LabCorphorrible service at 1145 19th st washington dc


This place is horrible! The women you have hired here have the worst bedside manner. All they want to do is collect a paycheck. They were mean, rude! Called me in then made me wait for another 20+ minutes and there were only three other people in the waiting room and I had an appointment.

I cannot believe that labcorp could drop their standards so low! Couldn't they hire people who give a damn!!

I even fell asleep in the chair waiting for someone to take me. I have had to have my blood taken before but never had so bad of an experience. While taking my blood the disposition was cold, mean, distant, heartless. When I try to speak to the lady who even drew my blood, she didn't even act like she was paying attention to what I was saying. I had to ask her if she heard what I was saying.

They need to get brand new staff. Horrible. Horrible! Do yourself a favor and go some place else!!


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    D.Mathews Apr 18, 2017

    I agree. The rude bedside manner must be a Labcorp pre-requisite for employment. On 4/14/17 I had blood drawn for my annual checkup. The location was Margot Perot Building, Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas TX. The woman I encountered at the check-in window was abrasive from the first words out of her mouth. After rudely asking a few questions, I sat down. She immediately called across the room to me " I need you to come back here!". I didn't even realize she was talking to me. From that point she instructed me to go to Rm.1 where to my dismay she was the one to draw blood. Not only did she remain rude and abrasive but the injection was more painful than I had ever experienced in previous years. Immediately a huge, hard black knot surfaced on my arm. Five days later, my arm bruising is painful and looks worse than if I were taking blood thinners and had been in a traumatic accident. When I left, went down the building elevator and started to exit building, I saw a woman who had been in the waiting room area. I asked if she had been treated so rudely. She said that luckily the second employee helped her BUT she saw how the woman I encountered talked to me. This was a horrible experience and sadly will be most likely repeated at this location.

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