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I booked a holiday with and they were unable to deliver what they promised and unwilling to admit or correct their mistake. in common with so many of business ethos this was just the begining, i then fell into the snakepit of their customer service.

over 40 premium rate phone calls requesting help, being put on hold for 15 minutes, the promise of callbacks that never materialised, being shuffled from department to department, with nobody accepting responsibility.

their term priority customer service isa sick joke.all efforts to contact this company by e mail or letter yieled no response whatever.

nearly every complaint against this company mentions the same pattern of abuse. these are not isolated incidents but apattern of business practice and as such opens up the possibility of

a class action suit to seek redress for their wrongdoing.

they hide behind the internet and shirk their responsibility to their customers.


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      Jun 23, 2010

    I bought a ticket last minute on Friday night for Saturday morning. So very much last minute. When I arrive at the airport I was refused boarding because the airline had not received the money from (despite the fact that had already taken my money from my account). If they cannot deliver they should not sell! this is a fraud!!! I had to buy another ticket to fly urgently to see my dad who was unwell.

    I put a claim to and never manage to get anwhere despite many many e-mails and many many phone calls. I lost over £500 and swore never to use again.

    What is the point if they cannot deliver last minute tickets and still take your money for it?

    I am still furious about this. There is no customer service whatsoever it is just like a fraud to me. I feel robbed.

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  • P
      Apr 17, 2014

    My wife and I booked a hotel room for a weekend, which was suppose to cost 361.28 using our credit card, the charges to our account was over 1100 dollars. We received no help form the customer service representative, was we lost 800 dollars from our account. Don't use this company for anything, you'll just be giving your money away.

    Very Unhappy Customer

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  • C
      Feb 02, 2018

    I just purchased a ticket on believing was getting a good deal for a one way ticket on Delta from LAX to OGG ~ turns out that they actually were charging me in UK pounds, which ends up being more expensive than if i had called Delta directly ~ In addition they advertized the ticket as being "Economy" but when i went onto the Delta trip confirmation it shows that its a BASIC Economy which means its non-refundable or changeable & when i called Delta they confirmed this ~ NEVER again wil i go through !!! They should be brought to account for their lack of integrity ~ I hope that they will be shut down asap

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