Krogerterminated without notice

M Jul 07, 2016 Review updated:

I have been working for Kroger (store 255) for about two months. Everything from my stand point was going well because I hadn't received any negative feedback or write ups. I was asked if I could work another shift for a different department in which I haven't had any training in, however I was told the job would be easy so I took it. I did the work that was asked and left 2 hours early because I was told I could leave if I would like to if I finish early. The next day that departments lead told the manager that I didn't do anything which was false however the manager believed her claim. He confronted me and I stood my ground claiming that I did the job and reminded him he worked with me the same night so if anything was wrong he could have told. His reply was, "Im gone listen to what my lead tells me happened." Not even 2 hours later the General Manager as well as this department manager asked me to come into the office, where I was fired without any reasoning, warning, prior writes ups or any other kind of paper work.

Kroger GM
Kelly Minish

My name is
Morris Owens Jr.


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