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S Aug 24, 2019


My name is Stacey Burton and I booked a holiday with you to Turkey. My booking reference number is [protected]. I am contacting because I would like to let you know how disappointed I am with my accommodation. The hotel is utterly disgusting and not pleasing at all.

Firstly, the night I got here, I didn't stay in what I paid for. I paid for a family room and I was told they have not checked out so I have to sleep in two standard rooms. This meant my children would have to sleep in a room by themselves and I'd have to sleep in a room by myself. I am not that type of mother to make my children sleep in one room and I sleep in the other. Especially because it was our first time in the country, I believed the responsible thing to do was to have me and my children under one roof. I refused the two standard rooms and we slept uncomfortably in one standard room on one bed. Please have in mind it was 4 of us and we had to sleep vertically which was very uncomfortable. I didn't get the room I paid for and that upset me very bad. I had to wait until 3PM to check into the family room.

When I saw the state of the family room, I thought to myself it would've made sense if me and my children were squashed on the bed in the standard room because the family room was horrendous. There is no air containing, the TV does not work and the water was cold at one point. I called someone to fix the air conditioning, TV and the water. Luckily, the water was fixed and the air conditioning but the TV has still not been fixed. This is not what I dreamed of when I booked my holiday to Turkey. When I booked this holiday the main reason was because I wanted my children to have a good time. The fact that my children are complaining about the smell of the room and how uncomfortable they are makes me so sad as a mother as I wish I had found something better and I wish I didn't go through with an agency. I regret paying for all inclusive because the food is ridiculous. My children hate it and so do I. For this reason we have to buy food outside which cost me more money. I am very unsatisfied.

For these reasons I want a full refund on the hotel and on the all inclusive.

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