La Quinta Inns & Suitesthe attitude of david, who is working front desk

C Jul 19, 2019

Your employee David, who is working at the Elkton Maryland La Quinta, behavior was unacceptable and uncalled for. We called the front desk at 1030pm on 7/19 to ask for two additional blankets. We have three people in the room. When i called to ask if two blankets could be sent up, David gave me an attitude and said they dont send up blankets and that I would have to come and get them. I asked how long since he didn't provide that information. He said 10 minutes. He then called back and questioned how many people I had staying in my room. He said it showed 1, I immediately responded it was three. He questioned how many blankets i should get. I sent my daughter down and he only gave her one. When my wife called to ask why he said that he said she was being ridiculous for asking for extra blankets. He was rude and belligerent. When my wife and I went down to the lobby to confront him he continued to be irate and rude. I have never experienced this in any hotel Ive stayed in. We travel constantly for our lacrosse club so we experience many different accommodations. I am very upse with the treatment we've been given and I am reluctant to stay at your hotel in the future. I hope you reprimand this employee for his unnecessary behavior.

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