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I recently moved and are now living far from the nearest LA Fitness center. I stopped by before I moved out to terminate my membership. They told me I need to send them a filled out form by mail. Ridiculous. I printed it our and sent it. A month later I saw I am still being charged. I called them. They said "they have no record of my cancellation". How convenient! I filled the form again and sent it as a certified mail to have the proof of me mailing and them receiving.

The charges continued. I closed my bank account, and now I am getting calls from LA Fitness asking me to update my banking account information. I said I canceled my membership but for some reason it's still open.


  •   Oct 09, 2008

    I had been with LA fitness for over a year. I had just renewed my credit card which I authorized LA fitness to charge. Before the LA fitness charge is posted to my new card, I went in to the LA fitness staff and told them I am using a new card so they can charge the cost to new card, and they said it is OK, nothing more nothing less. However, When I get my card bill today, they had posted a charge of extra $5 on my card. I called LA fitness and they have this REALLY Long Hold for over 20 minutes. Then the representative told me it is my responsibility to make sure my card information is current. I told her I did. She said the charge is just because they put on me for not able to give them the update quick enough. this is *** ###. I told them more then a week ahead, they either did not update their system on time or they just simply ignored my require until the deny of charge came in. Either way, it is not my problem they been denied charge. Even if it is, what can do they is simply give me a $5 credit to keep me happy, instead, they blamed me for all fault and just keep talking to argue with me. So much so for customer service. Then I told the rep. that I am going to travel for a month out of the country, so I need to freeze my account for a month. However, she said the fee to freeze is $25 rather then the $10 which was on my contract. When I asked her why, she said that they have changed contract, but they change the contract without notice. I have never get any notice and from them. So whatever you signed with them they can change any time they want without notice the consumer. What tyep of *** contract this is? I am really pissed and I want to see if there is lawyer there willing to do a classic action against them on this silly contract.

    I am going to terminate my membership. They just do not care customer at all. Once they get you singed in, basically they say they can change contract without notice you, so why bother sign the contract? it is just whatever they say and whatever they charge you. So be aware of the ### like LA fitness. If they are so good for let $5 to offend a customer, you can see how much they care you as a member.

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      Oct 22, 2008

    i think u r a piece of [censored]

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      Feb 18, 2009

    i've been paying on this membership since I lived in Portland, 3 years at 10 bucks a month ($300), I wasn't allowed to cancel nor get a refund when I moved 100 miles away - within a month of getting the membership. When asked to speak with a manager, I was told a call back would be performed, to no avail. Upon calling today, I was told my membership would be canceled but there was no way to refund any of the monies that I had paid into it, including the pending payment on my acct for this month. Furthermore, when trying to contact someone via their online services, it directs you NOT to a corporate customer service number, but to the branch itself. With this company it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get a MANAGER on the phone. Who is trying to get clientele with great customer service? Obviously, NOT LA FITNESS!

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      Jul 28, 2009

    LA Fitness LIES about the way you need to cancel the member ship. When you go in to sign up they tell you that you need to give them the first and last month fee. You give them either you bank accout info or credit card info for auto deductions. When you are ready to stop using their services (in our case my son is going back to college) he gave them 20 days notice from his last billing date. They are now telling him that he needed to give them a notice not 20 days but a month and 20 days prior to cancellation. These people are RUDE and inappropriate. They would not listen to me or my son and refused to help or even listen to us in any way. We live in Greenwood Indiana. I will call their Corporate Headquarters to try and get this resolved but I am not hopeful. I am turning them in to the Better Business Bureau!

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      Dec 20, 2009

    I had almost the exact same scenario. The first cancellation notice I filed was conveniently never acknowledged. After much drama I was only able to get them to "freeze" the account (at a charge of 10 dollars a month) while I sent a second cancellation request (certified mail). They finally quit billing me but not before they came up with other convoluted charges before I was able to get free of the contract. Today (many months later) I received a "we want you back" e-mail and when I opted to unsubscribe, can you guess what happened? Conveniently the link is broken and there is no access to customer service unless you create an account with them. This has been one of the most frustrating consumer experiences I have ever had. I think their poor business practices hurt the industry as a whole. I for one will never sign a contract with a fitness center again.

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      Feb 04, 2010

    I had the same experience as the original post and Cat Bane. I sent in the cancellation form (which is a ridiculous procedure to begin with) and they claimed that they never received it. I was billed an additional month before they finally acknowledged my cancellation.

    This situation has the makings of a consumer fruad class action.

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      Feb 09, 2010

    ..lies, uh, excuse me, Miss Information is the CorpoNazi Religious ethic. what a bunch of sleezy whores, my local clubs pool has be closed for months, ("for cleaning"), the 'holes had a pissin' contest with the contractors about who should 'fix' the faulty air handlers, during witch time mold developed on the cheap chinese wallboard, so I'm guessin' that's being replaced.
    Can't really tell 'cause black plastic is covering the windows like some secret CIA/NSA project is in there.

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      Jan 03, 2011

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