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D Dec 02, 2019

Lab Corp - 2401 Eveham Rd. in Voorhees, NJ. I attempted to drop off a specimen of my husbands at about 7:40 AM on December 2nd. I did not have his drivers license. All of the information needed was in the bag with the urine specimen. I was told that I MUST put his information in the computer. I told the clerk that I was on my way to work and had limited time. She did not seem to care. There was only 1 person in the waiting room. I asked for some assistance. She was very rude and abrupt. I had to leave. My husband had to travel to my work a half an hour away to get the specimen and take it to Lab Corp. Perhaps a better system needs to be put in place, especially for people dropping off a specimen, etc. Also, some customer service training may need to be reviewed. I will not be returning to this facility due to their lack of customer service.

Donna Starkman

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