 2019 for shipment to Philippines. Attached are some documents with the tracking numbers. 18 pcs was dropped off but only 1 arrived. Where are the rest? Myrna (from LBC Delano) is unable to provide a real answer to where the packages are. It seems that shes lost and she keeps giving me a number to call and when I call that #, they dont have any information whatsoever to where my packages are. She cant provide me a manifest #, no airway bill and no load info when the LBC customer care is trying to trace the packages. Even the customer care department is sending me back to Myrna to ask for a manifest #.

I've been contacting the LBC express via email regarding this matter but to no avail, not even once they have responded to my queries. I'ts frustrating because the receivers of these packages have been waiting and none of us know where are boxes are and what the status is. Is it at customs? Why cant we get a straight answer?

If the packages can't be delivered to its destination, just please return it back to the sender. We paid exactly $828.18 for those boxes and it can't be track or trace its current whereabouts. where are those packages and please return it back to me, thank you.

LBC Express
LBC Express

Jun 13, 2019

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