KTM Berhadtime delay and announcer


To whom may concern,

After 29 May 2016, I've found the KTM train was too late for every departure time. Previously it takes about 30 Minutes for the train, now takes about 45 Minutes. The sudden change of the departure time without any announcement and it cause most of the travellers were late for appointment, meeting and events.

Secondly, the station announcer sometimes announce wrongly for the station name, for example like station name is "KL central", but the announcer will said the station name as "Mid Valley". It makes all the passenger confused and they might get into the wrong station.

Lastly, the increase of the ticket fare is still acceptable for me, but the service is bad and compare with this ticket value will be not worth at all. I hope KTM company will take my word as consideration to improve the service and also reduce the time of waiting time, because it's really makes a lot of inconvenient cause to us.

Thank you!


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