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La Quinta Inns & Suitesunethical behaviour

On Thursday, July 18th, around 11:30am, I checked into the Westminster La Quinta in Colorado. At 9pm that evening, I noticed a tiny ant farm underneath the dining table in my hotel room. The ants were feasting on what looked like a very dried piece of sugary food. Apparently house keeping did not do a very good job cleaning this room, because I also found a roach in the bathroom. I killed the roach, but what concerned me were the ants. I called the front desk and the lady told me that they would try to find a different room for me. She said if they were unable to move me, then they would comp me a night. She told me to check back the next morning to see if anything had become available. I checked the next morning and still nothing was available. I also checked later that afternoon and still nothing. By this time, I became too busy with the events I had schedule, that I wasn't able to ever move to a different location. On July 22nd, Monday morning, I was checking out of my room. I went to the front desk to make sure that they could see where I was supposed to get a free night stay because I was unable to relocate. Of course the only thing she saw was "customer requested a new room". Nothing about the ant issue! She told me to call the manager later that day and speak with her. I called the manager but had to leave a voicemail. I then called the manager again the next day and was able to speak with her. She told me she had heard nothing about this situation, and would speak with her employees. She called me back 2 days later and told me that everyone denied ever telling me they would comp a room for me, and also she said that in my account it said I "declined a room change". Never did I EVER decline that! I never had time to switch because there were no rooms available anyway. And where is the communication here? She told me that her employees would never tell someone they would comp a room without approving it through her first. Well, I got news for you, SOMEONE TOLD ME THEY WOULD COMP A ROOM. The manager basically made me feel like an idiot and that I was making up lies. She said the best they would do it $50. What a deal. Pathetic. I am more than upset with this company, and the costumer service is sub-par. Not to mention the cleanliness is not a propriety of theirs. I will never stay here again, and I am spreading the word to everyone I know to do the same.