The cube steaks I bought {sept 20} and cooked before the sell by date had turned a very dark color and I was concerned, but I cooked anyway. I had to throw them out as they were extremely tough and we had difficullty chewing, like rubber and no flavor. At that time I bought a pkg of Kroger 4 lean hamberger patties. Went to cook them the day before sell by date, they too were a horrible sick dark grey color. I had them in my working refrigerator since purchase where i had placed them directly after leaving the store. I was afraid to use them in lieu of the cube steak experience. Last Christmas time I bought 2 large pork loins without looking at the date, took them home and brought them right back because they were two days past the sell by date. I was refunded. I needed them so i went to get 2 more and there was a whole case full of these. These experiences, as well as other instances miss labeled bakery items, makes me question my choice to shop with kroger. The quality is slipping. I have been a loyal shopper for almost 40 years. Lately things have slipped. I don't know if it is the store or your distributions care of the products. Please fix this. I should not feel I can't trust your food quality. Sincerely Mary Pat DePaola [protected]

Oct 11, 2019

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