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horrible hotel experience

I was supposed to stay for 2 nights with my husband for our 10yr annivesary but after taking a shower and a nap I woke up itching with red bumps all over my body!! I called down to front desk to let them know, woman answered and said we don't have anymore rooms available but we can give you a discount for your stay! 3 minutes later the night manager said they have a room they can switch us to (after being told nothing else available) he came to our room with a new room key and once there I had to lay down and woke up a couple of hours later still itching so instead of sleeping in the room my husband I decided it would be better/safer to sleep in our rental car in the la quinta parking garage (during our 10yr anniversary) woke up in the morning to go talk to the manager (micheal) which was no help at all. He took photos of my bite marks and told me someone would get a hold of me. After I explained I needed a refund to get another hotel room especially since we didn't even stay in the room more than a couple of hours but he didn't care and kept telling me someone would be in contact with me. The staff and management were not helpful!! So no w here I am almost 4 weeks later with no refund, still taking meds because I had a allergic reaction to the bites and had to go to the emergency room on vacation and my family dr when I got back home...

didn't receive the room that booked and paid for and have small and uncomfortable room

Email id # [protected]
Date of Incident : 07/17/2019 Orbitz Itinerary No # [protected]
Confirmation no # 88865EC025822
Our Flight was delayed 4 hours from New Jersey and reached there at 2:30 am instead of 10:30 pm. I called around 9:00 pm from New Jersey airport and explained them that we are reaching there late night, not sure what time and it's out of our control so please keep room for us, the lady on front desk told me that she will put the note for night shift manager. When we reached to the hotel they said we are not getting the same room that we booked with double bed instead of that they gave us another very small room with one bed and rolling bed for my daughter ( on which she couldn't even sleep) when requested to get the same room that i booked manager told me that " we can give you a room but can't guarantee the same room". I told them that i already booked and got confirmation online for that room and also called in the evening about flight delayed but they said whatever we have is this small room and gave us only $ 20 discount we had no option because it was midnight and couldn't go anywhere else. I booked for $183.73 and got very poor service and uncomfortable room so at least I am expecting that you can refund me half of the money that I paid.