Kroger2 items - fairlife ultra pasteurized whole milk, and artisan cafe' himalayan salted caramel creamer

I am complaining because this store is terrible about having things in stock. These are the 2 latest items, but typically there is ALWAYS something on my list that they are out of and don't have in the back room.
Tonight (10/11/19), I went specifically to pick up milk for my home-made yogurt. It HAS to be Fairlife and I use the whole milk because it is lower in carbs and sugar than low fat milk. After checking in the back room, I was told that the dairy manager was on vacation... I don't care. I cannot wait to make yogurt that I eat every day until the dairy manager gets back. Not my problem.
Artisan Cafe' - they discontinued it despite that fact that it was a great seller and used to fly off the shelves as soon as they got it. Anytime I asked for it, I was either told that they never carried it (they did) or that it must have been pulled because it wasn't a big seller (also not true). I was recently told that they discontinued it to make room for pumpkin creamers. I used to buy 4 at a time because it was so popular.

Oh yeah, and for those of us who work late and have to go later at night (10:30), we don't get the same service as people who work during the day and have to scan our own stuff because there are no full service cash registers open.

Oct 11, 2019

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