LA Fitnessfacility closing


Stay away from LA Fitness. The whole corporation is a bunch of ###.
I just joined an LA Fitness in Schaumburg IL in May of 2012. It was a Ballys acquisition. I joined because it was near my new job. I specifically asked the sales guy about the future of the facility. He said they were remodeling it and it would stay open during construction. I said great and gave him $200 initiation fee. Now 2 months later they tell me the place is closing at the end of July! I ask for my $200 back and they say shove it. The contract reads that they can close any facility at any time and can transfer me to any LA fitness within 25 miles! They expect me to drive 30 minutes out of my way to go to an LA Fitness. The other locations are inconvenient. Alicia the customer care rep actually told me that they are within the bounds of the contract and that I should not get a refund because of an inconvenience. What? I thought they were in the business of attracting and retaining customers!
Do not under any circumstances sign a contract with these cheaters. They lied to me to get my money and are now treating me like dirt. These guys will lie to you to lure you in and leave you hanging the first chance they get. Lifetime and Xsport will bury these scammers soon. Don't get caught paying for a membership at a dying company..

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